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  1. Amateurish at Best
    Carbunkle Flux
    Squeenix, you can do a hell of a lot better than this. The app is unusable. No home button, start game/app list/purchase game buttons do nothing. I had to guess at where I'd find the login button and logging in is cumbersome. Doesn't detect my existing games either. Its a freaking mess. I just wanted my free FF1 but it isn't worth all this trouble. Sorry guys.
  2. Yikes
    Christopher Hood
    Sluggish and Crashes. Trying to play Final Fantasy in the portal and game loads up and then crashes. App is sluggish and laggy as well. Could be better optimized.
  3. What year is this!?
    Chris Gordon
    In the Android version, if the app is deleted after the free download period, the app cannot be re-acquired free of charge. This statement is exactally the type of backwoods mentality that is driving SquareEnix into oblivion.
  4. Doesn't work.
    Jarrett Kohler
    I downloaded this app to be able to play Triple Triad and it will not work. I sign in and it says downloading and will not download I've tried over data and over Wi-Fi and nothing. A very sad disappointment I really wanted to play Triple Triad.
  5. Can't open
    Slotha Sil
    I really like the app, but atm every time I click on it to open it, it opens my browser instead. It started after I opened a video from the app.
  6. Awesome
    Nick Florio
    Users who say theres no place to enter the one time password dont realise you type your name and pass first then the otp option comes up. Tetra Master is awesome but can only play for about 10 minutes every 2 and a half hours before having to wait for your crystals to recharge. 30 min recharge time for 1 crystal which is 1 match, 5 max. Free ff1 is cool but if it's deleted after the free dl period its gone forever. But Tetra Master is awesome if you dont mind only playing in bits like me (or paying)
  7. Impossible to log in
    Chris Rigney
    I use a One-time password (otp) for my Square Enix account. In order to link play I must log in to SE. On the login screen there is a space for Username and Password, but NOT for the otp. There is an otp generator at the bottom, but since you still can't enter the code anywhere this is useless. What idiot at development forgot to include a space for the otp?
  8. Seems nice, but...
    Gonzalo Pozo Soza
    I downloaded this because of Triple Trial, but when I tap "Start Game" nothing happens. I do really want to play it, do something, please.
  9. Cards transfer to FFXIV:Heavensward
    Laura Byrne
    I don't know how yet but I keep hearing they do
  10. Triple Triad
    Orry Wright
    And a free copy of final fantasy 1. Pretty cool app
  11. Doesn't do anything
    Angel Cintron
    All I want was my free FFI game and play the awesome triple traid card game. The app doesn't do either. When I touch play game it doesn't respond and when I touch "Purchase" it doesn't respond. Damn what a waste of time
  12. FINAL FANTASY Triple Triad!
    André Franco
    Well it's free with a catch. There's stamina system that limits how you often can play as every match costs crystal. You can hold 5 and you will be able to refill after 30 min... or spend real money. You know, micro trans... maybe square could come with more creative ways of making $ such as hearthstone...
  13. Won't let me log in
    Joseph Howe
    My phone is up to date note 3 and I know my password and I'D are correct and it still won't let me log in
  14. Ian Elstub
    The fact that I need Google Play Games to play Triple Triad kills it for me since GPG refuses to work.
  15. Triple triad!
    Jean-Paul Wood
    Been waiting for this. Now I can be entertained while I poop!
  16. Jonathan Males
    Love it! Can't wait to start playing Triple Triad
  17. Free FF!
    James Bowman
    The Portal app is OK, but the best part is, right now until 8/31/15, IN the portal they offer a free copy of Final Fantasy!
  18. Christopher Lyons
    Not a lot of content available yet.
  19. Bad business practices
    Dayle Diamond
    App is advertising a game download as free, and the fine print says it's not actually free. It's full price, and they'll bill you later.
  20. Great app
    Daniel Munchbach
    One of my only gripes is that I can't play Triple Triad more than 5 times every 2.5 hours without spending money