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дивный сад 2 полная версия бесплатно


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  1. Square Enix does not support their games.
    Jason Kline
    When I updated to Android 5.0.1 on my Nexus 9, this game was no longer compatible. So, now I'm no longer able to play a game that I paid for. Square Enix is notorious about not updating their games to work on newer versions of Android (Chrono Trigger is a prime example). When contacting customer service, they didn't respond for days, and when they did, they didn't tell me anything helpful at all.
  2. Great Game, but...
    Brian Klein
    Had to give three stars not 5, because 1 star taken away, because the game crashed twice. And 1 star taken away, because you do not allow mobile payment and some of us have an 800 credit score and we pay our bills on time so there is no need we could not use that. But other than that thank you for making me relive my childhood.
  3. Was fun til I updated my phone
    Shayne Symmonds
    Apparently not optimized for the new lolipop upgrade. Game was smooth as butter before the update but has a constant graphical slowdown now for no apparent reason. Why?
  4. Another great classic.
    Troy Bronzan
    It's Dragon Quest II so it should get five stars. Once Square Enix quits being lazy and adds cloud saving and controller support I'll change it. Regardless, this is a fantastic game. The original was very challenging and leaps and bounds above the first entry. Can't wait to play through this game!
  5. Price is right, but portrait only and poor controls = 4*
    Bryan Gianninoto
    I recommend this game for being one of my childhood favorites on NES. That said, these epic DQ games deserve better implementation and are less enjoyable than the originals. Most notably, the D-pad control is poor in all of the ported DQ games released thus far. Why they didn't use the same dynamic D-pad that was used in FF3/4 is beyond me. Portrait-only mode is very obnoxious when trying to play on a tablet. The English translation is worse than the original, however I do enjoy the unintentional humor.
  6. Dragon Quest II another timeless classic.
    These old dragon quest titles are perfect for phone compared to the awful dragon quest viii. Simple gameplay mechanics are the way to go for phone games.
  7. Wish I could change view from long to wide
    Charles R
    I hate to turn my tab differently than other games. I like having the tab on its side like most games cause my stand works that way and its harder on the eyes if its the view that DQII is in. I also hate the controls and the character is SLOW when walking and battling. Doesn't slow down but always slow. Give it a speed up in walking and talking and out would be about a 3 star. Give it a selection to change the view and it would be a 5 star game. I want my money back on this.
  8. Well. .
    Brandon Ustohal
    Can't play it. Just goes to black screen for a few seconds then back to previous screen.
  9. Lazy project management
    Joshua DeClercq
    I was patient at first, because I know new devices are sometimes unsupported by apps right away, but my Galaxy Note 4 is still unable to install this game. I reject solutions that require rooting, so I've just been sitting here waiting to reinstall the game I own on my new handset. It's bad enough SE can't figure out ART support despite being available for over a year. Apparently the Note 4's resolution is just too high tech a problem to sort out.
  10. Worth it
    Magic Guild
    Add dragon quest monsters joker 2 pro since ds wifi is dead. GIVE US DRAGONQUEST 10 TERRYS WONDERLAND AND 7!!!!! add cloud sVe on 1 and 2. On the game, very good if you love Dragon Quest, if your new its a cool version pokemon like game.
  11. No support
    Dan fenlon
    As usual they never reply to support emails. Emailed over a week ago asking how to retrieve the save file. No response. Portrait support only no landscape. D- pad is horrible and no cloud save
  12. Nostalgia
    Mufestus -Mufestus
    Game was a little different from the original. Graphics improved, not a lot of direction for quests, got lost because lack of direction, worst part no boss battles and WAY too easy.
  13. Major glitch
    Kenneth Sutherland
    I am a huge fan of the franchise. I am close to hargon castle however there is a flame that blocks me saying I need all the crests but the last one is in the cave that the flame is blocking. Please fix
  14. Great game! as far as I got as a kid.
    Legioxx Davion
    So im as far as I got as when I was a child. That darn lost ship still vexes! The game is great and looks great. To the people who say it looks worse then the original New then you have never played A NES lol
  15. Best version of DQII
    Ramtin Mahinpourian
    The changes made in this version make this the best version. The original NES game was not balanced well which made it frustrating. This one however is perfect. Really enjoyed it!
  16. Nostalgia at its best
    Jeff Ewasiuk
    Fantastic port of a game I grew up with. Unlike the original Dragon Quest, the difficulty level has stayed mostly the same with this port. The extra features added that were also present in the revamped versions for the Game Boy and Super Famicom are a nice touch. Would have been nice to have battle animations, but you've never been able to expect too much from Square-Enix. It's such a shame how poor marketing and management in North America didn't allow this series to reach its full potential as it did in Japan.
  17. Great back then, great now.
    Jay Stuart
    Being a fan of the original Dragon. Warrior series for NES and playing thr first DQ remake on here has been a bladt but this game really takes me back. Best version of one of the most classic RPGs.
  18. Help
    Sarah Cottrill
    I have 4 crest.. flame guy is blocking the path to rhone where I need to get the 5th.. saying I need to have all 5 to pass..
  19. Dragon Quest II
    Timothy Olansen
    Pretty solid. Can't wait to finally play VII and more of these on 3DS!!
  20. Okay for android port.
    Dee Luna
    The only gripes I have deal with control scheme and layout. the device I play this on is native landscape and has a keyboard dock. I'd like to be able to play this with the keyboard in landscape. That said this game looks ugly on a device any bigger than 6 inches. But that is just a stretched sprite thing. For those with compatibility trouble, shoot Square an email instead of just reviewing. This Dev typically ignores reviews.


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