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  1. Menu button doesn't work.
    Curtiss Peterson
    Every time I try to press the menu button, I just move to the right. Please fix soon. I know it's not my phone, because several letters used in this very review are exactly where the menu button is. I suggest moving it next to or directly below the map button. Made it to first dungeon. Very difficult to navigate because without menu, you cannot use a torch.
  2. LG G3 Issues
    jonathan maj
    Great game but the item screen doesn't work on the LG g3. Somehow made it to almost the end of the game... Can't equip the armor and can't use the items cause I can't access the menus. Fix please!
  3. Old game back again
    Ray Poe
    Like the play all seems to work ok. On nook can't see how much gold accumulated is just off the top of the screen. Please fix and will make this a 5 star!
  4. Force close
    shawn workman
    I am not happy! Can't play for mor then a min without a force close. I have dq8 and it does just fine lol
  5. Finally! Keep em coming!!
    Katherin Rider
    I love JRPG's! Dragon Warrior was my first. Now, just give us II, III, V, VI, VII, and IX and we DQ fans will shut up. Oh, yeah. Don't forget DQM. Sincerely, a satisfied Dragon Quester.
  6. Menu doesn't work
    M Kneisel
    The menu doesn't work so that will extremely limit the game play for newer phones. You will not be able to equip items you find or use torches in the dungeon. Plus you can't use spells unless in battle. If menu options get fixed, this game will be great.
  7. A portable trip down memory lane.
    James Womack
    It may not have the NES visuals I loved as a kid but it's every bit as fun as I remember. I love that I can play this with one hand. A steal at $3.
  8. Menu doesnt work with note 4
    Daniel Carter
    Great game on old system but they need to fix the menu, I want menu fixed or my money back
  9. Flawless Replication of 80's Classic RPG
    Hambone OSU
    This version of the classic NES trend-setting RPG is excellent and worth the $2.99. It's a cross between the SNES version of Dragon Quest I and the USA-released NES game titled "Dragon Warrior". Some of the creature names, dialogue, & cave graphics have been altered. The music & graphics are exactly the same as the original. It needs a software fix for the menu option -- some phones can't access it (LG G3) which prevents you from equipping certain items or using torches. 5 Stars without the menu issue.
  10. Lannie Smeltz II
    I have DP tablet which is about an 8 inch screen and I can't see my money either.they need to fix it.Great Game other then I can't see my money!!
  11. Amazing
    Edgar Determan
    I spent hours on the original then Dragon Warrior on NES. Nice to see the exact same game with upgraded graphics and sounds. My,buddy and I got in trouble trying to skip thanksgiving dinner one year trying to level up.
  12. Classic
    Hunter Beach
    Giving 4 stars because my game crashes when i open the map and then click on it. Plays really well in the vertical screen layout. Only complaint is that the game cannot be run in portrait mode. Great pricing on the game also. Hope they bring more classic rpgs to android.
  13. Excellent remastered RPG
    Jacob Albers
    Square Enix did an outstanding job remastering this game. The controls took some getting used to but otherwise flawless! Nexus 7
  14. Droid Turbo
    Tony Milano
    The game is a blast only issue is that I am unable to access the menu. Instead of opening the menu it just moves my guy to the east. An update to address this would be much appreciated. Makes it tough in caves not being able to access a torch :)
  15. Great game ...
    heimi jones
    Great game of the remixed version. The map crash and no option to change to horizontal display is a letdown. More extra content would have been a +, However, it is well worth the $3 price.
  16. Not functional for Droid Turbo
    Robert Johnson
    Just bought this and the menu button doesn't work!! My guy just moves right. So I can't see my equipment or stats or do anything which renders this unplayable. Refund please??
  17. Map Crash!!
    Bashar Sammour
    well other than the sudden crash when opening the map (seems related to auto save) the game is great, hate the control but at least i got to play this game without having to look for translation. waiting for the rest of the series to comes out
  18. Directional controlls need work. - Droid DNA
    Michael Perryman
    A fantastic port (5 Stars) with awkward controls (-1 Star). With the addition of searchable containers and seeds, the game is an excellent update to the classic Dragon Warrior.
  19. Progress loss
    Stephiroth D
    When you die and start back at they castle, all progress and growth are saved except for gold. Can't even get back money found in chests, you have to quit and start over instead of saving. UPDATE: loaded a save file to find that I still had my experience but spells learned, money earned and items bought were lost. Extremely unhappy :(
  20. Menu button won't work
    Brian Stirling
    On droid Turbo, then menu button won't work. I sent an email to the developers with no response months ago. It's probably best that you don't purchase this.


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