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李郁 | Senior concept,2D artist of Dr.panda

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Paul Case | Marketing Team Lead at Dr. Panda

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Thijs Bosma | Dr. Panda

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Tom Buyckx | Chief Commercial Officer at Dr. Panda

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Reviews 1,778

  1. Steve Weiss
    Our 4 year old granddaughter loves this and other Dr panda games.
  2. Love panda airport
    Brandi Hawkins
    My 2 (and a half) year old loves this app she plays for hours i just upgraded to full version and i fpr the most part dont pay for apps
  3. All kids
    angel hollister
    My 12 year old Daughter loves it
  4. The kids love it
    Kim Yoblonski
    Both of my younger kids love all the Dr. Panda games. Best of all, it keeps my daughter still and content while I brush her hair. Bonus!
  5. Great game
    sharon gibson
    My 3 year old grandson loved it. Lots to do in this game. Great value
  6. Dr. Panda
    Sherry K
    My Grandson loves all of dr. Panda games so far. I think they are really good Thank you
  7. Yao Lan
    don't pop out rating msg all the time.
  8. Mike G
    Hi it won't install I've got all the other Dr panda games. Any ideas why this one won't save to use or sd
  9. Will not install on galaxy tab 2 tablet
    James Byass-Rascoe
    Keep gettimg an error that it cannot install on sd card or usb device. My son loves the Dr Panda games but this one doesent work
  10. Great!
    Jace Mullins
    Thanks for making a game that once you pay for it, you own it. 4year old loves it! No IAP garbage, just a happy kid!
  11. So cute, but...
    Teka Chu
    This app is really cute. Its fun and easy for kids to figure out for the most part. My only complaint is that the screen in between games (the plane taking off) is difficult to use. You have to constantly tap the screen to get to the next screen and it takes to long to take off.
  12. Love Love Love
    Laura Edwards
    I have all the Dr panda collection and my 3 daughter thinks they are the best games. Well worth the money and she never gets bored of them :) keep them coming
  13. Awesome international airport!
    Melissa Rager
    It's so cool this animal international airport from check-in, lost and found, checking passports and clearing them for international destinations all the way to the lost and found. It's a very fun game!
  14. Gives a lot of nice features
    Brian Edition
    And it has lots to explore with the many mini games and therefor it gives the kids lots to do at the airport plus it covers everything from arriving to departure
  15. Refund please
    Katie Latham
    I like to get a refund please because it keeps lagging every game that I had of yours lagged please give me a refund thanks.
  16. Great
    A E Wilson
    Overall great game. Some parts are unclear to my 3-year-old, and this frustrates him a little but he still thoroughly enjoys the app.
  17. App keeps my kid hooked
    Mukesh Verma
    App keeps my son hooked for hours. It keeps him looking for more but unfortunately he sees the same / similar stuff . still he love to play it a lot
  18. Great!!!
    Athena Jones
    Another fun exciting game!! My three year old won loves playing all the Dr. Panda games. They are so reasonably priced and well worth it!! Thanks for making your games so affordable!!
  19. Didn't give me back my money!!!
    Nikki Fowler
    I tapped the refund button, and it didn't give me my money back! :(
  20. Roman J
    My children love it, they 4 and 5 years old.


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