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Curtis Lelash | Vice President, Comedy Animation at Cartoon Network

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Ryan Adams | Vice President, Program & Schedule Operations at Cartoon Network & Adult Swim, Turner Broadcasting

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Ryan Kilpatrick | Vice President of Marketing at Cartoon Network

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Elise Pacetti | Marketing Manager at Cartoon Network

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Reviews 130,910

  1. Great game, but..
    Rebekah Forrester
    The health regeneration timer shouldn't restart if you start a new battle without gaining a health, it means you can only play 8 times (if you have 8 health) at a time, then you can't play for another few hours. Please change this!
    cruz garcia
    You finally fixed the game, thank you!
  3. Would be better if it's didn't stop working all the time
    James Seamus Bray
    From time to time, the game continues but it would t let me select any cards or anything. Same with the menu not been able to play for 2 days
  4. Can be better
    Victor Rosas
    This game is great except for the fact that you have to pay to win for a game that isn't a free to play game. I would rate 5 stars if they take away gems and stop trying to sell us things after we bought this game it should not limit our storage and charge us to increase it please fix this.
  5. Yuuuuuus
    saifaldin hossam
    Finally, I watched the episode of card wars and I was like:omg I need this game to come to life and then boom its on the play store thx guys :)
  6. Loved it!
    Brandon Kilby
    Let me get this straight, its not a freemium game cartoon network doesn't want you on the game all day wasting your hours away. Your hearts recharge very fast even while battling. You even get a bigger heart maximum when you level up. This game is such a great game to play I always hoped this would be a real game. Thank you cartoon network. I was surprised it was only ¢99. 5/5 stars.
  7. Jared Chase
    Great game but you need to make it log-in based so we can save our progress and recover it when certain issues happen
  8. Keeps Freezing
    Joel Hopper
    Game keeps freezing on the same battle with Marcelline, and I can't keep wasting my hearts to get past it.
  9. New expansion Bugged
    Kelly Arita
    I purchased the fionna and cake expansion but I am unable to play it. It still says play demo even after retrying the the demo as well...
  10. Amazing game and amazing support!
    Sean Sykes
    Otay originally I was frustrated when I lost my data cause I put a lot of time into this game and the support team responded very fast and got my data back! The game is amazing and is honestly my favorite game on my phone. I'm really happy to support these devs and looking forward to future updates and the support is just amazing, keep it up!
  11. tyler kirkham
    Great game. Adventure time rules. Anyways... When I damaged my phone and had to get a new one I lost my saved data but customer service was very helpful and after emailing them and providing various information about my old account they were able to restore it for me.
  12. This was the best game, but my progress dissapered!
    Graeme Harwood
    Please can you put me back to my previous progress so that I can carry on playing. Went to play it today with nothing changed on my phone and I have lost weeks worth of progress, lost all my good cards and weirdly gained cards I have never had. My level has dropped and my quest has gone back to nearly the beginning. I play this game 5 times a day, now I don't want to play it at all because I'm annoyed how much I have lost, also the longer I wait the more I loose out on the weekly tournament.
  13. Really Good
    Hannah Lesley
    Absolutely loving this app! Have had it for a couple months now almost and it gives me such a challenge, but it's great. My only problem is that it freezes right in the middle of a match sometimes. :( It'll go a week or a little shorter, doing fine, and then it freezes in the middle of the match I'm in and then it does that for about four or fives days straight! Fix that and I'll gladly give it that last star. :)
  14. Could be better
    mb mike
    Please make a system where we can play with friends. Me and my friends all purchased this game to find we can not play against each other. PLEASE MAKE IT SOON! ;) Otherwise the game is amazing.
  15. Long head
    Love this game but every time I win it crashes. It records that I won the game but doesn't give me the cards I won due to crash. It also crashes every time I open one of the chest you pay for. You guys owe me 10,000 coins and 50 gems from daily gifts that I never got thanks to a crash. Plus you owe me algebraic rare cards that your app didn't let me receive
  16. Cash grab is cash grab
    Laurence M Tornabene
    I've had the game for a day. First off its a freemuim game that cost money that isn't free. The style of freemuim is like candy crush, finite resources to play a game, and they either slowly recharge or can be bought. Then on top of that for a game that costs money there are way too many big bugs. The game has crashed when replacing a summon. And at least once has completely skipped a player phase. So a licensed tie in for money is a bad choice for a game.
  17. Problem Solved!
    Brian Duran
    Everything is great, really. I love Adventure Time.
  18. Cool game, but NO SUPPORT!
    Danielle Copeland
    The game is so fun when its working properly, However this had been a issue. I reported a connection issue within the tournament, got a reply 3 days later telling me to wait for a fix. I asked if it was cool to enter the tournament and some setting info. The very next email said I was flagged for cheating and will have to restart my account!! I have never cheated. How that's even possible. Spent lots $$-played 3+ yrs
  19. Pretty good
    Its a really good card game one of the best, but it can get boring after a couple weeks. They should add lime teams or somethig. Also doesnt give u a refund
  20. Are you serious?
    Ramon Perez
    Why does the game have a life system implemented it IF IT IS A $4 GAME? Just another way Cartoon Network scams you of your money.


What`s new

Valentine’s Day Quests
- New Ice King “Lonely Hearts” side quest
- Expanded Fionna and Cake map with 18 new nodes to play
- Collect new Spell and Creature cards

New Hero Cards
- Unlock Prince Gumball and Lord Monochromicorn
- Exclusive to Fionna and Cake map

More to Love
- Free Love Event! Play the Fionna and Cake expansion for FREE for 3 days.
- Treasure Cat is back with 3 new recipes for rare cards
- Calendar will award new prizes each day for logging in