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  1. Can't get 3 mins into the game..
    Mark Silva
    Can't get 3 mins into the game without it shutting down on me. Specially when in trying to create my character. Would like to keep playing, but might not be compatible with my phone.
  2. LOVE IT
    Elijah Lopez
    If you are a wwe game fan like me you love the next gen looking graphics but there should be a sold seprate controler to hook up and there are some problems with swiping but besides that its a great game and thats the bottom line
  3. Jason Smith
    Wwe 2k has improved but there is no sound still for my hudl2 tablet. If I can get sound then it will be 5* but for now 3*.
  4. William Flood
    It looks fun but the only thing I've been able to do is the training so far. I get to the facial hair in creating a superstar and it closes out. If I can actually play it, I'll give it 4 stars, if it's fun, I'll give 5. But right now, stuck at 3
  5. Decent
    Ben McClung
    Doesn't always respond to my swipes and gets repetitive fast. It looks and sounds great.
  6. Paid for this
    Bobby Dorer
    I see no replies to any of the comments, from 2k. So I hope this actually gets read. Please fix the controls there has to be a better scheme. Also why so few superstars? Immortals is a great game with a great roster. But I want wrestling not fighting. So please put as much work into making this a really good wrestling experience, such as a bigger roster, longer entrance, outside the ring, more venues, announcers and most of all the controls. As u put into the grapgics. Thank you for trying tho.
  7. Good could be great
    Micah Erdos
    Give better control options a larger roster, building your character you should be able to earn different finisher the way you earn intros, make strength realistic (Daniel Bryan can't lift Big Show),add more wwe superstars and take away the created fillers also update the alliance's such as the shield and others give more time for signature move build up and finisher for some characters also add divas and the ability to hold multiple titles at once in career mode. Take Batista out of the game he quit wwe
  8. Very very very very less than hope
    Geetika Singh
    I did not hope that it could be this.. No sounds available. No full keys to operate character . it is worst game and is only a trap for 505rupees not anything special .total 14 wrestler not more.If there would be 0 stars I will definitely give 0
  9. Richard Fuentes
    I think guys should and more type of matches and more titles also more superstars. And it doesn't always respond to my swipes so please fix that. Great game
  10. Read this people's
    Shake Master
    Ok first for what hulk Hogan said was nothing new nor anything that wasn't said before by others like BOOKER T calling Hogan the Nword look it up and this is coming from a BLACK MAN!!! & ok I understand why CHRIS BENOIT isn't in the hall of fame nor is he in any games or stories I don't really agree But alright BUT for taking HULK HOGAN out of the hall of fame was Total & other BS without that man VINCE would be a broke man and not a billionaire like hes now REMBER THAT JABRONIES and this game needs new ppl
  11. Controls
    Christopher Rogers
    The game is good but you need to add some button controls.Please do or I won't rate it 5 ever.
  12. Hulk Hogan?
    Jonathan Tully
    Are you going to keep Hulk Hogan on the game? Also please add current wrestlers and longer entrances! Greatly appreciated! :)
  13. Robert Catchlove
    Well it was a long time coming but finally a update, and what do you know... still crap. No wrestlers added and even worse is the controls are still awful... at best. Also not enough modes and still no wrestling outside of the ring. Not worth the money, one star just for the graphics which actually aren't to bad... but that's about it
  14. Great game but does need some improvements
    Dylan Lane
    I try to make me a superstar and it always sends me back to the home screen on my phone and it could use some more options, blood, and better controls besides these problems it a great game. Needs another update. Still kicks you out of create a superstar and needs more arenas and matches and characters.
  15. My problems
    Hector Herrera
    Well yall need to fix controls please cause I don't like it like that its hard fix it please before I send a file against yall
    Delaney Barnes
    Wwe 2k needs more people more match types needs to be optimiz for tablets waste of money and time
  17. Controls don't work
    Michael Balogun
    I kept trying to do signature but it wouldn't god damnn work! Bad game stupid game worst
  18. Terraria rookie
    Lame don't but scam shit game not sensitive worst game $10 CHEAP SKATE BOOK WORST GAME scam scam scam scam scam
  19. 2k should be like 2k16
    Shahroaz Khan
    Fix it 2k(android game)like 2k16(xbox360 game)version so many people will download this app and they will give you 5 stars to this app i hope i can purchase and downloads millions people it should better of all paid games first top paid game soo soon update next time
  20. Please update game.
    Abhijit Saxena
    Update match type and wrestler as soon as possible.. Than i'll give 5 star..


What`s new

• Multi-Swipe gestures now allow a wider range of inputs based on distance and swipe angle
• Additionally tuned directional swipe used for grapples and reversals
• Increased responsiveness of controls for movement, pins, and submissions
• Bug fixes for Create-A-Superstar
• Bug fixes for title match celebration
• Ability to turn Entrances on or off in Options menu

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