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  1. Absolutely Sucks
    Brian Zielski
    Not like the original Hitman game. Comparable to a chess or checkers app. If you're into that, get one of the thousands of free ones and save the $4.99. But, if you're looking for a Hitman game don't get this. It's a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT.
  2. Looks nice but gets dull
    Matthew Christoffers
    It's fun for a few levels but after you realize it really is nothing more than a variation on "Go" (or Checkers), and your choices are just limited to moving in one direction, one space at a time.
  3. Awesome fun, strategy game
    Daniel Franks
    Great game!! Very nicely finished with great audio and graphics. Turn based strategy that gets ever more complex and ever more fun! I can't play Portal on my phone, this is the next best thing. More levels please!!
  4. Surprise how good it is
    Louis Kelsall
    This is a great puzzle game that you can play in short burst. Not to hard to progress but doing all the challenges can be a real head scratcher. Also is an android game you can just buy and you don't get harassed adverts and micro transactions. Wish more games just did that.
  5. A Small Jewel
    Bruno Brant
    Of course, there's the leveraging of the Hitman trademark to sell a puzzle game. But that might be the only thing wrong with this - in all else it exceeds. It's a simple, but very smart puzzle. The play mechanics are as simple as it can get, but this does not stops it from being challenging. And even that is balanced: levels are difficult, but only up to some point. You can trial and error a few times and learn how to overcome most obstacles.
  6. Wow, this is a great game.
    Greg Flasck
    I'm not a huge mobile gamer, but I've always thought this looked pretty cool, so I picked it up when I saw it on sale....three hours later, I'm still playing this dang game. It looks great & is a real challenge. Fans of puzzle games should check this out - well worth the price, even when not on sale.
  7. Noah King
    I played this on ios and picked it up on the google sale and i can say this is probably the best puzzle/board game i've played centered around a property like this. I also like that it's complete they really out did themselves when it comes to dlc and finishing up the game. 5/5 would buy again
  8. Great game but buggy
    Shankar Karthikeyan
    Frequent crashes triggered by specific events. Fix that and it is a five star game. Great puzzler with enough variations and nods to the pc games to keep things interesting.
  9. Great game!
    Indyca Wylde
    Amazing strategy game, ignore those players that complain about it not being a Hitman is true to the franchise in its own way, and honestly, just as much fun as the main series titles. Quality game, totally worth checking out.
  10. Really makes me think a little harder!
    Jacqael Bailey
    Not any freezing or glitches, I'm using my htc desire 816 the picture is great. Gets better each level I promised..
  11. Worthwhile Fun
    While I find it a little lacking compared to the other Hitman title for Android, that being Hitman Sniper (personal opinion), this is still a nice way to pass the time for any fan of the franchise.
  12. Great Strategy Game
    Mauricio Castro Valdez
    At first I was discouraged about buying it because of some review that compared it to chess but luckily this game is far more entertaining. Great choice!
  13. Best time waster ever made
    Joseph Herath
    Awesome take on the classic game. Finished all levels and then ended up replaying to finish all achievements. Hope there's more levels coming. Only regret is I purchased it before the sale. Wait for the discounted price
  14. Best game ever!
    Fred Shadid
    As a big hitman fan, this is one of the best hitmans ever! It bring puzzles &strategy in a fun entertaining way! Loved it!
  15. Why can't I sync my progress on other devices?
    A Roscoe
    Why doesn't this game sync to all your devices? On my phone I'm in the sixth box, but have to start COMPLETELY over on my tablet? -____- that's so not cool. And yes, I am signed in with my Google account. But what's the point???? Other than that, love the game! Would love it more if it would sync .... Just saying.
  16. Excellent design across the board
    Samuel Cooke
    Clever and elegant translation of the franchise to this platform. Visual and gameplay design is fittingly sharp for a formally slick series, and the board-game aesthetic particularly clever.
  17. Fantastic puzzler!
    Jack Zones
    A unique approach to the classic puzzle/ strategy game. The hitman theme makes it twice as awesome, and knowing the franchise helps to understand the mechanics better. All in all, a flawless, beautiful game.
  18. Perfect
    Piotr Romik
    Super puzzle game. Ofc its not like the original series but still, perfect mind game. Even when you think that next lvl will be easy because you know the scheme youre wrong. Make perfect every lvl is challenge.
  19. Brilliant
    Kelly Phelps
    Hey I'm as good at FPS and RPG as anyone just look me up on Steam or XBOX (IMGunnaHurl) so when I want to play a puzzle game absolutely nothing compares to HITMAN GO. The challenge is strong and the music is perfect especially music/vocals heard during each hit. The game gives me a sense of calm and familiarity. 5 STAR all the way.
  20. Best game ever
    Neekon Saadat
    Who ever made this game is amazing. Zero glitches, very fun/addicting, and has lots of levels to complete. The best strategy game out there. GET IT


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