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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

San Francisco Bay Area |

Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Emil Ovemar | Co-Founder & Producer at Toca Boca

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 267,515

  1. Soo awesome!!!
    Emma Ludwig
    But, I wish there was a thing where you could peel stuff because when I was trying to make mashed potatoes, I blended the potatoes and I saw the skin.
  2. ayat ghaly
    You just need more foods and more cooking things and let us mix food together and this would be the best app you should also have the characters say what they want and have us try to cook it for them.
  3. Was ok
    Kittyrani Chauhan
    Not as good as number 2 because when u put stuff in the blender it's not a drink and there is not as many sauces, but it is fun to play
  4. Prasad Chittety
    My daughter loved this game but except this , all other games of to a toca Boca are only allowed to be downloaded if we pay money . I pay but the games is getting crashed.
  5. Like it a lot
    Ashlee Thompson
    But there should be more food choices and cooking things too. I hope you take these idea's to hand toca kitchen.
  6. Mix food
    Evelina Hernandez
    It's so so awesome but i wish that you could make scrambled eggs and baked potatoes and when you are cutting a fish you should be able to cut his head off and throw it away but besides that I love the game ☺
  7. Bug!!!11!!
    Angela Van Liempt
    When I put food on the plate, it starts to disappear when I go to the next food!!! Why does it do that? Also you should add recipes, drinks and sauces that you can dip there food in. And you should add more food like flour, burgers, pancakes.... Etc
  8. Should be more stuff
    Rebekah Smith
    There should more stuff and take the cow and cat out and give more cooking ways and food. Oh and one more thing let the people say wat they wanna sey! Than 5 stars are yours!
  9. TOCA<3
    Xiu Wolf
    Toca games are incredible, though this is the only free app. Try making more free app, that way you'll be a well known developer. TOCAS are awesome, great quality and very fun. Plus no need for WiFi.
  10. Its great but...
    Grace Miller
    Id give 5★★★★★ only if u added more variety otherwhise people might get bored of the app after a few goes. I hope this was helpful and PLEASE DO SOMTHING
  11. Quite okay
    Faith Lee
    Hi its nice all of this games are quite nice and beautiful and if they are meant for kids you guys should make all the games and we should not pay for it right like I were the one who made all this game especially the haid salon I really want that game but I have to pay fr it so to bad I cant play it guys please but anyways nice game as always
  12. Cordelia Jurkowski
    I really like this app you can chose different foods then microwave them boil fry blend or chop I have been waiting for this game to be free now it is the only thing is not wish I could blend foods together I also wish I could make recipes l would love if they could fix that I think it would be cool if in settings you could let your food burn
  13. Purple Pegasus
    This is a very great game but as a little suggestion i think that there should be more characters but no animals. and more food items as well as more things to cook with. Like an oven or a bowl to mash with. There should be a way to mix items because i was trying to make a stir fry. For example of i want to make lasagna i need to have a bowl to mix sauce in and an oven. Otherwise i enjoy the whole free play thing unlike most other games that force you to follow their rules. Please make an update.
  14. Nice
    Varya Kern
    I like it ,but it should have more customers and cooking tools and maybe more foods. If u add those things i will rate it a 5★
  15. Its ok
    Rosalia Gillespie
    But it would be better if you could make hamburgers and hot dogs and other stuff. And also drinks.
  16. Fun game
    Brian or Tara Jones-Stewart
    I can spend hours on this app and good and every thing on its good and the food looks real. But I wish you could cook stuff with each other. but still:-) ;-) O:-)
    i really love this app somtimes the simple apps are always the best i really like how u can use food and cook it in different way but the only thing that the other toca boca app are not free and there are some people like me who don't like using there card on the intrenet because of recent issuse so if some of the other toca boca apps were free that would be even better
  18. It's okay
    Julea Gunter
    It's fun and all but I'M starting to get bored of the same foods and the same people it's only 12 foods and only 4 people...when I watched ldshadowlady play this it had a load if variety of foods and I think you should have kept the same game...I like ldshadowladys version of this game better when she tested it out...
  19. Love toca boca
    Vittoria Di Maggio
    So cool. All games are so good from toca boca. My cuz has hair salon from toca boca and I always waste her batteries playing it!♡♥♡♥
  20. Its theee best gamee ever
    Malaka Hossam
    In my life me and my nighbor playing it all the time we never leav it its rea,lly the best game ever !!!


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