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dry kill logic
empire games
битва и трон
клаш оф кингс
клеш оф кингс



Jason Luo | Vice President at Tap4Fun

中国 |

stan xu | CEO & Co-founder at Tap4Fun

四川 成都 |

罗志华 (Frank) | project manager

四川 成都 |

Kun (Edward) Peng | Game Designer at Tap4Fun

北京 海淀区 |

Reviews 222,619

  1. Chandra Mohan Prasad
    some games are pay2win but this one is pay2play, u even cant change alliance without gems and gems are nearly impossible to find as free, i have loged in continuously and the day arrived when when i was going to get gems for login but u greedy developed removed the kings trial icon for that day and i was not able to get that free gems, later that day there was no gems for login in kings trial, and wishing well is bullshit.... i m no longer wishing ton play..
  2. translator
    saq ib
    Hi .. Bro actually i want to tell that everything is good in new update but only the translation button is not working in messages and it is much bad for us :) please fix it soon Thanks
  3. Joe g
    Like all the other pay to win games. All about getting money out of you. Costs way too much gold to do anything. Soldiers take forever to train and die easy. Also takes a long time to get gems once you buy them if you get them at all .lol. COK is a better game. I find this game boring because your always training soldiers because they die easy and spending gold to heal them. Have to spend money to do anything.
  4. Punya Homaira Rashid
    The wishing well is still full of junk. Tired of getting the same thing (aka speed up crap) over and over again. New update had nothing interesting to add.
  5. James New
    Good strategy war game. Would be better if Tap For Fun could only understand that their prices for gems is way too high. And the things you buy with gems is not appriatly priced, the amount of the products you buy is not worth the amount of gems they want you to spend on them.
  6. Sucky
    Colton Y
    I dont know if its must me or if my appkeeps crashing but i do know that ive played the game since the begining and have put tons of time into the game and now it dont work
  7. Nothing...
    Bennett Fisher
    I can't even open it I try and then 3 seconds in it crashes
  8. Crashes
    Gaurav Sharma
    Crashes on my device........every time ...........please remove that msg notification that .....your system is too low from personal msgs ...
  9. New update
    Vasim Modak
    Doesn't work on my tab 2 always crashes otherwise may give 5star but good game for new players to grow fast very much addictive
  10. Great game!
    Jason Alexander
    Love the game. But the translator isn't working after update!
  11. Wtf
    suhit naskar
    Just hate is very ridiculous things I hv nvr seen that kind of is very ridiculous crashed every time when I m start the game....
  12. Javier Rivera
    It wouldn't even open when I click on it
  13. Stephan Bruyns
    Used to be a damn good game but got destroyed by unnecessary upgrades. Now it won't even open
  14. Not run on Huawei Ascend P1
    Myo Aung
    I was download and installed....When I open it nothing become, didn't run...Now up date again and it still can't run on my guys should care about it....
  15. New Update
    Nicole I.
    This new update won't let me open the app. Such a shame, this game is such a great game.
  16. Sabibrota Halder
    This is a nice game and i played it lot but there is a problem occured when i try to translate the message. Messages can not be translated. Please do something.
  17. Purchase prblems
    saif esmal
    From 2 days im trying to buy gems from my visa it says high risk try again after 30 minutes .. android purchase become headache
    Can't get my game to load. Just says network error
  19. Tight
    Matt Richards
    I think the game programme could allow a bigger chance of winning gems. Game play ok bit slow to recruit troops. Costs a lot if you want to build up to a big player.
  20. Buy gem pack
    Alex Segovia
    Great game and not about money as much with daily prizes for logging on great job tap


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