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Robert Moore | UI Contractor at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Laura Yip | Co-founder at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

John Poon | Product Manager at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Akash Jain | Product Manager at Storm8

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 449,279

  1. Can't expand unless you have neighbors
    Miranda Chute
    I don't know anyone else who plays the game, so how am I suppose to get neighbors? I want to expand my restaurant but I can't... definitely should change this. It would be better if you make it so we can visit other people's restaurants who play the game around the world and add them to our neighbors list!
  2. Customers eat while closed
    Julian Santos
    I' ve closed the restaurant (by blocking door) because I'm out of food, etc. There were some food ready but was still cooking some food. When I come back, the food prepared in the counters were gone. Also, I just finished cooking all food for the counters and quitted but remembered to do something and when I come back, all the food were gone instantly!! Pls Fix
  3. No way to expand unless you add neighbors
    Hazrina A H
    I used to play this on another phone before it crashed and I lost everything, but my restaurant was quite huge. But this time around, I have only been allowed 2-3 expansions and then I have to find some neighbors to do so again. It sucks when your friends are not the kind to play this kind of game, so its a negative rating from me for sure :/
  4. A Suggestion
    Savannah Clipp
    I absolutely love this app, especially as you can get along fine without friends and without paying for it, but you have the option to do one or both of those. I would definitely recommend this game. However, I have a suggestion: maybe for the next update, could we have 1) the option to move the food to whichever bar we choose and/or 2) could we have option to order the menu by amount of time/amount of money/dishes we haven't leveled up on, etc.
  5. Good, apart from a few problems...
    Michael Farr
    Good game. BUT... people should only be allowed in the restaurant from 9-5 or something like that so food is not gone overnight and it lasts longer. You also shouldn't need neighbours to expand. The plates are unrealistly big - two plates a table and guests should sometimes have more than one course. Do this and it will be rated 5 stars.
  6. Need change
    rose kilroy
    I like the game however they really need to add being able to close your restaurant with out the food disappearing after a while I had no issue doing it when I played on an iPhone it seams like enough people want this or maybe just a way to close the restaurant to cook food it would be a great help seeing as how no one has all day to sit on there phone and play the game
  7. Would Have Been 5 Stars But....
    Brian Allen
    Sick and tired of getting on the game and it reloads every mission I've completed, so annoying! !!! End up not even playing it, please fix this frustrating crap!!!
  8. Disappointed
    Rahmi Fania Nisa
    I love this game so much. But, it's like there's someone out there playing my game. I lost a lot of gems, money, and the design of my restaurant. He changed everything and play. It makes me very sad and disappointed. Please fix it.
  9. Great game
    Kenneth Rascoe
    This is a great game and is an awesome way to learn new food types but, it wont let me have my food. Every time I cook new food that has a lot of plates, it refreshes it and its gone! Someone needs to put upgrades on this app or its getting deleted off my phone!!
  10. Love this game!
    Dylan Clemy
    Been playing for about 5 years on IOS. Now over 1 year on the play store. Improvements: People eat when closed, slow menu opening (Inc. neighbors loading, messages, news feed), placing object's Inc. tiles, pall paper need to move to next square not bring up the editor again. (Another words how the game previously was like). If these get fixed than the game is perfect.
  11. frances gordon
    Restaurant story is great but it's hard to download games to earn more gems when you don't have enough storage space on your phone
  12. Why is my food gone.
    Nejla Bedir
    I had to close my door s because no food left. Finished cooking some more and when I come back food is gone although the doors are shut. Can someone explain please?
  13. Scam!!!
    The Lady
    The game itself is fun. But if you wish to expand your cafe. You cannot as you would need to invite other's to join you. What a waste of time and a scam! Stay far away from this game.
  14. Annoyed
    Ashley Maddox
    Probably would have given it 5 stars but practically every day I'm having to go through and exit out of past goals that I've already completed or missed. Please fix this.... I am re-rating at this point. The problem has still not been fixed, so I have taken another star.
  15. Cool game but...
    Amable Dsouza
    This game is nice but everytime I open it, it shows all my past goals which really wastes my time. Not only that but the customers move in and out really fast. I have space for 20 in my restaurant(level 16) and its still not enough. And every once in a while, the game kind of freezes for a while and I have to restart it all over again. It takes a lot of time to open menu , to open design bar and to make food. Also no wifi needed. Please fix these flaws, Mr. Support Team. Other than that its a great game.
  16. Love it butt
    GavinMikey Elliott
    My friends have these problems with the game and they are all the thing's the rest of the people have butt on my phone there are no problems i love it :-)
  17. ???
    samantha vanvleet
    I liked the app at first....I thought it was a good replacement for cafw world but every single day it brings up every goal I've completed since started the game and lets me know they have been completed if I continue to play soon It will take me an hour or longer to even start the game because I will be waiting for the goals to stop popping up
    Elly Waterfield
    Would give 10 if possible,having dwnld over 50 games,and uninstalled most due to being forced to buy items ,I now just look for TEAM LAVA games. Can buy if you wish or play without . Im really enjoying this game,also dwnld bakery story and can hop back and forth,never bored,totally addicted,thanks guys.Am waiting for your next game.
  19. Boring
    Elissar Hannah
    All the costumes do is coming, eating , paying and leave... I dont have to clean up after them or at least cook the meal .. the salad bowl seems auto refills.. for the last minutes I kept watching the costumers coming eating paying and leaving ...meh
  20. No automatic update
    Tamara Warner
    All my neighbors get appliances before I do. For instance....the yoga stove....there isn't an update for this game, and I can't get the stove....very disappointing.....