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  1. Doesn't work on Lollipop
    brandon wase
    Do not buy this game if you're using lollipop 5.01. As soon as I updated my phone the game stopped working and has not worked since. It will not even load. As soon as I try to open it I just get the error message obbstateCode: 21. Will give more stars once fixed.
  2. Not Compatible with IOS 4.4
    Elizabeth White
    I loved this game ever since I was a child. It's not the game that sucks, it's the fact that it does NOT work with IOS 4.4 and there is currently no fix for this. When I open the app, immediately receive the error OBBSTATECODE:21 and the game immediately closes.There is no working 'fix' for this on the internet, and I cannot find support for this game in English. Thanks for shooting my hopes down, Square Enix.
  3. Really fun.
    Mexikado Tierra
    Definitely one of the better Dragon Quest games. I just wish Dragon Quest I and II would be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. I do not understand why they aren't.
  4. Good but not perfect
    Russell Schmidt
    Cloud save and landscape mode could make this port a perfect remaster of this praised nes title...shame we still are not getting 3ds titles....bought this to show USA wants more Dragon Quest
  5. Great game
    Matthew Forsyth
    I have been stalking the internet waiting for this game to come out in the west, instant buy for me. One of the best DW games, just can't wait for the others!
  6. Great game!
    David Figueroa
    Brings back a lot of great memories. Faithfully redone with a lot of the right kinds of changes, i.e. better graphics updated music and so on. Keep them coming. I am one happy gamer right now.
  7. Love the game, but...
    Anthony Parr
    This game is no longer working, I woke up today and tried to run it. When I open the app, immediately I receive the error OBBSTATECODE:21 and the game immediately closes. Otherwise it was perfect.
  8. Animation has been REMOVED
    Brian Orange
    The game is functional, does not crash and likely requires davlik like all SquareEnix game. The enemy battle animation has been removed. This makes my eyes want to bleed. The original is better so emulate this with SNES9x. The SNES version was created when square was still a good company.
  9. One of the dankest RPGs ever made.
    Erik Hurr Durr
    This game is highly underappreciated in the west for no good reason at all. The only negative thing I have to say about this game is that it's not on other platforms like the Wii U/3ds or Playstation 3/4/Vita. Square Enix has also been horrible about releasing these games in the west, as well. If they do release them, it's with littpe fanfare, if any at all. The last two entiries (VIII and IX) were advertised heavily and sold really well, but they seem determined to stomp this series out west.
  10. Great app!
    Bobbie Ann Samaniego
    Love the game and the app. Would have been easier if the controls were somehow similar to the GB button. The app would also sometimes fail to load for some reason. But overall, it's worth the purchase!
  11. Daniel Haze
    I am enjoying this very much because it is my most favorite game from my GBC, but that is the thing I believe I'm noticing many differences in the names of things and I haven't found any Parcheesi tickets yet. Is it just me?
  12. Long overdue return of a classic
    William S.
    Rate: 3.5 of 5. Launched game, got into the first night, went to my hero's mom's house to bum a free nights stay, game crashes and ends the world. Rating: 11/10. Wish there was a better explanation of the "personalities" for the hero and party members.... sadly encountered some regular crashes from opening doors and randomly the game will be "unable to connect" at start up without a data connection active (drm?). When data is restored it corrects itself for a while.
  13. Love the game
    Craig Adam
    Would give it 5 stars but for the fact that on my 8 inch Acer tablet the top section of the screen is cut off. So I can't tell how much money I have and also miss some of the questions on the character analysis. Are you able to fix this prob? Also can't see character HP etc in battle
  14. Great...but
    shane holman
    I'm so glad this finally came out. I remember playing it for the first time on GBA...great classic rpg with multiple replay value. I would have given it 5 stars but they took out the fight animations. Not sure why. The SNES version has wouldn't be too complicated to add it here. Even could just add the mobs flash when they attack. Otherwise...good game.
  15. Such a shame
    Michael Amantea
    I think most people who are buying this played and loved the game boy color version. Unfortunately this game is a huge downgrade from the game boy color. I can live with the battle animations removed but they cut out the most fun part of the game... the board games. Also, the personality names have changed wildly (tried for hours to get my party member to be sexy only to discover that they changed it to "vamp." A game boy color emulator is cheaper and you'll be playing a wildly better version of the game.
  16. Crashes Lovers Locket
    Matt James
    Was great 5 stars until I can't get my ship through where the sad song pushes ship back . I get to that area, get pushed back, use locket, little ghost lovers appear on each side of water then game crashes. Can't finish game like this. Lot of hours put into game very unhappy. UPDATE Finally worked after countless tries. NOW CRASHING EVERY TIME I PLACE THE ORBS TO GET THE BIRD. NOT MUCH FUN TRAVELING ALL THE WAY THERE PLACING EACH ORB THEN ON FINAL ONE CRASH START IT ALL OVER. 10$ PRICE TAG FOR CRASHES
  17. Would like to play
    Peter Ranville
    Doesn't work with either of my devices on lollipop. Would love to rate higher when they update
  18. Instabuy!
    Troy Bronzan
    DQ3 is one of the best DQ games of all time. The class system adds lots of replay value. The music is fantastic and the game can be challenging, albeit easier than the original NES version. Unfortunately SE, as usual, manages to come up short. A number of features have been removed from the SNES version of the game, which this is based on. While I truly am grateful that DQ is getting some love on this side of the globe, it's a shame that these ports continue to be half assed. No cloud save?
  19. Great except for crashes
    TheDave G
    Playing on a Nexus 7 tablet, Android 5.1. Great, until it crashes. ObbState 21. Crashes when using the Lover's Locket. Crashes when placing the orbs. Customer Support (+1 for responding) say to "Reinstall". (-1 since others have had these problems)
  20. Chris Hickman
    Worst customer service possible. Game screwed up near end, and even after describing problem, Square Enix just sent a form letter response as "help". It wasn't even for this game!!! Awful. If I had a shred of confidence they'd respond, I'd ask for a refund. No excuse. Would raise stars if the company would actually Help you and if their paranoia would let one play without WiFi connection.


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