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eon altar
turn based rpg




Boston, Massachusetts |

Mike Ferroni | Videogame Music Composer and Sound Designer

Reviews 5,859

  1. Great Game!
    Brian O'Neil
    The only issue I have is that when I changed phones I lost my saves and the game has forgotten my purchases. I want to play more, but not if I have to rebuy everything.
  2. 〰〰〰 A MATAEUS REVIEW 〰〰〰
    Mat Cooper
    A brilliant RPG with turn-based combat, you can hack n slash on 'Easy', have to think five moves ahead of yourself on 'Nightmare', or play any level of tactical combat in between. Each chapter after the free prologue gives you 20-40 hours of gameplay depending on how much you explore the world. The production values are great, the battles are tense and rewarding to get just right, and the depth of character development lets you create the ultimate build for your play style or leaderboard run. Perfect.
  3. Fun
    Chaz Wyatt
    These guys make some really fun games, the artwork in them is really cool. This one is a lot like Templar Assault, which I personally love. In this game I wish they had at least a few free missions, other than the intro mission, but I'm happy to buy some. I've bought things in their other games and it's typically worth the couple bucks.
  4. Great.
    Roman Cain
    Just purchased all content. Looking forward to trying everything out. You guys make great games, so I am more than glad to support.
  5. Great game
    Eric Nees
    Re reminds me so much of Dungeons and Dragons awesome game worth paying for the episodes
  6. Love it
    Le Swan
    Love this game. Great story, challenging battles. Wish there was more great games like this. Trese also is quick to help if you have problems. Thanks for the quick responses to my problems Trese.
  7. Great game!
    Bryan S.
    Love this game, easily the best game I own!
  8. Tony King
    update is meant for conclusion of storm bastion but its still locked
  9. Mark Redmon
    Good little RPG. Been playing it off and on for some time. I'll try other ones but always come back to this.
  10. good game
    Khai Bui
    what's the dif between free version and the elite paid version?. the game is alright, make more character and why you can't use 2 of the same the type of character? like 2 outlander / 2 Wizard etc..
  11. Epic game
    Khanh Nguyen
    Love this game. Cant put it down. So much fun
  12. Great game but
    Waiting on new episode 4 content so far so good
  13. A Winner!
    Cliff Hensley
    Fantastic! The Trese Brothers just get better and better with each game they make. This is a high water mark for turn based RPGs on Android. Any fan of RPGs should play this game.
  14. Great game!
    Curtis Wilcox
    Love everything that people have mentioned, this really does have a great premise. The one thing I would love to see that would make this a solid 5 stars is if i could choose the gender for each of the classes. Solid and enjoyable game!
  15. Fantastic!
    Jason Frey
    I'm a sucker for turn-based RPGs, and good ones are really hard to find these days. Heroes of Steel is a fantastic exception to this rule, and I'm really excited to see how development continues on future episodes. Gameplay is very intuitive, and in a bit of a departure for the developers, there's an interesting, well-written (so far) storyline at play as well. One concern is just that the dialogue takes quite a while to move through. It's not a problem at all. during my initial playthrough, but I'm not s
  16. Kinda good
    Brian Powell
    This is a demo and should not be in the free games section if it fits buy to play the game
  17. A Hidden Gem
    Sampad Mohapatra
    Classic tactical rpg. Great story. A respite from cheap mmorpgs. Great work guys. You have my full support
  18. Addictive
    Ian Walker
    Can't put it down. A great game.
  19. Can't buy anything, NEED HELP
    Denis Baev
    Guys, I want to buy additional content, but every time I press buy button, nothing happens, regardless what I'm trying to buy in your game. Using Nexus 7 BTW.
  20. This is great
    Wade Webster
    I really enjoyed playing the game and the storyline is interesting


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v5.0.3 -
- Fixed bug in Shrine Mounts preventing some groups from proceeding
- Fixed bug with missing faces in dialog
- Fixed typos and reported map issues

v5.0.1 -
- Epic Final Episode 4 Expansion Pack: Siege the Sur-Relliar Glacier
- Epic end-game conclusion to the tale of the 4 Harbingers
- Battle across 7 new brutally challenging dungeons and maps


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