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Reviews 0

  1. Doesn't work at all
    Keonaona Peterson
    App opens, app crashes. Hence, it's completely useless.
  2. Goof
    Babak Naderkhani
    Suitable for booking in all around the Europe
  3. Funny guys
    Aad Nales
    You try to figure out a trip and you have to confirm the first part of the trip before you know if they can take you back. Their worse then airlines...
  4. Store my profile and pwd!
    Sebastien de Dorlodot
    This app doesn't store my profile and pwd; i have to re-enter it every time the train controller shows up, and it's generally when the train is already traveling at high speed, i.e. when the 3G network is hard to hook into (and since the Wifi Onboard service almost never works...) \u003d\u0026gt; it's pretty crappy! Can you guys fix this soon?
  5. poor app/buggy/just like the web site.
    M Kirk
    have to register separately for the web app, using your \"the card\" number. Then it will log in and seems to sometimes keep the number. It responds with cryptic error messages like \"travel folder unknown or non-nominal\" when it's telling me it can't find any reservations.
  6. Diest even show new bookings
    Utsav D. Dave
    Showed new booking only once.... then never updated... what a waste of time and space. Always says Data synchronization error when trying to enter a new booking. USELESS! !
  7. Forgets the password every other second
    Egon Willighagen
    Making the app completely useless. This is the worst app I have had installed ever.
  8. Useless
    Fabrizio Nastri
    Why can't a such a geat company as Thalys develop an app that actually works? I just cannot believe it!
  9. Slow and full of problems
    Ainsley Ward
    App is appallingly slow and frequently loses login details. Great idea poorly implemented and clearly not tested.
  10. Booking on the app now available!
    Guillaume Derolez
    Thank you Thalys for integrating the booking engine. At last we can book in the go!
  11. Poor
    Rostyslav Oliinyk
    Doesn't work for me.. Shows empty screen on book now and other screens...(((
  12. Great idea, works bad
    Tijmen Stam
    On my old 2.3 phone I got it to log in and show my ticket, on 4.2.1 it keeps claiming my credentials are wrong, despite c/p from the password recovery e-mail. Also: no offline storage of tickets.
  13. Unusable
    Linas Petrauskas
    Could not use the app to buy a ticket. It was showing blank screen all the time.
  14. Still needs improvements!
    Soraya Bel
    Regular bugs and synchronisation errors. My tickets do not always appear in the app. Unreliable.
  15. As slow as thalys on a snowy day
    david dumas
    Except for showing 3 flashing little boxes and then failing to login du to crash, I am unable to say what this application is capable of doing. Please improve app...
  16. Slow and does not work in Thalys
    Rudolf van der Berg
    Thalys platinum member here. The app is rubbish. It has some nice features, but it is horribly slow. It can take 10 minutes to load. Stunningly it does not work with the Thalys WiFi. I could not verify what was stored locally, because I was stuck in the Thalys WiFi log in screen. Avoid this app
  17. Shame on Thalys
    Koen Beek
    Design is nice but that's about it - functionality 0 Login is a serious pain - generally it does simply not respond Translation into Dutch is a typical Belgian joke : 'De mesjesnaam van uw moedere\"
  18. Unreliable wrapper
    Peter Jones
    A very poorly implemented wrapper for the website, very buggy and unreliable.
  19. Can't register
    todd bennett
    Filled out the long registration form and the register button at the bottom does nothing.
  20. Very bad
    Marc Tonen
    Too often response is: Technical Error. Making the App unusable.


What`s new

- Faster load time of the application
- Possibility to add the tickets of your traveling companions
- Single sign-on, no more disconnected of your account. Stay connected
- Stabilization of the application thanks to several bugfixes


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