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Martha M Rivera | Vice President Financial Reporting and Accounting at TracFone Wireless, inc

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Lucien Tenn | Associate Vice President (Marketing) & Brand Strategic Leader (Straight Talk Wireless) at TracFone Wireless

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Reviews 28,415

  1. Serious bug, will not honor triple minutes if your phone has it.
    Drew Baker
    This app costed me 120 minutes, I was supposed to get triple minutes for the life of my phone. It worked with the cartdthat I used to activate the phone, but when I went to add minutes and airtime with this app, I only got 60 minutes with a 60 minute card when I was supposed to get 180. DO NOT GET THIS APP, IT WILL RIP YOU OFF.
  2. John Truesdell
    not very stable won't keep up with amount of time text or data, I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice updated once still does not work right, uninstalling you again and then installing to see if works right yet.!!!!? tried to get a balance on January 4th still waiting for a response!!!! reinstalled February 27th 2015 still waiting for response!!!!?
  3. Halfway Works
    Laura C.
    Worked when I first downloaded it, then quit. I never tried to add minutes with it, but it quit registering the time left and wouldn't update on the widget even though it sent me a text with the correct balance. This is the second attempt at installation.
  4. It don't work half the time
    Joseph Jones
    I have to go in messages to see minutes
  5. Needs Work on Major Bugs
    Jaryn Giampaoli
    I normally don't write reviews but I feel I have to. There are a LOT of bugs in this app. When I click balance, nothing ever shows up. On the widget that is included on the app, it takes FOREVER to get an answer, because it still says "pending answer". I am hoping tracfone updates this app soon because they offer great service, but an app that works half the time to check your balance is a bit of an inconvience.
  6. Does not work
    Kevin Lieng
    "Update Balance" does not update in real time. Take years before I get a text message or when widget updates. Please fix!
  7. I cannot get my information from this app.
    Mary Pat Rohde
    Nothing comes up. I have to use a computer to find out info about my smartphone.
  8. APP.keeps freezing on my Samsung Valet
    David Cormier Jr
    For some reason the app keeps freezing.The only way for me to get info from App is to uninstall and then reinstall. DAVIDjr. PEACE
  9. Can't access my 1200 free minutes
    Ricki Gulbranson
    I was supposed to receive 1200 free minutes plus triple minutes for life. I have done everything I was. supposed to do and cannot get my free minutes! Can anyone help me with this?
  10. Dee Hopkins
    Have to uninstall an reinstall every time I want to use it. That sucks big time. They need to fix the. Pproblem Tracfon does not care.
  11. Don't Add Time With this AP!
    J D Young
    I added time with this app and it never appeared on my phone it took forever to get things straightened out I won't be using it again unless I get things fixed
  12. Check Balance does not work.
    Jeff Imel
    Update: I recently reinstalled and updated on 3-18-2014. This app still does not work on my phone. 'I have a Galaxy Centura. The balance feature does not work on the app or the widget. I've installed and uninstalled several times and also emailed the developer three times. Each time I've recieved a call from support, but no resolution.
  13. Denise Wilson
    It wouldn't show my balances..error ..messaged them to me...the site seems slow.
    Patrick Daly
    IT FREEZES UP when trying to find my minutes on my LG. if it didn't freeze up I would give it FOUR STAR...
  15. Great App.
    Robert Brosch
    At first, I still missed the screen crawler I had on my feature phone, but after Google Launcher 'broke' the widget on MY device (uniMAX U671C - appears to be a device specific issue) I almost uninstalled GoogleLauncher to get it back!! Still might. I still get the texts (free in and out) when I press update on the widget, so it's still useful. And I've decided I DON'T miss that 'screen crawler' ONE bit!! (It was a bit of a nag, made me feel guilty for using my own d*** phone!! Now I only have to look at my usage when I want/need to.)
  16. Una Whitfield
    You have got to be kidding me this app is a joke. Maybe you should make an app that works.
  17. App Kinda Works But Widget won't Update
    David Jarrett
    Rating should be 2 and a half stars because the app halfway works. Although the app does give you the correct info on your talk, text, and data balances by way of a text message. The display widget will not update. You have to manually remove the widget, and then re-install it in order for it to show the correct amounts, which makes it useless as an actual widget. If Tracfone would fix the widget, this app would be a 5 star app!
  18. Elizabeth Latke
    Elizabeth Latke
    I been trying all day to make use of this and all I get is....oops server error. I want to know where to find my minutes on this phone
  19. Tracefones (smart)
    Kent Kleven
    Don't buy any smart phone from them JUNK company wants old one before they will replace it. A waste of money.
  20. Doesn't work with bring your own phone
    John Neely
    This app has never worked on my moto X since I brought it to tracfone 06/18/15 Still nothing seems to work for me. I have to log on to my account on PC to get any balance minutes texts data then it emails my phone different numbers than shows on account.????!!!###!!!


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