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  1. This used to be awesome.
    Nick Fury
    This app used to work really well, but now I'm having a lot of issues with it. The signal cuts out after 10 seconds, prompting me to close out and restart the app every time I lose the signal. I have to fly with the reverse rudder switch on, a problem I didn't use to have. The flight assist over-corrects, so I have to fly with it turned off, making it even harder to fly. I currently have none of these issues with MonstarMike's PowerUp 3.1 app. So everyone complaining about this app, just use PowerUp 3.1
  2. No rudder control on HTC one (m8)
    Norb Raniak
    Module will connect to phone and has throttle control but no rudder control. Tried on a galaxy s3 and works just fine.
  3. Only works on Santa Claus' phone
    Leon Parnas
    Apparently none of the devices we have in the family are good enough for this app. Samsung S3? Nope. S4? Nope. Moto G? Nope. Maybe Santa Claus can enjoy this device and app.... magically. This is turning me off of funding kickstarter projects. Thanks a lot, PowerUp!
  4. Keeps crashing my Galaxy S4
    Ankit Shah
    Especially when the phone's battery is low (<50%), it keeps crashing the phone.
    Eric Jacquin
    Fun to play with, has a bit of a learning curve. I can't wait to really get the hang of it! It was difficult to sync at first, but it it worked right away after holding it close to my phone.
  6. Won't connect Sony z1 4.4.4
    Brian Eastwood
    4months later I thought I'd try again. Still same no connection issue still very apparent. Obviously they took our money with intention of spending their time on the Apple platform. Another waste of money supporting people that have little integrity to support their backers.
  7. flynnbob117 mlg
    The only proplem is you need to buy the kit to attach to your paper ariaplane
  8. Amazing
    Scott Murray
    I got about 40 seconds of flight time with this app.
  9. Shield Tablet is not supported
    Ирина Лаврёнова
    Before updating the firmware on the toy itself, the throttle responded to input from the Shield Tablet but the rudder didn't. After connecting the toy to an iPhone, the firmware got updated and the throttle stopped responding to input from the Shield Tablet as well.
  10. No connection s5
    Simon Piercy
    Connects but nothing works, poor connectivity very disappointed
  11. Cant connect to the Samsung S5
    Anthony Quinn
    Sent an email telling them i cant connect my S5 and got the following reply. My phone now connect, just got to try it out now. 1) Disconnect the charging cable from the smart module. 2) Turn Bluetooth OFF on your phone. 2) Turn the switch ON carefully by moving it to the right. Switch is tiny and delicate, you can use a pen to move it to the correct position. 3) Connect the micro USB charging cable to the Smartmodule. 4) If the smart module led starts flashing rapidly skip step number #5 5) Your USB charging cable or or Power source could be defective, Try using a different cable or power source (wall adapter is recommended, some computers do not support USB power supply) 6) Charge the module at least 30 minutes, The module will be fully charged when the rapid flashing changes to slow flashing. 8) Turn Bluetooth to on position. 9) Touch the Smart module with your phone (connection can take up to 10 seconds) 9) Connect and fly!
  12. Spotty connection RAZR M
    J Brooks
    App often loses connection & must be restarted to reconnect. Range about 30 feet. Once finally connected it's very fun. Kids are loving it!
  13. vishal naredi
    How can I buy this in India
  14. Works, but still needs improvement.
    Chris Falcon
    I have some issues with the app refusing to reconnect sometimes when the connection to the module is lost, necessitating an entire phone reboot. If I don't manually kill the app and disable Bluetooth when I'm done flying, my battery will be dead in a few hours without any further use. Also, I haven't heard any word about twin module support (on one airplane).
  15. Great! Love it
    Roberto Carlos
    What's the latest firmware supposed to be? App is 2.2.2, but regarding the firmware on the device, I've TTPU/r1.6/002
  16. Galaxy S5
    Kyle Miller
    Will not work bought 3 of these and they are junk been trying to get help for the last like 4 months but still can't get propellers moving the app days its connected but whenever I try to use the throttle it does not make the propellers move on any of the three that I bought DO NOT BUY tech support is also a waste of time
  17. The plane works Great but the app needs more work
    Timothy Newell
    All of the gauges are messed up on Nexus 7 and Nividia Shield
  18. Well done app
    Georg Pichler
    App works nicely and is quite intuitive. A landscape mode would be a cool addition.
  19. Things are messed up
    yousif720 mcpe expert
    All the meters are all fuzzed up
    بڑی کوشش کے باوجود ابھی تک اڑا نہیں پایا...


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