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Reviews 80,527

  1. How to self-assign for personal projects???
    Ilias Biris
    I tried using this app for personal projects. Obviously one can create cards and move them around as they become in progress or done etc. But it is not obvious how to self assign cards so that they can appear in the "My cards" widget. Also I am effectively 1 person organisation, so why do I have to even bother about adding myself as a member to each of my cards manually 1 by 1? Can't I be the default assignee of my own cards? This limits how much useful the app is for managing my own projects.
  2. Improve Deleting From Archive
    Brynn Curry
    There's no reason to force someone to delete cards one at a time. Please improve the program by allowing to select multiple cards then delete from the archive. It would be a 5 star review if it wasn't for this feature missing.
  3. A stubborn company
    Pete Paxton
    This is a very stubborn company. Reviews have been begging for reminders and alerts similar to what almost all other task management apps have and they just won't do it. Not sure why. If they added this plus offline access, Trello would become the best task/project app out there. I'm not into subscriptions but I'd gladly pay for it. I hope they read these reviews. So many apps have offline access and reminders. This could have been huge.
  4. Make two lists share same column?
    A Karim Siddiqui
    Why can't I delete a "board" I created?
  5. Greg Owen
    What a fantastic app. I use it for the business I work for. We manufacture light fittings. I have a board for quotes I need to do, quotes I've sent and need to follow up on, once quote is accepted I move the card to an order board (I'm able to define the customer and ETA for the project), once order is complete I move it to completed to know what's ready for who. I've also got a board for outsourced components I've ordered. The best thing of all is that your team can use the app too, syncing the data.
  6. great for teams, so-so for team leaders
    Paulo Gatchalian
    it could use some high level reporting, like basic graphs that show tasks per label, per member, etc. I know you can download the data and do this yourself but then you have to do so manually and get the entire data set with no means of filtering every time you want to update the reports and that makes it counterproductive.
  7. App is broken in landscape mode.
    Matthew Carter
    I'm quite surprised that this app doesn't work when in landscape mode. It just floors me that in this age of giant phones and tablets there are so many apps that don't. You know, the default view on a computer monitor is landscape.
  8. Great app!
    Fotios Garidis
    I found Trello very handy and useful for all kind of projects. It's very easy to learn too. I use it for both work and personal life such as syncing up and assigning housemates for the grocery shopping! :-)
  9. Usefull for association
    Axel Le Bot
    It's not easy to know the best way to use it but it's efficient as well !
  10. Great for organising stuff
    Florin Cristea
    It should be made clear that boards are private by default. Also, it could have handled documents better rather than download the attachment each and every time. Thank you for the reply
  11. Hari Iyer
    As others have said This is a Stubborn company with a quality product. It;s a great product, giving it one star only because they don't listen to customers. Thousands of people were begging for a simple DELETE function for lists boards and cards, but not it is not possible to delete any lists in trello. Now MultiAccount support for Android app was another thing with high votes but we have no information if this is even in the works. Please guys, You have a great product but I fear the arrogance will bring you down.
  12. Can't leave tutorial board.
    Saxon Knight
    I read all of the tutorial board you see when opening after install. Tried to delete or archive the board. Can't. I don't want permanent trash in my parent directory. It's an annoying distraction, and I'm tired of this app restricting me. This is the second time I've tried Trello, and I'm more frustrated now than last time. I haven't checked if it works offline or not now, but that was the biggest problem last time. Sorry, but this is just disappointing.
  13. Lovely
    Jani Siekkinen
    It has some rough edges but I see great potential and don't take me wrong it's all ready good and usable. I can recommend.
  14. Not user intuitive
    Bob P Wilson
    I spent hours setting up my 'cards' but there is NO help section to add due dates, reminders or change backgrounds from colors to images. There is a LOT of potential, but from a serious user's point of view, I suggest you find a better documented program. 1 star until the developers focus on voice of the customer and user experience. Even the most common task, assigning a due date, seems impossible. Update June 18, 2015 - I am still trying to use Trello and am seeking help beyond the few Trello 'help' cards provided. PLEASE Trello developers, can you create a Trello YouTube video showing how and individual and/or small group can BEST use your program? I feel I'm missing so much of it's functionality because the 'how to's' instructions are not there to help users. Thanks.
  15. Kind of confusing
    haley elvington
    Setting goals to organize your work load became work. It seemed perfect at first but through time I began to see that it's difficult to use. It isn't that thought didn't go into the app, it's that it feels more like some kind of puzzle you have to crack. There's mysteries and questions with every swipe of your finger. Some of the jargon was a little out of my understanding too. I'm just not smart enough.
  16. My cards is empty everytime
    Pradhul Dev
    My cards category is not showing anything, sometimes pull to refresh button shows up but nothing is loading up
  17. Trello is an outstanding private assistant!
    Alicia Fritz Herman
    Handling a big project needs many subs to take care and each of them have many details. I used to save it in Memo or a book but those are not capable to help me gain thorough analysis on my ongoing project. Knowing what we have done always a relief and let us plan what to do next. And Trello is the only one answer to cover all of them. From the big items, creating priority until attaching screenshots, this app really wonderful and a-must-have app for every dynamic person with multi tasks to do. Outstanding!
  18. The colour of productivity
    David Klompas
    Trello allows me to bring colour and fun to my productivity. My only qualm is an unintuitive Due Date function, which has no complete status. Aside from this, Trello is a winner so far. Its greatest strength in its incredible ability to handle personal productivity and team collaboration on its own.
  19. Constant Crashes
    Nicole Danielle
    My app keeps crashing, I can't even open the program. I uninstall and reinstall and the same error occurs. Is there a update!?!
  20. Polished but not quite there yet
    J Chen
    Nicely designed app following material design. Widget is not very useful. Can't auto self assign, so not great for personal tracking.


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