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  1. New dpad sucks!!
    Christopher Byrne
    I've loved this game since I was a boy with a nintendo and a 10 inch black and white tv. I am now showing my older daughter the game, and we're having a terrible time with the controls! Please, Square, change the dpad back, make it like FF III!!
  2. Wtf update
    Ed Byrd
    D pad is wayyyyy too big why change it, square Enix has no idea what they're customers want
  3. Andrew Sepede
    One of my all time favorite games ever. However it's not an nes port it's much easier than the nes version certain spells r missing plus there is spell learning limitations only 3 per magic level and the dpad could b better -1 star for those things otherwise works great Lotta fun
  4. Still awesome
    Anthony Garcia
    This game is still awesome. Takes a little getting used to but its worth it
  5. New controls suck!
    Stephanie Hubbard
    I am a huge ff fan and love all the games. I download this game a while ago and it was fine. I started playing it again today and I cannot control the player. The directional buttons are difficult to use and don't always respond. It takes a lot of effort to just walk into a building. I will no longer play this game until it is fixed.
  6. Fantastic classic!
    David Hooks
    Finally fixed and fantastic except for the new d-pad which I hate! It's huge, obnoxious, and in the way! The old d-pad was fine! It is now lollipop compatible! I hope This means Square Enix plans to soon fix their other games that were not updated for lollipop! Its been a long wait and an infuriating one considering they charge some of the highest prices in the play store! High prices should mean better care and maintenance!
  7. Final fantasy
    Robert Williams
    Do not buy any final fatasy games. Believe me I have bought them all. They all have stickable controls when you buy them but once you buy them they take the stick controls of with the first update then the games are unplayable. You have been warned!
  8. New update ruins controls
    Dan Foley
    I love this game, but the new controls are obtrusive and difficult to use. I would have much preferred they would update with the soul of chaos dungeon like the IOS version.
  9. Horrible D pad
    Jeffery Lemons
    Played a lot of hours on this so far and it was great. Now with the new directional pad, it's very hard to continue playing. I want to complete the game, but about to give up because the new pad is so awful to play with. please change back.
  10. Better be patient.
    Magnus McElroy
    **Downgraded to one star because it doesn't work with profiles.** Seriously, requiring admin access to play a game shows that you're awful, awful programmers. If you're on an S3 (like I am) it's going to eat battery life like crazy (my phone gets noticeably warm through the case) You can't play for more than a couple of hours before your battery is all gone. Usually my phone will last well through a day. You'll have black borders, top and bottom, left and right. You'll have to have an Internet connection. When I disabled it at work (no wifi) I couldn't start it up. It plays fine. It cost less than the NES cartridge I'd bought about ten years ago.
  11. Quick and dirty...
    Kerry Coleman
    Sqenix has brought nothing but shoddy ports to Android as of late... I honestly PREFER to play the games through buggy emulator's, how sad is that? Huge black boarders, cant adjust control position or transparency... 5", 7“, 10“. I know its just greed that brings them here, otherwise I would beg Square Enix to stop ABUSING classics with crappy ports... also, new DPad controls SUCK so bad its unplayable! back to emulators!.
  12. Bad controls
    Jesse Mitchell
    With the update it finally works with lollipop, but I hate the new controls. I find the dragging to make D pad appear difficult, especially since it stops if I drag to far
  13. Awesome game.
    Steven Pagan
    Works on my Tmobile Galaxy s6 64GB flawlessly. Love this franchise. Final fantasy 7 should be next. Just saying ;)
  14. Loved it....but now :(
    John Salo
    The update ruined the controls. The new directional arrows are to large and cumbersome on screen. Here's a thought, revert the controls back and actually give us android users the bonus dungeon.
  15. Decent game
    Stew Breish
    This is a really old rpg and at times is a little rough to get through, but it is still a lot of fun. The dpad is annoying and the menu is clunky. I am glad the characters retarget when an enemy dies. So why can't I get tactics on my android yet?
    Samson Sliteye
    New update removes the fixed dpad and introduces a new dpad thats hidden and only shows up when touching the bottom left of the screen. Its laggy, HUGE, and really glitchy... Why? Why why? Why would you FORCE people to use different controls all of a sudden? Add an option, great, but dont FORCE us to use different controls! Awful! Overall, awesome game, but a mediocre app/port unfortunately... I recommend a psp emulator and the anniversary edition for psp!
  17. The D-Pad Dillema
    Pavan Kilaire
    The D-Pad is fairly large on the screen and can be a bit annoying to some people, but to be honest with you, the game is still very good and playable. I'm definitely enjoying the game as the D-Pad isn't a problem to me
  18. Love it (Hate the new Dpad)
    Lucas Evans
    As a very old school FF fan, I've beaten this game plenty of times across numerous consoles and I have to say I am very surprised with how well this port was done. I've always had actual controllers to play this game with and was worried about just having the touchscreen to utilize but it has been implemented perfectly! No glitches or any problems. Love it! EDIT: The new Dpad is horrendous. Will not be playing until it is changed back.
  19. Good port, works well
    Marcus Schultheis
    4 stars only because i find the touch screen d-pad a bit cumbersome but to be honest I'm not sure how to improve it without sacrificing too much screen space on smaller phones. Is also a bit unhappy with how fast they game drained the battery, but i can't fault the game too much for that. I am using nexus 6, lollipop and it plays great. I love the auto save feature although it is easy to cheese a bad battle by exiting and abusing the auto save.
  20. This is why I hate Squeenix
    Nathan Williams
    Buying the Final Fantasy remake for Android reminds me why I despise Square Enix nowadays. It's a shoddy port with clumsy controls, annoyingly loud sounds, dumbed down difficulty, limited options, and an outrageous price tag. Seems all Squeenix does nowadays is dupe gullible folks into dumping money on garbage that wouldn't go anywhere without being carried by their once stellar brand recognition. Nowadays if I see something called Final Fantasy I know it's probably bad. Used to be the opposite.


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