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  1. Doesn't open on Note 4 (VRZ Stock)
    Victorhugo Perez
    Game doesn't open and continues to crash when booting up the application. Can't enjoy what I can't play.
  2. Nice!
    Vijayasimha Radhakrishnan
    I never got around to playing this game on PC. The game looks gorgeous on my 1080p screen and the game controls well. As long as I don't run into any bugs, I think I will have a grand time. Hoping for more ports.
    Finn Swartz
    The controls are horrid. There's no way to hold forward and jump at the same time without extreme difficulty (making it impossible to jump gaps or up ledges), looking around is painstaking and the buttons are tiny. I honestly have no idea how anyone could have a good time playing this game.
  4. Great to have this on android :-)
    Chris Brown
    Controls took a little getting used to but after the first level I have adapted. Very nicely remastered. Looking forward to TR2. Thank you Square Enix for yet another great mobile game.
  5. cosmo spacer
    Its Tomb Raider, I have been waiting for so long, I hopes its not going be the last PS conversation, :-) UPDATE, I don't know why people are saying that the controls needed to be sorted out they are perfect for a touchscreen display I have had no problems at all in fact I don't know how you could get them better!
  6. Wil Post
    Graphics are not as good as they appear in the photos above - they've clearly been touched up. I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 on high settings and things are aliased and pixel-y in the extreme, just like the original PSX version. Nevertheless this is a great port of a great game and well worth the $0.10 I spent on it.
  7. Great
    Julian Kane
    I love this game except when I see med kits which I rarely do (they seemed to show up more in the ps1 edition) they are just black boxes I'm have to play graphics on low to see the screen plz fix otherwise great game
  8. Great classic
    Richard Livingstone
    Great game. Been waiting for this for a while. Would have gave 5 but you can't level select like you could on the PlayStation which is a shame because it was good to go back and play levels.glad the music's fixed. Would be brilliant if you could put 2,3,4,5 on aswell. Cheers looks brilliant
  9. Awesome!!
    Ria Rafa
    Finished this in 8 days. took awhile to get used to controls. Love it when Lara jumps off a cliff and does a swan dive! Can't wait for the other TR games!
  10. Super Huge TR fan
    Ashley DeWitt
    im so excited to play this since i grew up with the original on ps1. i have followed lara's adventures ever since the begining its exactly like the original and i hope all of the original TR games from ps1 and 2 are released for the mobile devices i will surely get them all !!!
  11. Issue
    Chad Clayton
    Wish I could give 5 stars but game does not show any medkits on ground. I have the iphone version it does. Anyone have this issue or have fixed it in the passed? Help
  12. It's alright but
    Danielle McLemore
    The controls are awful! It is not easy to turn her around at all and I never had this problem when playing on PS. I mean if you're on a level with a timer, then you're screwed! When fighting an enemy, she can't jump and shoot properly either. There are still something bugs you guys need to fix. Other than that I've always loved this game.
  13. Love
    Andrue W-w
    I love the tomb raider series but the cloud storage service don't work. I tried to play it with other device and found out that I had to start over on that device please fix
  14. Fixed and fabulous!!
    Lucy Johnson
    If controls are missing, clear google play store data and cache and relog. Now works beaut, and i'm back to being stoked about this awesome game!
  15. Nostalgia on a 4.7 inch screen
    steve ovell
    Remember this back in '97 on my old PS1 (or just PlayStation back then), and was thrilled by it. Now I'm playing it in all its former glory on my HTC One, times and tech change eh! Just as good now as it was back then. Just one thing guys, will future updates support MOGA controllers at all?
  16. I love it!
    Jonathan Castillo
    My childhood game one of the best when I was in elementary. Game is in full HD and plays very smooth with "no loading". I see very bad rating on this but it explains why, you guys gotta upgrade to a newer phone we in 2015, the first iPhone and Galaxy you guys own won't support this games.
  17. Sweet game
    Tyler Barnes
    Just as awesome as it was so long ago. And to everyone complaining about touch screen controls, you had to know this wasn't gonna play well without a controller. Even with a controller the controls are a little stiff and the camera is tough to deal with sometimes which is why it gets a 4, but overall it's a great game.
  18. Yey it's Lara.
    Nemanja Borovac
    Boo, controls are still terrible (just as they were back in the day) and game isn't really optimized properly (my phone gets scorching hot).
  19. Excellent: shame it doesn't include console music
    David Jenkins
    It's absolutely brilliant to have this on Android! Thank you. Only probs: (1)I wish there was an option for a digital 4 way D-pad on the left instead of an analogue pad. Having the walk controls on the pad adds nothing on a touchscreen but does stop Lara moving around fluidly by swiping left and right whilst she is running forward; (2)As this is a PC port the wonderfully immersive action movie music on cue from the consoles is missing and has been traded for constant atmospheric sounds. That's a real shame.
  20. All time classic of all time!!!
    wes waugh
    Loving playing this again, just got a couple of gripes though. 1st she seems to get stuck in walk mode quite a lot and it's a pain when precision jumping and secondly and this is a major problem is that there is no music in game. One of the things I loved about this game was the music and it's just non existent. Only the title theme and secret jingles work. Please fix and 5 stars are yours :) oh and tr2 please.


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