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  1. Fruit smoothie
    Belinda Doler
    Challenging but eventually I get through each level. I just don't like running out of lives and having to wait so long to get more.
  2. Earlette Williams
    This game does not have incentives. You dont get over 40 coins even when u score high points. Not one of my favorites.
  3. Difficult to use
    Jennifer Cantrill
    I love this game on Facebook and I've been dying for an app, but there is so much wasted space around the game board it makes the game board so tiny, and difficult to use. I can't see what I'm doing half the time! I'm uninstalling for now, but I'll check back and see if they fix this issue. (Really, why does the game board need to be framed, anyway?)
  4. It was fun until
    Cdar Pinder-Sommerville
    It was great until I either had to use diamonds, which you only get for free once and then you have to use real money to get more, wait 24 hours, or ask 3 people from fb to get to the next section of the game. I HATE that!! Why cant I just play the game without having to do all these stupid things that either take forever or cost me money?! You ruined the game!!!
  5. I thought its supposed to be free
    Justine M
    This game is fun... until I reached lvl 50 I have not been able to pass for such a long time cause theres not enough moves. Too frustrating! Fix this problem. I do not want to use real money on a free game!
  6. Good but
    Christian Eckert
    The game play is nice and it is fun to play. But now happen what I feared. I am stuck at one level you need the bonus items. So you have to spend some money to solve the level. Not so nice I would say.
  7. Constantly Crashes
    Valerie Hilliard
    It's a fun time killer, although, a bit unoriginal. However, lately the app's been crashing on me every time I try to open it.
  8. all my coins keep disappearing!
    Teri H
    every time I log back in my coins disappear! what the heck. starting to get really annoyed and am about to just unistall. i like playing...however i see no reason to continue! too bad as it helps kill time when i am bored! updated 4/8...unistalled...was up to 250 coins..just logged in to and back down to 35. done!
  9. Love it
    Jessica Morataya
    It is a wonderful game. Very fun, but I hate that you get so few swipes in some of the levels. And that you have to buy extra stuff. If only this were truly a "free" game, it would be better!
  10. It's ok
    aleksis Bocanegra
    Don't like how you have to wait days to make it to the next level. None of my FB friends play, so no one to "help" me along to the next level. Almost deleted the game. Fun to play except for that.
  11. Decent
    Spudly ForBrains
    Its a decent game but its a rehash of most puzzle games except this one has lives. Annoying money grubbing waste of time. Sorry.
  12. Nicole Fruit
    Love it. Until level 85. Gotta spend money because there aren't enough moves. May a fruit that wipes out a row or something!! 5 stars if this is fixed
  13. Fun but.....
    Got to level fifty been stuck for months. Not fun any more. Not enough moves to finish level otherwise drop down more bananas it's bs so Uninstalling wasting space on phone
  14. So far so good!
    Trina Greene
    I just started playing but I love it so far! Would rate it a 5 but I've already been pressured into buying things lol, that's not gonna happen NO TIME SOON
  15. Creed P
    Warning! This game is NOT FUN! Oh, sure, it'll start out fun and easy, but play it for more than a while and you'll find levels where you simply can't complete it! "Collect 25 blackberries" and such, but I've failed levels because 25 blackberries never appeared despite using multiple items (over 1,500 coins worth). Of course, in between the ads after every level, they'll invite you to spend real money for more turns (though no guarantee you'll be able to complete the level anyway). If you like hard, possibly unbeatable challenges, then this is the game for you! Otherwise, save your money and sanity, pick something else.
  16. I love it
    Vianeth Ramos
    I love it so much I now it is going to be very very very good when my mom plays !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think she is going to love it because she love games like this I now she is going to love it.
  17. Melody Rabbelier
    It's fun and engaging. It's not the same thing over and like many games. I really enjoy playing. Unlike others I have had very little problems with crashing though it has closed on me twice
  18. Fun to play
    Tanya H.
    This takes a lot of brain power to play, but I like it. You do get a few moves in some levels, but after you "master" it, the level finishes. The problem is that you have to buy gems and coins, which I will not do. Its 5/3/15. The game just went back to the beginning for some off reason. It got to a rocket to go to the next level, and it took me back to level 1.
  19. Awesome game LOVE IT
    Sexy Stalllion
    I love playing.. I'm on level 132, ,it gives me no problems at all.. my family gets mad at me bcuz I toon them out when I'm playing... Lol. Well it's just a nerve calmer to me.. it ease my mind but sometimes the game cheats lol
  20. Oh, squeenix. What happened
    Alex Holding
    How far you've fallen since the days since ff12. What is this rubbish you're releasing? What happened to quality. Squeenix, we love you and want you back! We just can't live with this self destructive behaviour anymore. *Sniff* We're leaving you to be with Atlus. Seriously though. If ff15 is a killer We'll forgive you for smoothie swipe.