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  1. The Greatest Game On The Nintendo DS, Come To Android
    Justin Wood
    I don't know where to start. The music, the art, the gameplay, the story, the replay value. The World Ends With You was brilliant on Nintendo DS, and is just as fantastic on Android, if not even greater. Higher definition art, remixed and extended music, new gameplay to fit with a single screen device, all of it fits together to create a masterpiece. It is without a doubt worth your money and more.
  2. Great Game!
    Grace Meng
    I loved this game on the DS and it is awesome on Android. The plot is original and captivating, and the gameplay remains fun and fresh even without the dual screen controls. Love the upgraded graphics as well. I definitely recommend this game! :)
  3. Does not work on 5.1.1
    Saud Abdulaziz
    I loved the game on the DS and bought it again here when i heard the problem was fixed, apparently its still broken after the latest android update. Plz fix
  4. Twitter and Multi-player
    Adam Saunders
    Great port. Would be great if more options were open for world WiFi Multi-player or even bring twitter integration back. Can still evolve into a true game grossing on Android market, just don't add micro-transactions and ruin the core of the game, new updated fashions, areas and story arcs will really extend what a touch, tap game like this is capable off, heck I be happy if the pixel icons got updated to cleaner hi res icons and a more swipe screen integrated menu and sub menus, OH and new pins.
  5. Robert Pflieger
    The game is amazing and the music is even better, though the Partner gestures are a bit wonky. And now it's ART compatible so it works!
  6. Finally Works on Lollipop
    Jonathon Béasse
    The game now works on Lollipop. Love this game. Controls seem a bit quirky, but pretty sure it's a problem with my fat fingers.
  7. works on 5.0 lollipop now
    Amrit Takhar
    WORKS ON ANDROID 5.O LOLIPOP. both English and Japanese version music all in higher quality, way better graphics with not a single pixel in site during combat or story scenes. Entire game redesigned to fit on one screen, drastic gameplay changes, your partner fights by tapping enemies and they can't get hurt (to balance this you only get half an HP gauge), the green combo puck is replaced by a cross combo system by alternating hits with your partner, autosaves consistently, rebalanced pins
  8. Jason Dunham
    Still broken for me on Galaxy S6 5.1.1 T-mobile with the latest update for lollipop, just get a black screen that vibrates twice and closes.
  9. Chris D. Cheatham
    The original DS game was great and this remaster makes it even better in some ways. Since the new update, the game can now run on Android 5.0 Lollipop so the issues of the game not opening shouldn't be a problem any more.
  10. They took their time, but finally!
    Eriton de Freitas
    After such a long wait for the update, it's finally here. I was thinking I was never gonna play it again! The game is awesome, but try to keep it updated for the fans, Square Enix
  11. Love the game but...
    Wasem Addus
    I need a way to transfer the data from my old phone to my new phone. Not really trying to start over.
  12. It doesn't work on Android M, to be expected.
    Andrew Evans
    The game now runs on ART, but not on Android M, which doesn't surprise me. Hopefully it's updated much faster this time.
  13. Emily Thibault
    Absolutely amazing; I've also played the original DS version and this is by far my favorite videogame ever.
  14. Finally fixed for lollipop
    Regan Smith
    Finally works again with the latest update. The game is good I'm happy to be able to play it again.
  15. Andrew Bartholomew
    Awesome game and now Lollipop is finally supported. Thank you!
  16. Perfect game
    Jessie Fife
    Lollipop patch, plays smooth on 5.0 note 4.
  17. Best Game Ever
    Ferny Somelastname
    Finally working on Galaxy S6 Edge after latest update rolled out, apparently it was my phone that's wasn't letting me play the game •Sprint •Android 5.1.1
  18. Absolutely Fantastic
    Richard Siruma Jr
    I must say Square Enix you have outdone yourself!
  19. Michael Bickley
    It finally works on lollipop. Guess I will start over again. I didn't expect them to fix it. Look at Drakerider.
  20. My favorite Nintendo DS game just got better!
    Sebastian Hueso
    Love this game way too much. PS wasn't able to run the game for a while now until this most recent update. Now works perfectly fine!


What`s new

* The application corresponds to Android6.0.
* Fixed a small bug.