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  1. Needs some work
    Tim Tricker
    It's a ok game that could be GREAT! I can't find where to calibrate the the accelerometer to set up a better playing position?? Graphics could be higher as today's devices have the capability. There is no way of setting the view that the user wants with a swipe across the screen??? 22/11/14. No updates. Could of been good. Time to remove
  2. It's ok
    Mike Bryant
    It's ok but the controls are sluggish and there's not enough levels......Add more levels, other aircrafts, better controls and this game would be awsome. It was fun while I went through the levels though. I'm uninstalling cause I'm as far as I could go in the game
  3. Loved it!
    Tiago Redondo
    Subtle and realistic motion. Great engine sounds! Hard to fly but already divorced and gave up the kids for adoption to have time to train. Goodbye real world!!!
  4. Add stuff.
    connor flanagan
    This game is awsome but when you crash its short they should make the crash site longer and make the ramp come down and make the pilot talk like Bk18 this is Bk19 and they should add ships and sodiers that get in the plane.
  5. Coooool
    Theo Hops
    I don't know why this game has such a low rating but it is amazing and cool. It also says why you died I mean the reason of the collision. Good job guys
  6. Pretty good
    Nate Berry
    The controls are sluggish other than that is good also make more games like this
    Charlie O.
    This game could be awesome. Change the rendering or the engine and stop the choppyness. Don't mind the tilt style flight yoke, but make it work consistently. Also, we need more common sense options and settings: yoke sensitivity, graphics options that will actually improve performance. This could actually become a 5 star game.
  8. Well...I'm impressed!
    Shannon Linquist
    I consider myself a flight sim afficionado. From MS Flight Sim to X Plane and others. At first I had my doubts thinking this would be another cheesy simple android game. But I'm impressed! Controls were very are great...not too simple or too complex. Gameplay and goals are fun. I would pay if you make more areas to explore and a cockpit view and multiplayer!
  9. OUTSTANDING (Please make a F-35B and Harrier Jump Jet Simulator!)
    Daniel Amann
    It is one of a kind! I have always wanted to fly an Osprey and this flight simulator really delivers the feel the perfect physics to the real thing! I am very impressed. It's hard to get this right especially for a helicopter like the Osprey...And they pulled it off perfectly! Well done I really hope you make a "Harrier Jump Jet" and "F-35B" Simulator! That would be awesome and I would give you all my money for that!
  10. Good game
    raj thapa
    Good game, good controls, good plane, fine graphics, just few levels. Will give 5 star if updates for more levels comes. Overall loved the game and highly recommended.
  11. Excellent game
    shiv co
    Wonderful game nice grafics and wonderful levels plz invent new level otherwise its very very very very very very very excellent game
  12. Potential. But not there yet.
    Rylee Rexford
    There is great potential to be seem in this game. But either due to Phone restrictions or lack of time/fund on developers part (which is most likely, I mean look at the GTA for androids) I would say that the textures need to be varied. And then the controls and physics are just atrocious. Needs many improvement.
  13. Could be amazing
    Steven Cunningham
    Extremely choppy and giving me a headache. Very disappointed.
  14. Not so good
    Shawn Mathews
    This sim is very choppy on my Note 3. I cannot even get through the first level. I have Infinite flight on my phone and it works perfectly and that is a true flight sim. Please work out this issue so it can work on a wider verity of phone platforms.
    Kirrios Gamingz
    Oh man the best but needs more maps and places also add helicopter skins nice
  16. Controls don't work at all!
    Philip Roncarati
    Unable to take off since controls don't work at all! Don't waste your time with this game.
  17. Hey teaPOT games
    shadow the hedgehog Robotnik
    Add the cockpit view and open and close ramps and weapons like the DAISY CUTTER BOMB and add more skins and forces u can choose like MARINES ARMY NAVY AIR FORCE COAST GUARD and add the desert skin and make them talk and some people in the bases and some other ospreys that will be flying around and taking off please make an update that contains all of this this game is so cool please :-D
  18. Good game
    Nic Kartheiser
    Would be five stars if my tablet would stop glitching on lvl 5...i know its not the games fault
  19. Nice
    Matthew Mosher
    Way better since the update. One view the plane moves on its axis but the screen doesn't, the other view is the exact opposite. Needs a view somewhere in between. Peripheral vision is not good and without a clear artificial horizon its very easy to crash into the water while turning. Hope there is more to come like some military missions. Better terrain as well. The osprey is perfect though. Challenging even out sim mode. Full on hele controls take practice, just like they should.
  20. Sriraman Bashyam
    Absolutely waste. waste of time play in g this.Pls don't down load this game


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