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Luke Ryan | Owner, True Axis

Melbourne, Australia |

Reviews 162,649

  1. Each update makes it worse
    Rodrigo Rossetto
    I dont know why you guys do that. You dont make a field research on what the users prefer. Every time you upadate the game, there is a new bullshit that makes the gameplay harder and less fun! It sucks that the developer wont read my comment. I just wanted to share it.
  2. Dennis Carey
    I bought the game & now you're telling me i have to buy the different maps, abilities, & board customizations?? That is very sad considering that this game has potential to be the game skate fans have been waiting to come to mobile devices
  3. Wowww
    Carlos rios
    Wowww now you guys put it for free right when I barley bought it fake butt its still a pretty dope game aha butt I'm playing while watching sls aha go Houston
  4. Best skating games ever!
    Joseph Chapman
    This is a really good game! The controls the can be a bit tricky but, you'll understand it. Get the game now! (only if you want too)
  5. Love this game!
    Henry A
    I loved the Skate video games on Xbox 360 and this delivers the same thing. Great board control, feels like you're actually skating. So much fun to kill time playing just skating around all the different parks. I would suggest going into the options and turning on realistic mode because regular mode is way too ridiculous imo, it feels like you're skating on the moon
  6. Perfect
    Skate Is Fun
    As a skater when I'm bored or injured this is the only game I play it's amazing. Just add street spots and we are cool :)
  7. Awesome
    Harold Hadfield
    Great game reminds me of skate for Xbox. Love the physics although the board does slow down to easily and it can be near impossible to do some of the grinds due to bad control of the board. Specific tricks are super hard that should be super easy but the board control is tricky and sometimes unresponsive. The game is great until you start getting into the missions. Thats where i want to destroy my phone... P.S. game never crashes no technical issues like that. Im on a Samsung Galaxy Avant
  8. Super fun game
    Travis Bennett
    I love this game. It's super addictive and it's 100% worth buying. The only thing I feel like this game is lacking is bigger, more diverse and creative parks and stuff to spend truecredits on such as decks, grip, and hardware (though there are 2 decent DLC parks and you can change your deck/grip image using your own photos, but it's not very user friendly). That aside this game is still incredibly entertaining and if you love skateboarding I would strongly recommend purchasing this game. 8/10
  9. Update deletes all
    Adam Scutt
    Every time there is an update you lose all known gaps as well as all true credits. Really annoying having to rediscover all gaps over and over again!!!!
  10. Plz fix
    Calarksi '
    I have Kamcord and i have an amazing amount of followers and i dont want to let them down. But I'm on my Samsung galaxy s3 and Replay and sharing, and even watching videos dont work it'll just say true skate has stopped working
  11. It won't let me go in to it
    Korbin Sonley
    When I go In to it it just sends me right back to the home screen I tried to uninstall and install it still didn't work I want you guys to fix it of give me my Money back I'm after spending over 10 dollars please reply
  12. PERFECT!
    Jake Poile
    The idea itself deserves 5 stars, but the implementation of the idea is even better! Possibly the best game suited to modern day touch phones ever!
  13. Eric Scott
    The game rules I have bought everyl single map that has come out and I will continue to buy every single one they release. they're only 99 cents so quit your bitching it's the greatest skateboard game ever
  14. Probs
    CD Mikhail
    I really like the game , its amazing but , after I updated it , and I tried to open it , it just instantly crashes , I spent like ten bucks on this so yea.
  15. I payed for this...
    Jay Weez
    It's really not that bad of an app but I preferred touch grind instead of this skate app. Even if you buy this game they want you to buy maps and that's a load of BS!
  16. Meh map is not here
    Santos Bitar-Mejia
    I bought the map Chicago on my tablet but now on my phone it's saying that I don't have it I even use the restore purchase button but that didn't do anything. I would like my 1.19$ CAD
  17. Game crashes every time I open it
    Nick Canavas
    I love this game but for the last two weeks it has instantly crashed every time I open it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I also tried installing the game on another device. Nothing is working. Please help resolve this. I have purchased multiple levels and cannot currently play the game.
  18. Epic game
    Ibrahim Sadiq
    I really like it but there is a bug or something when I'm skating no trick comes up but I see the word score with the random number next to it.but I still like it
  19. Scam with the latest update
    Olivier Doucet Desilets
    Since the update yesterday, all of he tracks I had paid for are gone ( I bought almost all of them ) !! Great way to scam your clients, good careful people...
  20. Very fun
    Paris Campos
    Great game, please add achievements. The one map it comes with is fun and its tempting to shell out for another map or a pack of them. loving it.


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