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  1. Jacob Schoonover
    Nice remake. Reviews are spot on. Controls take a little getting used to. Translation is a little off, but I've played this game so much that it didnt bother me. Its so nice to get to play this again!!!
  2. Wtf did chapter 1 say?
    Royal Donnelly
    Game is great, but the translation needs a lot of work. Would it kill you to use the text from dragon warrior 4? Or hire an English speaking person to work with the translator you have? Still not sure how they got bairne or whatever it was for children. Only online walkthrough and translation sites are making some of the clues make sense
  3. Vertical only?
    Anthony Hawkes
    I don't understand the insistence to use vertical in the dq games, it's much more enjoyable and logical playing these types of hands horizontally
  4. Plays perfectly
    Mark Wight
    Put in a few hours over the weekend. It appears to be a complete port from the DS version. This would probably explain the portrait orientation - going from the 2 screens on the DS seems to translate into a portrait final product. No bugs yet, can move the dpad to one side or the other as well resize it allowing for one or two handed play. Hopefully still works fine once ART becomes mandatory.
  5. Great remake. Terrible translation
    Justice Blaine Wainwright
    As fun as the original and with the same great music and pace. The only thing that was needing major Improvement was the translation. It's 2015 and there's no reason for the English to sound like it was run through Google translate with a few shots of whiskey. It's all sorts of awkward and the entire first chapter is full of Michael Meyers characters playing Scottish accent. No... Just no. Copy and paste the original text. Easy peasy. You don't do accents in text based games, especially heavy ones.
    Boogey Ratt
    It's disturbing how many people are unable to tell that the dialogue is done to try to display the NPC's accents. There's absolutely nothing "wrong" with it, other than the fact that it's annoying.
  7. Jirapong Supasaovapak
    The game is quite the thing the fan club expected it to be. The storyline is great, the game play is smooth. There is no hi-end graphics here but it is one of the classics!
  8. Awesome port
    William Couch
    Gotta love these blasts from the past games one of my favorites still gets me going
  9. Well
    Andy Z
    Just amazing... To screw up the translation that bad and the terrible accents wtf who was in charge while the programmers massacred this great title
  10. Not the original...
    Michael Spear
    I love the series, and really loved this game as a kid. So much in fact, I have an original copy, but NES on the go is a problem. When I saw this port with some updated graphics, I was super excited, but it's letting me down. If you want a great RPG on your mobile, check it out, but the names have been changed to some ridiculous ones that don't stick to the series. Items and monsters, I might have let slide, but places and character names were changed and it's just kicking me in the childhood.
  11. Perfect Remastering
    Joann A. Marrero
    A trip thru nostalgia lane. Awesome for people like me who didn't get the the 3DS but remember with fondness the original NES game. It's a perfect port and the updated graphics are fantastic. Highly recommended for DQ fans.
  12. Decent, but three issues, please consider fixing.
    Brian Orange
    Great game, all the proper features. Graphics are good but could be better. The 3D is highres, but still using low res vertex snap points. Making the 3D lack proper geometry. The game really needs to auto save. I play on the bus, hard to save big issue. The dpad really needs to be the way it is playing FF6 reading the comments I believe everyone agrees. Please here my comments. Playing vertical makes sense. Dropping to 1 star until these bugs are fixed.
  13. One if the Best RPG games of all time
    Chris Lee
    Played 1-8, 4, 5 and 6 are definitely one of the best RPG games ever made. Playing on android phone is really cool, except for the control which occasionally causing stress, other than a bit odd and hard to read translations the game is perfect. I must say they went through all the trouble to make the translation unique, which is very good, is just it'll be much easier to relax and enjoy the game with ordinary English.
  14. Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia!
    Kevin Potter
    I absolutely loved Dragon Warrior IV add a kid and this game is a GREAT stroll down memory lane. Admittedly, the controls are a bit clunky and the alterations to the dialogue to affect regional accents does get annoying, and the graphics are far from top notch, but what else do we elect from a port of such an old game? Personally, in spite of my complaints, I live, love, love this game and plan to pass it on to my 8-year-old once I've played through 2 or 3 times :-)
  15. DQIV Android (S5)
    Arthur T Akimoto
    DQIV is just like how I remembered it, minus translation. Android looks like the DS in terms of graphics. Directional pad takes getting used to but touch screen is easy enough. Story is one of my favorites. I'm used to playing the Japanese version, so the translation kinda bugs me but it's good enough to understand. If you haven't played DQ before and you're an old school RPG fan, highly recommend. Quick save allows to continue almost anywhere, saves time, love it. Cloud save. Looking forward to V, IV & IX.
  16. The translation is perfect
    Nathan Plunkert
    This is an incredible and exciting release for a timeless classic from the annals of RPG history. I read some reviews complaining about the new translation, and I realize now that they don't realize that Ragnar McRyan is supposed to be Scottish (along with everyone else in his kingdom). Bairn is an old English word with roots in the Scottish highlands. It means child or baby. Also, ken is an old English verb that means to know something, also commonly associated with Scots.
  17. Glitch! Bad translations!
    Robin Stafford
    First of all, let me tell you that my favorite arc for this classic game was Taloon the Merchant when I first played it as a kid. There are some differences in the DS port from Dragon Warrior 4 but I could get past that. However, there is a terrible glitch towards the end of this arc when Taloon sets up his shop. His wife gives him what the shop has made, except the gold does not reflect it at all! Part of the fun of this arc is getting stuff for the shop to sell, and because of this glitch, I can't!
  18. Game was good but...
    Colin Moore
    I loved the game and all its concepts but there are some minor errors if u look closely. For instance when playing a female hero and you have just acquired the zenithian equipment, kyril calls the hero a he, not a she.
  19. What is a bairne and willage?
    Christian Castillo
    Who the hell did square have translate this game? It's so bad you will want to stop playing it. I just started chapter 2 and I thought I walked into a village full of people who couldn't speak the English language but then I realized the translations were also awful in chapter 1. What a disappointment.
  20. Great localization
    The dialog is all supposed to be in different accents, and people seem to be thinking that is a translation error. It's actually quite endearing, this game is certainly worth your time.


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