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  1. Addictive and rewarding
    Roy Ayres
    Has that "just one more go" appeal. Each mission starts with basic equipment but as you do more missions the underlying abilities of your character improve and you get more chances to find good upgrades. A well-balanced game with superb graphics.
    Andrew Sweeney
    Best game ever. And its not too expensive for what you get. This game amazes me. I wish they would make a ps vita version of this game. I am addicted to it so badly.
  3. So many hours of my life gone!
    Ayesha Allie Jacobs
    Sunk soooooo many hours in this game. The replay ability is ridiculous. I completed this game with all 3 character classes, each felt very different. Would definitely recommend it to the masses!
  4. high replayable, innovated game's mechanism
    An Tran
    a bunch of bugs still exist, like lightning spell can't pass through bar and can't hit water monster. But they don't affect gameplay much. 5 stars as an encouragement
  5. yeah wow
    Scott Evans
    ive actually played it through to the end .which is odd as even some of the best rated games ive played id given up 1/2 way through 5 stars top marks lots of fun
  6. Great
    Andrea M
    Very good value for money. A very well balanced hack'n'slash game. I can't believe it's so cheap. There are many other mediocre and much more exoensive games out there, this one's a gem. Looking forward to playing the sequel.
  7. Great game
    Jean-Seb B.
    Great game.If you have problems installing it, make to sure the "active apps manager" is running. Easy to understand, no hassle, different from what I've played before. Works offline which is GREAT. Good job guys!
  8. A little to expensive
    denver pettersson
    This game has excellant graphics and gamplay, and very addictive but , this game is a little too expensive , i can name numerous games that are cheaper and better so i say put the price down and add to the game .
  9. sucks beyond bad!
    Solo Eldritch
    i paid, downloaded and tried the game for all of 1 minute. HATED IT!! the controls are a righteous pain! who can play this? looks pretty but non functional controls make it a -12 stars. sorry guys, figure better controls an i believe it'd be good! hope the refund comes through. Cheers!
  10. 3.5
    Courtland Foster
    Overall an enjoyable game. Some issues detract from the fun. Linear levels, unbalanced difficulty, and lack of story to name a few. There have also been complaints of items and level progress not being carried over upon completion of each stage. A strange game mechanic. I'm not entirely sure this can be called an RPG. More of a hack and slash with RPG elements and item management between each stage. There is also inconsistencies with rogue and mage combat that needs to be addressed.
  11. So addictive.
    Mark Neal
    This is one of the best action rpgs on the market. It haves a Gauntlet feel. Simplistic, responsive controls, nice graphics, no ads, runs smoothly no in-app transactions and lots of loot, skills and content to keep the players engaged. It would make a great online game. Well worth the money. 4 stars because I hate the fact our loot and level can't be carried over to the next map and that we can only purchase upgrades that can only attained by looting in the next map.
  12. Ok
    Lem Muel
    No potion to buy, too many monsters even crates have a lot of monsters. No diffulty option. Start at 0 level at every chapter with your basic weapon. More of a chore than fun. Whats up with the mage controller it won't auto fire?
  13. Amazing Hybrid Dual-Stick Shooter/Dungeon Crawler RPG!
    Christopher K.
    This is such a great game for so many has gorgeous graphics, immaculate controls, fun classes, high replay value...and I love the fact that it combines an RPG dungeon crawler with a pure dual stick shooter control set up. This hasn't been attempted as many times as you'd think...especially this well done and so highly polished!
  14. Excellent, and I'm having a blast
    Einar Lielmanis
    While it's weird that it's worth mentioning, but the lack of in-app purchases is a delight indeed: the game is completely self-sufficient and offers great variety of generated single-player fun without attempting to suck the money out of the player to continue the game. The decision to forego any purchasable addons has had a great effect on the balance and overall feel: this is a solid game and well-thought throughout. / Playing on the razr maxx, the phone buttons got pressed by accident too easily; switching to the advanced controls in the options got rid of the problem almost completely: devs, you might want to explain better what does the "advanced" option toggle does, it was a (pleasant but) unobvious/unpredictable switch.
  15. Excellent
    Mike Chilton
    For the price u cant complain. Only a few levels in right now and its quite good. I think I enjoy the fact that you lose all your equipment each stage as it makes each new stage more fun looking for decent items. Good job.
  16. Okay
    Tim Wink
    Nice feeling game, but I find the unsophisticated controls frustrating at times of higher difficulty. I first tried a mage and found kiting around and aiming at waves of mobs tedious if not at times intentionally impossible. Blah. I'm over it.
  17. One to have in a gamer's pocket.
    Ahmad Faiz Haji Zailani
    It does have simple gameplay, but it's all the better to be engrossed in. The game does give adequate challenge, and they were right! Hours of fun! Though it's not as long as I wanted it to be, and it could use some more variety for skills and equipment. But it was just enough for the game. It is worth paying for, as it was something I was looking for ever since I got my hand on a smartphone. I give it 5 stars for robbing me of so much of my time. I look forward to content related updates.
  18. Good game but...
    Lou Barber
    I love this as a pick up and play game. It's challenging and fun and I like the choice of characters all with unique weapons. However...I cannot believe the makers haven't included an autosave feature. This is SOOOOOOOO frustrating as you can get right to the end of the level and then if you die you have to start the level over again from the beginning which does my head right in!!! To the point where I may either throw my phone across the room or just delete the bloomin app!!!
  19. Almost nothing bad to say
    Anthony Madden
    This game is very fun, it has good graphics, controls, powers and loot, its challenging but not impossible, and its cheap! However I do want to mention that I would like to see less traps in it, especially around the bosses cause they are hard enough without having to keep track ofthe traps. I would also love a co-op feature in any sequals, maybe where you have to have a persons I.d. to explore together? Also the losing of my loot after levels is annoying-although it makes the next level refreshing
  20. REVIEW
    Tony F
    Well worth the money, none of those scamming IAP's, nice graphics and good onscreen controls. Each level gives you a sense of achievement and upgrades are affordable with the in-game gold. Plenty of easy 5 Stars. Can't wait for more from these devs. Easily one of the best games I've purchased on the Play Store (and I've purchased hundreds ). Buy it, you won't regret it.




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