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гари с мод
ماطورات سباق


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Sebastian Cortes | CFO at TFG Co

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Andre Hahn Pereira | Software Engineer at TFG Co

São Paulo e Região, Brasil |

Felipe Cavalcanti | Software Engineer at TFG Co

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil |

Mauricio Rodrigues Cruz | Software Engineer

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil |

Reviews 23,587

  1. Awesome game
    dylan harvey
    One big concern that many bike racers I know on the Facebook group, slowmotion and retries, people are cheating the world record times by using slowmotion apps and us legit players have to suffer for this, as well as the retry glitch on android and the retry button on iOS, this needs to be taken out because it's not fair towards the skilled players such as myself, if these problems could be fixed it would be THE BEST update that could have ever happened... Please guys can you PLEASE fix this
  2. Darwin Portillo
    When I look for ppl on random plz let me got vs ppl that have good bikes u guys always give me ppl with girl bike and stuff if u do I'll five star it...and u guys always give us the same tracks fix plz...thx
  3. Awesome
    Brandon Albin
    I dont know what u guys r talking about the bikes you bought in the first bike race all u have to do is log into facebook to get them back
  4. Problem
    Alex Smirnoff
    I payed $8 for the ghost bike on the free version but when I switched to this one I lost my bike. Please transfer it and I will change rating. Thank you.
  5. Loading screen
    Jack Lovin
    I like the game but when I go tournaments it gets paused on the loading screen, plz fix and I'll give an instant 5 star
  6. Internet load in online tournament
    Aled Destroyer
    My internet is hella fast but it doesn't laod on pro version free version it work not pro this fix it
  7. I really like this game
    TJ E
    Please download or buy pro its a challenging game but its fun too
  8. I like the game
    Kaden Wallace
    I like the game but if you get the gost bike for 8 dollers its just like the first bike you start out with just it doesn't crash 5 stars when you lower the price for super bike and put kid mode free or 5 dollers and I get a refund on the gost bike its a good game tho
  9. Addicting
    Eric Johnson
    I've played this game 3 times through and still enjoy playing
  10. WTF
    Jonathan Allen
    I bought the goddamn ultra bike on the non pro, and it won't restore it on the pro version? Oh, but it restored the ghost bike? So f***ing pathetic, one star f*** this game! Edit: and it shows my best time with the ultra bike and still won't let me use it? F*** you guys and this dumbass game. Edit 2: now I have to use the non pro to use the ultra bike, EITHER RESTORE THE ULTRA BIKE ON THE PRO OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK FOR BUYING THE PRO YOU CHEEP F***ERS!
  11. Love it should give all unlockable bikes tho
    Connor Garrison
    Awesome I love having all the levels
    Aron Krause
    There was no PUR filter... lmao. Fun game tho
  13. Ayden Heilig
    I was better then free one but its the same
  14. WTF
    Team Tide
    Ok so I like the game bike race so I decided to buy the pro version but I get on it and all my bikes are gone like what's the point. Please transfer bikes I suggest the free version there's no point of buying this one
  15. Where's my bikes
    Andy Govan
    Currently moving to another phone but all my stats and bikes not appearing
  16. Alan W
    Great time waster, sure wish I didnt lose everything when I switch phones!
  17. Gavin Joshua
    can you update android when you update ios because it takes so long to get to android
  18. Turning
    Noah Crowther
    It won't let me turn. When I got it it let me turn but now it won't let me turn
  19. Noo
    Matthew Downey
    I switched from free to pro and wasted eight bucks ghost bike didn't save nothing did
  20. Matthew Ballantine
    5 ifu bring update to android !