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  1. Doesn't work!
    Jeff Requier
    I have a Samsung alpha and took forever to down load this game. Had to use data so it wouldn't take an hour, then I start it and it restarts my phone. Then it goes to the main screen and wants me to rate the game before I've even done anything. Touch screen doesn't work at all. Is there supposed to be a controller attached to my phone?
  2. Colton Smith
    Force closes on both Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy Tab S. Its been force closing on my tab for months. Haven't been able to play it once. As soon as i press play it force closes. Paid a hefty price for a game I've never been able to play.
  3. Awesome!!
    Yosua Abraham
    Truly what Deus Ex console could provide. Who care there is no jump function, it still great game anyways. Not recommend the microtransaction though...
  4. Huawei acend y550
    Colin Murfin
    Being a tightwad with phones and this one only costing no more than 80 pound Deus Ex works flawlessly and although the aiming can be somewhat awkward the quality and the variety of ways to play has kept me hooked and now just a pound to purchase you can't go wrong, a must buy, would definitely recommend
  5. Love the Deus Ex games but...
    Bryden Jones
    I also love the fact that I can't enjoy this game because it doesn't open in my HTC One M8...Haven't even been able to get into the game to play it. Fix yo game, SquareEnix.
  6. Lacking a plethora.
    Cullen Cowley
    Clunky controls but what's up with releasing a unfinished full price game. If we really wanted to wait for you guys to think of a second part to the game you could've made it a free to play. It can have it's fun moments but they are few and far. Also the limited amount of running space in each map is not what I'd call open world. Also the choice system has little effect which really wasted it's potential.
  7. Yeah, what the other reviews said
    Thanh Nguyễn
    Pretty fun game, it's a mobile title with a lot to offer. Although not quite the full "console" gaming experience, it's still impressive in its own right. Used to run pretty smooth on Kit Kat, but now I'm running Lollipop and frame rate drops consistently with lengthy load times. Eh. That's disappointing. EDIT: On 11/19, Deus Ex was updated with the promise of performance upgrades for 4.4+. Frame rates are still inconsistent, load screens have gotten longer, and there's no sound. 2 stars to 1 star.
  8. longer story?
    adam therellik
    will you add more content to continue the story? I didn't really like the cliffhanger ending. if so when will you update
  9. This is actually a good game (so far at least)
    Scott Marshall
    Although this game has some frame rate issues and has awkward controls (in my opinion), I still think it is a good game and matches the authenticity of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  10. Device: shield tablet
    Tyler Davis
    Fun, but its hard to use touchscreen controls adding native controller support like the PC version has would be great I will change my rating to 5 stars if this happens
  11. Needs Fixing
    Dylan Bibro
    Needs to be updated. The app loads fine, but any button I hit in the main menu causes crash. I haven't played it yet because I can't, but it looks like it has potential. Deus Ex HR was awesome! Edit: After a reinstall I got the game to start once, but it had lots of missing textures for some reason. This is on an HTC one.
  12. Doesn't start and always crashes
    Kumar Anshumali
    This game doesn't start and always crashes. After game menu, a cutscene starts with no sound after that game crashes. Sometimes it also stucks at squareenix logo .... Please fix this game as soon as possible. I am loyal fan of Squareenix game for PC's. It's ruining the game experience . I am using HTC One E8 running Android 4.4.2.
  13. Great!
    Chuck Pee
    Wouldn't recommend for older devices but it works great on my galaxy tab 4. Great story and plenty of action! *Side Note: I've been waiting for the story update for months please make it happen!
  14. The new update works!
    Adam Hodacsek
    The game used to force close on the HTC One M8. Since the new update I've been able to actually play the game. I enjoyed the game a lot. The storyline seems short, however, with the side quests, you're never short of something to do. The controls are a little odd, and in intense moments, it can affect the outcome. Once you get used to them, they work alright. Aside from the controls and the seemingly short storyline, I'd recommend the game.
  15. Unable
    Brenden Howard
    Currently using an ASUS MeMo smartpad, using the latest JellyBean system, power is not so much an issue. The issue i have is spending $5ish, for a fancy loading screen the game does not let me do anything else otherwise it force closes. UPDATE:: This issue still persists, even after upgrading to a Galaxy TabS. If they are going to release a top end game, that does not work on top end tablets, they need to give a refund. This game is a rip off. And im sorry i spent the money to buy it.. id rather put gas in my car.
  16. Useless game!!!!
    Khairul Azri
    Firstly asfter i paid for tiz stupid game it cnt run the game....after they udate it den get to play but it was only one or two mission n its over....n i paid for a weapon but i did not get it.....fucked up not download......useless game!!!
  17. Not on a level with HR
    dogbitedog69 ノア
    In terms of story and character design it does not keep up with HR by far. Future Panama isn't an attractive location either. Yet, measured on phone standards it has great visuals (using Xperia Z1) and it preserves the moody dystopic atmosphere of HR. Its worth to try but you shouldn't expect the quality of Human Revolution.
  18. So its a incomplete game...
    Josh Coit
    Fan of this series, but I was unaware that this is just a cynical cash grab that leaves you hanging. Will there be more content? Would I have bought this game ,knowing that it was incomplete? Really feel ripped off by this.
  19. Magnificent,but please update
    Siris Skylander
    It's the best stealth game on mobile right now,you make it so well,but since I play on iPad till this time(about 1 year) no update for 2nd episode.Oh ya thank you for make it compatible with FWVGA device even frame rate decrease
  20. Great game
    Kyle Howard
    First playthrough was very fun. Second playthrough was just as fun, only I could blow threw it quickly because I knew what to do. Storyline seemed original enough and was interesting. Controls work surpisingly well on the mobile touch platform. My only complaint is that the hacking interface and buttons are too small. Sometimes I hit the stop or nuke button instead of the hack. Other than that, BUY THIS GAME and play it, then sit with me and beg enix to continue the mobile series.


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