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Jason Luo | Vice President at Tap4Fun

中国 |

stan xu | CEO & Co-founder at Tap4Fun

四川 成都 |

罗志华 (Frank) | project manager

四川 成都 |

Kun (Edward) Peng | Game Designer at Tap4Fun

北京 海淀区 |

Reviews 402,494

  1. By far the best!
    Kenneth Hill
    If you like Game of War, you'll LOVE Invasion! The layouts, game play, and features are by far better. Enjoying this game!
  2. There a problem
    christian moser
    Whenever I get mail I sometimes have to force shut the game down and reopen the game just to see that one letter then whenever I'm moving people's ranks because I'm the leader of a guild the members will disappear when I'm looking through them
  3. Jaron Goff
    It's a Great game and there is a lot of great new features since the update
  4. Awesome except
    Darrell Hooper
    My only complaint is that it is pay to win. I'm in a newer zone but since the people that like to pay to win all grouped up no guild over 3mil power is safe from them. So now there's no point in playing.
  5. Sorry but...
    Laura Lunny
    When we do the attack the graphics turn really bad. When the helicopters move there is then a tail of helicopters behind it. Plz fix
  6. BS
    Blake Heath
    Keeps force closeing now....spent a good amount of money on the game and this is what I get...
  7. Map to small
    Aaron Flay
    The game is very good, enjoyable time based to it may annoy some, great team work needed and regular visits. But when you try and find territory to take the map is a little small. That is my only problem with this game but overall 4/5
  8. Lost in Time
    Christopher Malcolm
    Wow......totally engrossed and by far best war game I have played so far. I have been on for over 5 hours at a time and never realized it..... (glad it was a free day at home)....being able to communicate with other gamers and have a purpose made it feel real to a certain degree.
  9. Chats
    I joined a new guild and everything was good and stuffs. But until the update came. I got passed the part where you have to log in by going back into the appstore and updating again. Everything was normal but there was one problem. I cant access guild chat. Every single time I go back to the chat in my guild its just plain blank. I tried closing, force stopping it, and it still wouldnt work please fix this I want to stay in touch with my guild.
  10. Love it
    F Assassin
    Amazing game! The best of its kind. I was looking through these types of games starting with Game of War Fire Age. What this game has is all the things GoW has and more. It is super smooth the idea of conquering territory keeps you wanting more power. The events make everything more organized. Instead of having everyone attacking 24/7 it lets you build and gives you a time when everyone will be attacking. Best game I have in my collection. I recommend it greatly.
  11. Awesome game. Kills my battery
    Romeo Castillo
    When I play this game on my galaxy s3, it kill my battery fast but overall awesome game. But I wish the mall will be bigger
  12. Would give it 5 stars but...
    Kavin Barnhill
    It robbed me of $5 when I bought the beginner package... I want my money back or it actually gives me the package I purchased..[EDIT] Problem resolved I got a refund :)
  13. Hii
    Sahil Shah
    Game is sooo good but waiting time is soo long plz reduce the waiting time for buildings research n others. I will give 5stars then
  14. Account request
    Hacker International
    The game is so good that I got totally addicted to it. And I lost my account because of a reset and it's unbound. So I sent a mail to the customer service. So how long does it take to recover my account? I need it.
  15. Not setup to encourage investment
    Unistalled it today, you are subjected to be submissive to a "governor". He calls all the shots which stagnants the game. Its actually a pretty stupid format. Go play Clash of Clans. Notice that the game has been downloaded over 1 million times and only 19k have given 5 star reviews, whats that telling you? The numbers never lie.
  16. **Be Careful and Forewarned**
    Robbie Parsons
    DON'T SPEND ANY MONEY WITH THIS Game I bought 4 packages and one of those packages was the 1540 plus daily gems and I have not gotten any of the daily gems. I have the invoice and have gone back and forth with the developer for 2 weeks now and they are claiming I bought a non monthly package however none of there other packages are a 1540 package. They are not giving me what I bought. I know 100% without a doubt I bought 3 regular packages AND THE MONTHLY ONE AND THE ARE PRETTY MUCH TELLING THAT I'M SCREWED
  17. Great fun game but alot to take in a little confusing at times
    Ricardo Perez
    This game is fun so far but I don't really understand it fully yet because there is alot to figure out...
  18. Great game but....
    I was saving gems for something else but all of the sudden all 8 squares around me were occupied by someone else's base. I had to waste 750 gems on a teleport and now I only have 30. If I can suggest something either make it so people can't spawn on a claimed guild territory or make it so newbies can't spawn fewer than 2 squares away. If this is fixed I will rate 5 stars
  19. Difficulties
    Lauren Smith
    Absolutely love this game but since the recent update I haven't been able to get on, it gets to 100% then it comes up saying it has unexpectedly closed, please get me back on
  20. Amazing
    Jayden Bates
    Love the game a ton. The action, The Guilds(Some are full of douches, One of my 3 things I dislike) and the community....The only thing I have that I truely dislike is a few glitchs and how people can say racist things and chat filter does nothing... Please fix it anyhow chao! <3


What`s new

-Added a limited-time event: Roulette Multiple;
-The new Captain Maki (Class Monitor) will meet you soon;
-Conducted small balance adjustments on Ghost Captains;
-Your points will be displayed in the Research Speedup Treasury;
-Optimized pop-ups when switching Commanders.


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