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  1. karen jesser
    Continually stopping,get kicked out of the game since UPDATE: The Don storyline.I used to love this game..Not everyone can afford to BUY clams...Why cant there be an option to spend the $$$$ we make in the game on clams so all of us who miss out on the extra rare characters etc. No longer will?Thanks to the creators for keeping us on our toes and not letting it get boring...Will Change rating back to 5 stars when gremlins are gone.
  2. Like the game
    Rose Dines
    I enjoy playing but it's really buggy and lags too much. If you can give it better quality will give it 5 stars
  3. Ryan Graupman
    Can't scroll the notebook type for character and/or storyline. Fix it. Droid turbo phone. Will rate 5 stars when it is fixed.
  4. Lame
    mike Rydel
    Wont load, stuck on the screen that says "better with headphones" or something like that. Uninstalling!
  5. Not bad
    J Coak
    Some bugs... Crashes often and special events leave actions perpetually incomplete do not close out properly. There can be some fixes if you update your code... I Have a Fatfather mission in limbo due to the event ending and Joe not having the action available to complete it. Not a bad app but work on it guys! I'd give it more stars if not for the issues...
  6. Levi Hively
    Why does the iPhone app only allow you to get free clams it's not fair to android users will change to 5 stars after you add that feature
  7. Problems.
    Tyffany Lewis
    Since the last update, the list of tasks I need to complete will not scroll down, so I am unable to view or get to the ones on the bottom of the list. Also, when I visit certain neighbors, the game crashes. Then with others, it will say they are all ready to collect from but after collecting from the first few, the time changes on the last few, all saying there is 4 hours left before I can collect, when they were all ready for collection to start with. Please fix asap!
  8. Love Family Guy but this game is just ok.
    Greg Pummer
    Very buggy. Lags often even with great connection speed. Premium stuff is $$$$.
  9. Too buggy....
    Stephanie Lee
    I have problems with connections a lot even though I have decent connection on my Wi-Fi and 4G, and I very much dislike the difficulty with placing objects and touching specific objects. Another game, very much like this one, has way better connection, and ease with character movement. If this game would fix those minor issues, I would play this more often.
  10. Getting upset.
    Melissa Anderson
    I haven't been able to load my game in almost two weeks. If I didn't already have so much invested in it I would delete it. Sooo irritating. Please fix!
  11. Not looking good
    Matt Pierce
    Not enough time for timed missions... when you give everyone 7 days to do a certain mission but then one of the items you need is like 100 whatevers and it take 4 to 6 hours to get ONE. It's obviously not happening. People do have jobs and can't play 24/7.
  12. Stu Jones
    Big thumbs up for fixing the bugs and the new district! !
  13. Game will not load
    Bryan Smith
    Great game but will not load anymore. Data error is all I get.
  14. Fix the bugs
    Crystal White
    I used to pay this game all the time but now it constantly force closes and changes the wallpaper on my S5 every time I play. I would give it a better rating and start playing again if you fix all the bugs.
  15. Fix it for galaxy s5
    Landon Moore
    It used to be good but keeps crashing and have to go redo everything and hope get it done before crashes again. I liked the game a lot and got a lot of stuff/characters but since doesn't work at times been hard to play and collect for it. Fix it....
  16. Better
    Brieanna Tremayne
    I absolutely loved this game when i first installed it. I love it a lot more now than i did last week. A lot of the issues have been fixed. Only one I'm having now is that I'll set all my characters to do actions and then close out after a few minutes and when I go back in to collect everything, some characters never did their actions. It's as if I never set them to do something.
  17. Not fair
    vanessa faris
    I like this game but I dislike the fact that my Boyfriend gets to watch ads everyday and gets clams for it. He gets 5 to 6 clams a day. Why don't I ever get any videos to watch. The more I think about it the more irritated I get because of it. Make it fair to all.
  18. Unplayable
    Susannah Williams
    Mighy actually be able to play this when they sort for force close issue.... only veen 6 months...
  19. More Land Plots
    Diogo Camara
    An amazing game. 100% recommend. Okay so I have officially run out of Land. So I have to store my buildings, which is a real bummer. Please can new plots be added. Thank you
  20. Jillian K
    Keeps crashing on my g pad 10.1 I haven't been able to play for longer than 5 minutes for months...Will give 5 stars when fixed cuz other than that I love it


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