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  1. It just crashes
    Kristian Ivanov
    Not working on the Nexus 5, keeps crashing as soon as I start the tutorial mission. Running stock android 5.0.1
  2. Battery drainer
    Eric Loh
    Just played for 2 hours on my note 3 and it drained 50 percent of my battery? any way to address this issue? I can't be connecting my phone to a charger everything I play this game right? also scrolling the mission map is not sensitive enough, I need to swipe several times to view another area of the mission map
  3. Great Game, artifacts on G4
    Alex Kartashov
    The game itself is great, I love the XCOM series. However, the game has distinct visual artifacts all over the screens resembling black/brown stripes which prevent you from seeing half your view.
  4. Andrew Magill
    Probably the best game on Android ever made. I've played XCOM Enemy Unknown on PC and this is very close to the PC version. Graphics and Gameplay are excellent. Well worth the $5.
  5. Grate!
    chris george
    I love it. There are not as many missions as the original conceal/PC game, minimal graphical issues, have not tried multiplayer yet, no issues on the phone except for a few "save" before you close the game incidents. Dose not kill my battery running with a droid maxx
  6. Error 905
    Christo Pretorius
    Doesn't install onto my Galaxy Tab A, it keeps giving me the message 'Error 905'.
  7. To a 5 stars all the way to one..
    Hommy Otero
    Love it now hate it I spend $12.99 for just to be able to play to the second level after the first tutorial. Because the touch controller is very very poor...And ever time I right a comments or something never gets fix why is that!! We all received update for this app but just for android l or minor bug fixes anyway can you guy fix this or my money would be in vine? yours truly once again HTC ONE M8 ANDROID 4.4.4 :(((((((
  8. Fun game (excellent)
    Jared Martinsen
    Coming from Xcom enemy unknown not much change. 1. The Mech warriors should be able to carry items so you can stun aliens or use a medi kit. If you need to make them a little less powerful to make that happen great, but they seem a little lackluster without the huge fun abilities other soldiers get. Also, they run out of ammo too fast.
  9. Unable to play on Nexus 6
    Ryan Emerson
    Worked great on my N5 but since I moved to the N6, the graphics freeze up and look strange. It is unplayable. :(
  10. Fun when it works.
    Luis Christopher Ramos
    Probably one of he best mobile games out there right now - and RTS period, but it just can't seem to play for more than 2 minutes without needing to crash. A shame, I was really liking this game.
  11. Best game in the store
    Jeffrey Kaplan
    Yep, it's the full console game, no micro transactions l, no dlc. It's the whole thing. And it is the best game I have ever purchased, worth the price.
  12. Almost perfect
    Stephen S
    Wish they would update so us note 4 users could select map height, right now it takes an act of god to get on top a building, and u people that complain of battery drain need to stop, it's a console game ported to android that is graphically intensive what do u expect?
  13. Just love it
    Zoltán Papp
    Great game. Spent countless hours playing it on my phone (2nd gen moto x). Since the small screen was hurting my eyes, I decided to get a tablet for this sort of entertainment. App crashing on my tablet all the time. Annoying as hell... (LG G Pad 8.3)
  14. I want to love this game
    Matthew Brenner
    I would happily love this game with five stars if I could get past the tutorial. I get to a point where no matter what I do, the game will not advance. So many turns into the second mission, it will note advance past my squaddie's action. I cannot move, act, or switch to another soldier. This is unacceptable in any game, never mind an expensive game from a major developer.
  15. Nice port!
    Jared Durer
    It is mostly just like the PC version with a slight graphic reduction. I have had little issue playing it on my Galaxy s4. Sometimes it would fail while starting up and I would have to relaunch... but I have no real complaints. This is probably the best port I have encountered. It is well worth the price.
  16. Great game...except for the crashes.
    Junior Perez
    (OnePlus) Would be a 5 star rating if it weren't for the occasional crashes that can crop up quite frequently (or sometimes not at all, which makes it especially frustrating). Especially tends to crash when you're building your team for a mission. Please attempt to fix this as it seems like a minor issue that could/should be patched.
  17. On an LG VK-810 tablet it is too dark
    Tim Otholt
    I would rate this game 5 stars, because I love x-com and it plays pretty darn well on this tablet, except that it's too dark even with the brightness at full. In a darkness with the brightness at full, some things are still too hard to read on this tablet. On this tablet forget playing in the Sun. It really needs a gamma slider adjustments somewhere.
  18. doesn't run on nexus 9
    Nick Wade
    Doesn't work on the nexus 9 but enemy unknown does.Hopefully they add support soon otherwise you're stuck playing EU and you cannot buy that anymore :/
  19. It's the full game!
    Drew Del Rosario
    Works fairly well in Samsung galaxy s6. I've had a few crashes during boot up but usually means I need to clear up RAM. After restarting my phone it works very well. The gameplay is perfect for touchscreens. Since it is the full pc game just toned down in graphics, it is huge for a phone app. This game takes up about 4 gb or so. It will heat up your device and gobble your battery life. It's great game and nice to play for twenty minutes at a time when I'm out.
  20. Really good!
    A good challenge, and nice graphics! During missions is really blurred when you try and get a bigger view every where...


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