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Ville Mäkynen | iOS Developer, Founder of Touch Foo

Jyv skyl , Western and Central Finland, Finland |

Ville Mäkynen | Owner, iOS Developer, Touch Foo

Jyv skyl Area, Finland |

Ville Mäkynen | Owner, iOS Developer, Touch Foo

Jyv skyl Area, Finland |

Reviews 651,297

  1. Leena Ranjitkar
    Lyk da game.. but couldnt jump the plains.. n m stuck now.. can get nowhere juz runnin round n round!!
  2. The best game I played in Android
    Magendiran G
    Never seen any better game than this in entire play store... Awesome game graphics and more to explore... Deserve 10 star and expecting swardigo 2
  3. Iloveit
    Andrei Serrano
    It so addicting.. i really love this game. Wait guy's somebody could help me ho to get pass in dungeon of florennum?? Im so dumb
  4. Answer to clear dungeon of florennum stage
    Gourav Deshmukh
    Enter d steel cage,take out magic bomb,while staying above d pit throw it in d pit&jump on pressing button..bomb will goto glowing button and the cage will b opened...
  5. Rachel Dionela
    I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping for a part two right..? Right!?
  6. Love dis game but getting stuck
    Can sum 1 pls advice..getting stuck at kings d grave yard cant jump onto wooden ledges too far......and d other part where ders a river with two wooden ledges also too far apart to jump and d mountain piece in between....and d stage where dan black falken is impossible to what to do
  7. Helpppp
    Page Falconer
    I love this game but I'm stuck on the final boss , nothing I seem to do effects him, please help, how do I kill him? He blocks everything I do and it's getting frustrating
  8. Amazing!!!
    awesomedog plays MC
    I thought this app was gonna be dumb and like the rest of the rpgs out there, but its not!!! Sure the graphics are a bit on the ehh side but the gameplay and the achievements are amazing!!!! And if you want to lvl up fast on google play then this is your app!
  9. This was awesome!
    Dino Freek
    I had a wonderful time playing this game and am so glad that I could. It got a little ridiculous at the end but I still had fun playing. If you want a nice little adventure that'll take up a few hours of your time this is the game for you
  10. Awesome!
    joshua tickell
    This is an awesome game. The only problem is, during the last stage, there are no checkpoints. That might sound stupid, but checkpoint starvation doesn't make a game more challenging it just makes it take longer. Just Take that into consideration. Also, the final boss, lord of chaos, can't attack you if you run to a corner. Despite those problems, this game is amazing.
  11. Just amazing
    Jason Groombridge
    The first free game I played that was not complete BS. Even the ads were not intrusive and I liked it so much I paid to support the devs and remove the ads. The only other IAP is a compass and double soul and treasure worth but you don't need them at all, and theres no option to purchase shards... You have to play to get shards, exactly how a game should be. Its basically like zelda but a platformer not an RPG. I really like this game!!!
  12. Cool
    Donovan Smith
    This game is pretty awesome. However, I do have a couple problems with it like the others. The puzzles and jumping complicated platforms is mind bending, but yea requires crazy precision. The magic armor is supposed to reduce all damage to 1/4 original, yet EVERYTHING hits me at least half a heart, including the small grass spiders at the beginning areas. How does that make sense? Also, can yall make some special speed thingy like a Hermes Boots or whatnot? The fireball maze to get a key during last map bad
  13. Woot!
    Matt Pliett
    Probably the best phone Game I've ever played by far! Mario meets Zelda! My only problem is it's too short!
  14. Great game but ...
    unstopable daki45
    It's too hard and unfair at some points but it's still fun so I'll give it 3 star's
  15. Just Gold
    Shane Cowl
    This is the best offline game for android I have ever played. The game takes me back to the days of my childhood when I played games. A modern game with the 'old style' of solving puzzles and challenges. Not too hard and not too easy.
  16. Long time fan
    Morteza Mory Hajiha
    Only downloading and then purchasing in app stuff so you guys get more of my money and make a new one or more games. You are the Nintendo of mobile world and nothing has come close to this since it came out on iPhone 3 years ago.
  17. The funnest game I ever played
    Silent Rex875
    I love this game alot but not to be rude but it gets boring wearing the same clothes and I was wondering if you guys could add a feature where you change how your guy looks customize his hair,eyes,skin color, etc. But still a fun game besides the same character looks
  18. Baus
    Sam Turk
    This game is wonderful. Only complaint: in first section of chamber of the Mageblade, it would not allow me to pick up boxes. I have shut down game+phone multiple times to no avail. If that could be fixed, fantabulous!
  19. Coruptor
    michael chen
    I can't kill the last guy in the keep and I never invested any points into magic is there any other way to kill him besides using magic bolt
  20. Swordigo
    Robin Lesatz
    How do you get past the ice cave??inthe. One go up to the left. Take the brick and toss him down to the bottom .line it up with the three lights on the at a time..shooy the brick and your fire hits the light..hit all three and the wall to the right opens a door


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