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  1. Simply excellent
    Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh
    I wasn't a huge fan of Hitman Go, but this game is a beautifully crafted experience of exactly what mobile gaming SHOULD be.
  2. Awesome.
    Travis Cope
    Great game. Not my usual type of game but was waiting for it to come out! Does have some lag during game play but I'm sure it will get resolved quickly!
  3. Amazing!
    Gunnar Snær Jónsson
    I have always been such a big fan of the Tomb Raider franchise and this game really surprised me at how the design and gameplay amazed me! It is one of the best mobile games I have played.
  4. zach zampetti
    Even better than hitman go. Only problem is that I spent way too long searching for "tomb raider go"
  5. Love it..
    Roy Groh
    First, I thought Go games look stupid... But I saw Lara Croft Go.. Tomb Raider is my favorite playing in 1980's.. So, here I try play this and it blew my mind... I love it!! ... I'm going to buy Hitman Go! Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  6. Great fun.
    Nick Parkinson
    Only part way in, but am enjoying it. I'm a fan of hitman go and didn't hesitate when this game came up, brought straight away.
  7. Awesome game
    Joel Hill
    Well worth the price. Am experiencing some slowdown and freezing at intermittent points though, so fingers crossed for some performance enhancing updates. All around very impressed with the game though!
  8. Amazing
    Richard Tito
    A return to form for Tomb Raider, I can't stand the new reboot or the one that proceeded. Both felt the need to rewrite Lara's history, something this game has avoided. The story is told through visual cues instead of cutscenes, which is novel and a welcome change, gameplay actually requires you to think, sound design is simple yet harks back to the originals, and graphically, although the art style is cute, I don't appreciate the triangular nature of the 3D modelling. I think it's very basic and cheap, a minor gripe though. Couldn't recommend this game enough.
  9. Beautifully well designed
    reece brown
    One of the best games I have played so far on Androids, love the graphics love the design and the soundtrack is simple beautiful! Really impressed with this game.
  10. Remarkable !!
    Tyler Bullerman
    When I realized it was available yesterday. I downloaded it immediately. The puzzles are genius, the new animation system is great. I wish hit man go would have been more like this. To be honest, the only time I review an android game is when I have problems with it. The only problem I have with this is I want more! (Not to say this is too short, but for real, I'll be checking everyday for an update with more levels) less than 24 hours later I'm begging for a sequel. Amazing.
  11. Another winner
    Leo Davidson
    Hitman Go was a great game and this is another winner. It's isometric, turn-based and puzzles based on the order you go to or do things, similar to Hitman Go, but it also has quite a different feel, with each game taking elements of the franchise they're based on. If it had just been a re-skin of Hitman Go, I would've been happy. That it changes things up a bit (but not too much) is even better.
  12. Awesome
    Marcellus Wakefield
    Great audio, nice visuals. Wasn't a fan of turn based games but this won me over. Love Lara. Plus the hidden treasures on each level is a little side quest for the obsessive puzzler in me. Five stars.
  13. Really good
    Matthew Hager
    Reminds me of Hotman Go, but without the move restraints. It's beautifully animated. Laura moves like an actual character, unlike hitman go, which was just a game piece. It's an evolution. Well done square-enix, you done it again.
  14. So far so good!
    Krystyn Kluth
    I've played a couple of the puzzles so far and it truly is good relaxing fun! My favorite part however is that they mixed some of the level ambiance sounds and sound effects (including the secrets chime, gunshots, and even some of the grunts from lara) from the classic tomb raider games (TR2 from what I've heard)! It really made me smile and I felt like I was playing the true lara croft again! :)
  15. Dre Dickson
    As a long time fan of the Tomb Raider series, and also of Hitman Go this game is right up my alley and does a perfect job of bringing the nostalgic astetic of the classic TR games and mixing it with the mobile puzzle environment of the Go world..
  16. Fantastic game much better than hit man go
    Michael Kaufman
    Fun puzzle game. Much deeper experience than hit man go.
  17. Great game well worth your time and money
    Rohan D
    Only been playing for a few hours but really am enjoying it.
  18. Another 5 Stars
    Graeme E
    Was looking for something not to give it 5! Has cloud save, Immersive Mode, quality setting and obviously the game is great
  19. Loving it so far
    Joseph Dorsey
    This game is everything I loved about the old platform games in a beautiful, streamlined package
  20. Great Tomb Raider Game for Mobile!
    Joe Alam
    For anyone who's played Hitman GO, the gameplay is effectively the same - a nice simple puzzle game. However this game is far more immersive and has a lot of the feel from the classic Tomb Raider games (even the menu!)


What`s new

- Widescreen optimization
- Various improvements and bug fixes

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