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  1. Opens
    Lance Glatter
    Opens but if screen turns off it exits and starts from the beginning again.
  2. Disappointing port
    Lon Townsend
    I love this game, but hate this port. Heaven help you if you let your screen go blank while you're playing. Everything since your last save is LOST! Huge issue on a mobile game
  3. One of my favorites.
    Brett Parkin
    Iconic characters, awesome techniques, and cool branching story lines. Excellent replay value with new game + feature. Would love to see a 3D remake, or sequel. Thanks SE!
  4. A 5-Star Tour de Force!
    Robert Tan
    CLASSIC, super-massive RPG spanning across several time eras and dimensions! Aside from the main mission of defeating Lavos, there are also lots of other interweaving storylines, sidequests and mini-games that provide for hours and hours of gameplay (and grinding ;-) ). This is almost a world unto itself! Personally, I thought a lot of the Techs and Items were very needless, and the turn-based battle system could use some shortcuts. But otherwise, the game is excellent in its own retro way.
  5. Perfect Game, Horrible Platform
    Brendan Campbell
    I don't think I can buy another Square Enix game without considering how horrible of a platform this has been so far. The app has broken after every major Android update as long as I have had it. This wouldn't be so big of a deal if they were quick to fix it, but they aren't. I don't want to say a specific time period because I don't remember too well, but I can say that months would go by without a fix. This is the major problem with the platform.
  6. Holy crap they didn't do well
    David Kim
    Right now, the game has just frozen. This is the 9th time in the. 3 days I've played this. The game itself is good in terms of game mechanics and plot but good god do they need to fix bugs.
  7. Fix & Improve, it's been a couple of years without an update. My first phone, Galaxy s2,when I bought this game, hasn't been updated since. Where's Moga support!?
    Joe Barrett
    Most companies try to give you good service when you buy a product from them. This company, releases an over priced game, patches it once and calls it a day. I have moga pro controller. Secret of Mana works with moga pro....this should too. Please, stop being a greedy and cheap developer.
  8. Dumb DRM
    Alfred Esposito III
    Requies internet connection to play so kinda useless in a subway. Requires downloads at certain portions of the story for DRM reasons. The only reason I bought this was to play something when i had no service. Controls in battle are imprecise resulting fatal gamplay mistakes. Also this app will probably be unplayable with the next android update for months as it was with lollipop and kitkat before it. 3 stars for being the classic chrono trigger. 0 stars as an android app.
  9. Favorite game, terrible port
    Lawrence Valiquette
    I love this game, but this android port is sloppy and negligent. If your screen goes to power save mode you lose everything from your last save. Also why not have anytime saving? At stores when I want to purchase items, the up arrow doesn't work. I have the latest version on a galaxy s6 so I'm not running a dated version. There are free enumerators that do a better job with this, but I bought the game hoping Square Enix would port more classics, after seeing how they handle it, I hope they don't.
  10. Timeless classic
    Lars Nilsson
    One of the best games ever made on SNES, now on Android. Gave it a minus for being a half-assed port requiring internet connection to download additional content.
  11. Fun game!
    Greg Widener
    Thanks for fixing it on Lollipop. I hate the DRM junk. I bought the app. Quit trying to verify that I did. Pirates will always figure out a workaround. Stop punishing honest people.
  12. Needs better controls.
    This game really needs to be updated to allow controller support and possibly cloud saves like Final Fantasy 6 has. The on screen controls are barely adequate and the simple addition of controller support, HID would cover many of the better ones, would improve this port of an awesome game to nearly equal status with many of the other ports done over the years.
  13. Exceeds Expectations
    David Groves
    This game has always been on of my FAVORITE Square-Enix games. Constant fun and its always entertaining. A superb soundtrack, spectacular story, and epic gameplay, this game will entertain you for hours and hours. I only wish that there was a better sequel than Chrono Cross. Controls will take some getting used to since the game has been optimized for touch, I would not recommend this to anyone using a device with a small screen since some text can be a little hard to read, but it does work well. The onscreen joystick is wonderful, a little weird to work with at first, but very happy that they did not incorporate a D-Pad or ABXY buttons since it would take up valuable screen space. My only wish is that when you are in a battle, it would be very helpful if you could move the stat screen from the bottom to the top, and vice versa as you can in the SNES version of this game. Overall, a 5 star rating for a 5 star game! Great job and keep up the great work.
  14. Like everyone else, I am torn
    Adam Owen
    It is hard for me to post a one-star rating for this game. I love Chrono Trigger and I love that I can play it anywhere. But this is a seriously terrible port and it is broken beyond an acceptable level. For your own sanity, do not get this or any other Square Enix title on Android. They simply do not seem interested in fixing the problems plaguing this bit of software.
  15. Good game but no need to be online
    Kevin W. Clark
    So far the game is excellent but there is no real need to make people need an internet connection in order to play the game. At the beginning of the game after the intro game play you need to download additional data in order to continue. I can only imagine it is to prevent pirating at the inconvenience of actual customers because the game was created long before the internet ever hit the home console. So far the port has caused me no issues. The story is pretty good but I don't understand why people would ignore what the princess says at the beginning. As a writer that does't make a lot of sense and lacks so realism. Very fun game
  16. Amazing game, less amazing phone game
    Nesu Rame
    I purchased this game right away when I learned I could, but there is definitely a ridiculous issue of needing to connect to the Internet to start (especially for an offline game!)
  17. Fixed on nexus 7
    Brett Barker
    Amazing game! Glad it finally works! Again! Awesome story, awesome gameplay, and awesome characters. One of the greatest SNES era RPGs at my fingertips.
  18. Amazing game but crappy job porting
    Clement Goh
    If you off your screen while playing you lose all progress. This problem has been around for awhile so I don't think they intend to fix it. Controls feel really bad too.
  19. Nexus 5
    Chris Stark
    A great port of the best game ever. Sound Effects are really compressed but it plays excellently. Give it a try but make sure your device is supported before you buy.
  20. Biggest Disppointment Ever
    Terry Hasseman
    How is this game compatible with my Droid 1 and my Droid Razr Maxx but not with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is newer, beefier, and running 4.4? All of my FF and DQ purchases work on the S4 but not this. Please fix this.


What`s new

-Enemies can now be targeted by tapping, in addition to flicking/swiping, when using Techs that attack in a line or from a central point.

-Fixed instances where the game slowed down during certain scenes.