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  1. What the #%@# is this
    Manuel Rivera
    I play this game in a brand name quality tablet in this game is garbage! My car wouldt start running several minutes after the race start it when it finally did run it was lagging like hell!!!! I don't understand how some fools here give this game 5 stars. Uninstalling right now. And to the developers DONT waste people's time with this garbage take the time to make a quality product or hire talented people to make games!!!!!!!
  2. Very Good
    Laura Grey
    Speedway Challenge.Very great app interesting race and perfect ride. addictive gameplay.
  3. Speedway Challenge
    Imran Rana
    Excellent work clean fast working nice interface and great Idea. I really appreciate it great work by the developer..
  4. Awesome game <3
    Jeff Robinson
    what a graphics i like to play <3 recomand to download :)
  5. Speedway Challenge
    Quang Huynh
    I love this game, will introduce a friend
  6. How do I turn
    Joshua Cyr
    It just turns right for me I tried all I could think of please help me but it still looks cool to play :-)
  7. Speedway Challenge
    Jessica Taylor
    Awsme app....and very nice challanges...m juts loving this....
  8. This game is not nice
    shikha goswami
    I don't like this game please don't download this game is very very bad
  9. Speedway Challenge
    Ram Mandal
    awesome app . I just loved it
  10. Amazing Speedway Challenge
    Nitin Karande
    This very good app. good concept. I like it
  11. awesome app ... love it
    Saawan Bhaadoun
    wow .... a great app of interesting race and perfect ride ... love it ... 5 stars <3
  12. Instantly enjoyable
    Dave Hill
    I was pleasantly surprised...its great, I played one lap badly, the damage to the car and public property...but once my fat fingers get used to it...really good! Update once I play more...
  13. Speedway challenge, if the controls could be adjusted/calibrated it might
    Pete Shelby
    get another start but, as it is it's not worth weaving back and forth because the controls such. Sorry fellas, uninstall.
  14. Ha
    Judging by all the fake positive reviews this game is going to suck. I haven't even tried it yet. The controls are going to be horrible, it will have a limited menu or none at all, there will be ad interruptions, etc.
  15. So anoy ING
    Nathan Neal
    Can't stand it 1. The graphics are bad 2. No tutorial at the start had no idea what to do 3. Impossible to win 4. So touchy I barely move my phone and it sends me flying across the road 5. I just don't like it
  16. This is stupid
    zavier mayo
    This is a stupid app you can bewrly even drive and when you back up it gos realy slow and whan you turn it turns around alot
  17. Speedway Challenge
    Co Do
    Good racing game,nice work keep it up
  18. LAG
    Bryan Garcia
    Every time I start the game, the FPS dropped. And there is only the tilting steering. Geese, that steering is hard for me. And it's impossible for me to dodge these walls.
  19. Best
    Particia Stafford
    It was nothing compare to the other racing games give it 5 stars
  20. Speedway
    Suman Ansari
    Speedway its really nice game with good graphics and features,,, good work


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