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Reviews 35,966

  1. Was good prior to last update
    Brian Erb
    Latest update littered the game with pop up adds. This was one of my favorite free games to play. I get that company needs to make money so this must be a push to make folks buy the 2.99 version. I might just look elsewhere.
  2. Dan Mackaig
    Sorry guys I gave it an honest amount of time and patience, but the game was way to one sided towards the house. Your graphics are great. Good luck. Maybe I will check back later to see if the game play has improved
  3. Highly Disappointed with Newest Patch
    Rusty Shackleford
    I loved this app prior to the last update but the adds are now too invasive. Adds are full screen & sometimes include audio/video. Some have timers so they cannot be quickly dismissed. Buttons to cancel adds can be difficult to press pending display. I used to rank this 5/5, now 2/5.
  4. gin rummy
    Susie Haskell
    love the game but way to one sided and the pop ups are draining my battery very frustrating
  5. Was so great before the last update
    Ted Bogart
    Great simple design, but these new unskippable 30 second animated ads are deplorable. I'm okay with ads for such a great free app, but the video ads are a step too far.
  6. Ads are ridiculous
    Neva Pazos
    Used to love it, now uninstalling. The ads are not just occasional, they are frequent, lengthy, and LOUD. Don't use excuse of people complaining about the banner ads, as this is certainly not better. I expect ads with free games, but these are ridiculous!
  7. Unskippable Ads
    Chris Harmon
    An update added obstructive ads you can't back out of. This used to be my favorite app. Now it's uninstalled.
  8. This update is horrible
    Jennifer du Toit
    The game play is fine but the intrusive ads are ridiculous! What was wrong with the old banner ads?
  9. Shut the ads up
    Peter Shinbach
    OK, I understand the need for ads to pay for the game but there's no way to mute their juvenile music. That makes the game embarassing to play in a public place.
  10. Julie Wiles
    Difficult to sort cards manually (might just my lack of precision) but all other aspects good, enjoyable.
  11. Great game but...
    Jodi LaCroix
    With the latest upgrade came a huge amount of ads for other games in between hands. UGH
  12. Frustrating
    Pam Ellis
    Used to love this game but all these adds are doing my head in and spoiling it for me. You have replied to another that they are only occasionally but they are in between every other game. Reading other reviews no one is happy about them. Have a few adds yeah but not full page loud ones you have to wait to x out of and you will get much better reviews.
  13. Liked the old banner ads.
    David Dunham
    I play while listening to books now the ads break in on the audio books. Go back to the old one. Or give us a chance to buy so no ads.
  14. Lynn Beall
    I wrote my review and you erased it. Why do the cards I discard and not picked up show up way before the deck has finished? And it's funny how when I discard a number I am waiting and all the sudden it's discarded by computer. I'm not stupid!
  15. Tamii Olds
    I like it ok. But it does not give me the rummy when I have it first. Just because u don't recognise all ways to rummy out. Sorry kind of not great
  16. It's a good game.
    Megan Smith
    I would like it better if I understood the scoring.........but all in all its a good game......
  17. Larry Schultx
    I like the game but now I'm getting adds with video. Video uses data and costs me money. So in reality, the game isn't free is it. I think it's time to delete this game. And I've had it on my phones for a long time.
  18. Was great before the pop up ads
    Richard Krug
    The are very distracting and I am going to look for another one and Un install this one.
  19. Laying off
    Tina Hanson
    Why the heck do these guys get layoffs and undercut me so much. However, on several occasions while examing the hand I have layoffs but they never allow that or the undercut???? It's very frustrating
  20. Nathaniel Figard
    I'll preface this by saying having ads in a free game is fine. However, my complaint is that the full page ads are too frequent. And some ads automatically take me to the Play Store or my browser. I'll give this game until the next update, but if some things don't change, I'll be getting rid of this app.


What`s new

We're excited to reveal Gin Rummy's new look!  Our latest release includes:

- Beautifully redesigned menus and user interface
- New challenging competitors with additional difficulties
- Improvements to card movement and appearance
- Exam Mode legibility optimizations
- General bug fixes and tweaks

We hope you enjoy playing Gin Rummy!  For feedback and support, please message us at [email protected]

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