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Jonathan Weiss | CFO at Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Caroline Ingeborn | COO at Toca Boca

San Francisco Bay Area |

Björn Jeffery | CEO & Co-Founder, Toca Boca

San Francisco, California |

Emil Ovemar | Co-Founder & Producer at Toca Boca

Stockholm, Sverige |

Reviews 2,234

  1. Toca Boca Mini is FUN
    Deja Edwards
    I love Toca Boca Mini, but if there's a Toca Boca Mini 2 or an update, Plz make a playroom or something because my brother was so sad to see his mini go. On the other hand, GREAT GAME!
  2. Awesome!
    Noelle Darts
    03/07/14 The only problem is I don't know how to get to the playroom to play with your monsters. Could someone please comment and tell me how?
  3. Fun but limited and buggy
    Jeremiah G
    A cute idea for kids, but ultimately doesn't let you do much. Seems like the idea has a lot of unrealized potential. Also, I have experienced a texture mapping bug on two seperate devices. If you go to the home screen of your device, then back into the app the textures go all out of whack like they are pointed to the wrong images. Its a problem because my daughter does that a lot.
  4. Its ok..
    cwin tids
    Makes my 2 tablets go nuts when I try to open it. Freezes the screen on black or just restarts my tablets all together. My 4 year old loves it but it could be a bit more child friendly perhaps by adding in pre made modifyable outfits as young children can't really do much besides make stripes. Will enjoy it alot more when it stops crashing and freezing my devices. Bit dissapointed as my kids love these apps but their isint a great deal to do on this one...
  5. Super Cute!
    Zee Zee Laser-Rain
    Dear goodness what an adorable game! You basically paint little figures to make your own characters. Oh please give us a way to save and play a game with our characters. That would be my only criticism. They're too cute to just disappear.
  6. AMAZING! BUT .....
    Louise Tyne
    The App And Monsters Are Great I Love It! But If You've Tried Really Hard On A Little Monster All You Get Is A Photo! Can You Make A Room That Sends Your Monsters You've Created There And Then They Get Kept There So You Can Play With Them And Look After Them! Apart From That The Game Is Great!
  7. Its fun..
    Iris Young
    But there is no play room where you can go to play with your monsters after you finish your monsters are gone forever. And also there is an issue whenever I leave the game while I am still working on an avatar, It comes back all weird.
  8. Fun for very young ones
    reece himmelsbach
    Not super deep but 5 yr old loves it. Simple enough for kids but fun for anyone, just could be a bit deeper... Wish you could save your creations.
  9. I dont relly know
    Karen Nesbitt
    How do you get hair i cant find it pleas tell me becouse i dont no
  10. :D
    BrennaBriallen John
    Awesome, thanks for helping me out! Once again, another amazing Toca Boca app! I do not regret paying for this anymore. I'll give you a 5 star, like I promised. Thanks so much for making all of these great apps INCLUDING this one! But, theres just 1 more thing I want to ask you. Can you make a play room so you can play with all of the Toca Minis' you make? It's fine if you don't since you already earned 5 star. Well, thanks again.
  11. Toca mini
    Destiny Jacobs
    I like this game. I love all of toca games they are so fun. Toca boca should make a playroom that you can keep your minis in and you can change them and stuff like that. They also need to add more eyes and mouths. Overall I love the game.
  12. So cute!
    Heather Burns
    Oh yeah! Awesome! One of the best games ever! That's why I'm giving it 5 stars! I've made 20 or something like that!
  13. Creative & cute.
    Faux Weed
    Design your own dolls/beasts with stickers, googly eyes and paint. Don't forget to take a shot of your favourites before sending them off to the toy store!
  14. 3 yr old loves this!
    Amy McVay
    My son loves this he is 2 almost 3 and it has the most options to be so creative and such old quality and dimension. The best I've ever seen!
  15. New update
    Hello Mudsaur
    .Could you please update the game and make another option that when you did a few toca minis you could go into the toy shop and see them on the shelves and put their price? And then I will give five stars
  16. Mia Duncan
    Hi Toca Boca AB, My mum and I love this game, For a future update could you please make like a toy shop or playroom so we could see, play and edit or little people? Thank You- Mia Duncan
  17. So cute
    Liberty Bischoff
    Its a good game. You can make your own little monsters,dolls,pets and people. Really cool
  18. Its great
    Colbi Loranger
    Its an awesome game but mine randomly started glitching and when I took a picture the figure turned black and I started freaking out right there so there's a little problem.....
  19. Wow
    Olivia Otoka
    This app is amazingly fun!!!! When I got on the app I had no idea how to use it so I thought it was hrorrible but then I found out how to do it and I am addicted!!! I have made so many people!! And it is so much fun and never gets old! Awesome worth $3.00!!!
  20. Amazing
    Callum Squires
    The only thing I don't like about this game is that u can't save your creations to a room or place on the game, you can only save them to your gallery and you can't go back to your creations again to edit them. Overall good game, please add an update where you can save your creations somewhere then I will give you 5 stars ✴✴✴✴✴


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