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Reviews 3,452

  1. So fun
    Jessica Dai
    Very easy to play and frustratingly addictive. I blasted through all 29 levels today, but level 30 is quite difficult. I really want more levels, with different backgrounds and storylines. The only downfall is the low replayability.
  2. Impressed!!
    Jonathan Dawson
    When I saw the app I was like aw OK maybe a cool game. I watched the video for it and thought yeah definitely a good game. I downloaded it and I'm hooked. Theme music is sweet too! Now don't get too crazy with new things app wise just keep this as nice as it is. No bugs, crashes, etc. Back on my cartoon network ppl!!
  3. GREAT
    Jaheem Farmer
    This game is great but the boss battle takes all day just to kill him and when you do kill him let's just say there will be a chocher surprise about the boss but the games good its my favorite for now if you play the game for to long it will get boring but it's Still fun and if you got a problem with the game it's something rong with your phone on tablet
  4. Force Close During StartUp
    Muhammad Nahar
    Its bad, pay for the apps but can't use this. This game force close during start up. Please fix it because i pay the apps.
  5. Amazing!!!! But.....hard....
    Khiy Blackmore
    Awesome Game in all, but Floor 30 ( Possessed Pops ) is too hard, before this Boss I always have 1 Character to fight him. Can you make a Update of this game and make that boss a little Less Harder? And who are the other characters when you go into multiplayer mode? Anyways, amazing game but Hard. I will do +1 Star if you make that boss less hard. Btw, is there a Regular Show episode when they play this? If there is I want to watch it
  6. !!!! 斗球儿
    Alex CAO
    This is a reminiscent of the Japanese Dodge ball games back in snes. Utilising touch screen technologies to streamline the controls. Excellent idea,although the app hangs at times, it doesn't interfere the game progress. I am confident the dev would patch the game so 5 stars. Thanks for letting me live the Dodge ball era once again!
  7. Crashes on killing Pops
    David Schofill
    Played through the story mode once (ADDICTED); Arcade mode isn't as intense as story mode. Great game but, on the second time playing the story, the game crashes as soon as I knock out Pops. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Definitely worth playing but, crashing on boss battle is annoying.
  8. So much freezing
    Moses Torres
    I'm playing on a Z3 compact, so there shouldn't be any excuse that this game would freeze. And level 30 can be too cheap and hard. Fortunately, I managed to beat it and now I'm enjoying Arcade Mode. Fix the freezing and this Dodgeball game is an easy 5 star game.
  9. For an older version
    kalaichelvi selvi
    This game is awesome because every time I lose it don't go back to the 1st level
  10. so good
    just finished the thirtieth level after lots of tries. can't wait to start arcade mode now.
  11. Great game!
    Kramer Solinsky
    Reminds me 100% of super dodgeball on the gameboy advance. <$5 for this game is a solid price as it won't require any purchasing in the game to progress.
  12. Still freezes
    claude mitchell
    Love the game itself but when i go to beat pops for the second time it freezes on the kill shot. I sent an email to the developers and recived nothing back. If this scam isn't fixed soon I'll have to find a way to get a refund.
  13. Straight forward really great game.
    Derrick Kamo
    It just needs an online competitive mode implemented and it'll be perfect.
  14. Like it, but it has issues
    shawn setnicky
    Seems like every Cartoon Network game has issues. This one I've only had 2 days, played less than 20 games. Froze up once, closed for no reason twice. I was using a power up and it said great and it closed. Otherwise very good game.
  15. Aaron Flippens
    Loved it but please make it longer. And start to work when I'm about to beat Level 30
  16. Very fun game
    Tyler Collins
    Not quite sure if it's worth 3 bucks but it would be a killer if it was 1 or 2. But the game is great! only complaint is that my game freezes sometimes after i use Benson's super causing me to exit the app and have a red rage of my own
  17. I hate it
    Nathaniel del Cid
    When you reach stage 30 and beat the team and your team is all used out so you should atleast get more health or revive your whole team cause possesed pops is too powerful
  18. Crashing on Nexus 5
    Alex Chung
    Can't get passed the tutorial. It keeps crashing. Also it get pretty large too. Hopefully they patch it up, looks fun
  19. Good
    Antonio De Sarlo
    Great game but the final stage is too hard... Please tune it down a bit.
  20. Lots of fun!
    Cort Kinzie
    Characters have their uniqueness like the show, graphics are nice! Game play is challenging because you have to block the different types of dodgeballs and take advantage of field boosts and special abilities. Yeeeeeyeaahhhh


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- Performance improvements for all devices
- We also continued to tune up the game with more bug fixes, polish and balancing.

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