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Reviews 61,890

  1. There is a bug
    Gabriel Fontana
    Every time i try to switch from some mixels for example, glomp shuff it just freezes can you fix it and get rid of the bug please? great game though
    Anika Mears
    Twice now my son has played this game, got more mixels, and then it's frozen and erased all his effort. And on top of that, the developers don't respond to emails about this.
  3. great but when does series 4 come in?
    Jacob Meditz
    i like the game alot but i saw the series 4 mixels in store as legos so when is series 4 coming out? the series 4 mixels have been shown on TV if you can respond to when it will be updated alright its been a long time since the half our special UPDATE THIS!!! every time a comment you lose a star from me THATS IS IT PEOPLE I HATE HOW UR NOT UPDATING TO THE SPACE UPDATE YOU LOSERS
  4. Horrible!
    John Cox
    My son has gotten stuck three times now on different devices and gotten stuck with his mixels or whatever they are called, because they are the wrong combination to unlock any gates now, I highly recommend not getting this rubbish!!!
  5. Stupid Scorpi update
    Victini Vids
    One day, I noticed how this app was updated to the Scorpi version, and how I never played since series 1, So I played, I noted how there was now a video button to play the videos you earned, so I pressed it- all it did was mute the menu, At least, That what I thought- When I pressed "play", It was stuck on a black screen saying "advertise" or somting, with a pic of Mixels above and 2 buttons, I pressed them, and nothing happend, So I restared the app, Luckly, I didn't press the video button, straight onto the play button (a little disapointed that I could never watch the earned videos on my good tablet wich everything works good on), And it kinda worked, I saw my Infernite base was under attack, so I fought back with my normal Infernite team (I never use any other Mixels, I think Infernites are the best Mixel tribe), I did a max, defened real well- However Flain did "faint" and Vulk and Zorch were very weak, The game was "half-frozen" after a fair-and-square victory, So I looked around with the weakened Vulk and Zorch- Not a Nixel in sight! So I went to a spot where a Nixel could be hiding, and I tried to attack- Nothing, Please fix this or I will uninstall!
  6. Great game let down...
    Sophie King
    This is a great game but it's let down by the 'nixel attacks' while the game is not being played. I got this game for my son on my phone and he's not allowed to play it loads which is to the detriment of his hard work of earning cubits! I'm tempted to remove the game from my phone because of this! An option to turn off the random attacks would be beneficial!
  7. A Great game
    Yummyjuice16 is back
    This is a great boredom buster and also a great game if you're a mixels fan. Two problems though, the first problem is that you can't select a mixel when your mixing, and the second problem is that Mixels get stuck in one place when following your other mixels, and when fighting Major Nixel, he gets stuck in the air. The good thing about this game are the music, gameplay, and graphics. This game luckily gets a five stars. Hopefully you guys will fix the bugs.
  8. Pretty good:D
    Lindsay Likes Kitties
    The game play is good but the battling is pretty bad
  9. Love mixels
    Trevor Nelson
    Are the best thing that ever happen and I would like it if you fix it it is not respond please
  10. Nice but little glitchy
    Veroniqua Bartley
    I like it, a little glitchy but still liked it. And major nixel got stuck in midair twice on me. Also if you get mixels rush on tablet I'll add a star to this game and maybe 5 stars on mixels rush too.
  11. Best game ever
    Braden Brock
    I am a big fan of MIXELS!Thanks to the people that made this game :- )
  12. Loved it? I'm ADDICTED!!! :-D
    Mr.RacerMineraft 198701
    This game is AMAZING!But... can you update the game?
  13. Jen Simmonds
    Love this game sooo much... i gave it two stars because for some unknown reason i have had to restart the game twice!! TWICE!
  14. Don't waste your money
    John Elizarraraz
    I love the mixels but this game sucks I can't even play it!it seems the creatures didn't even put effort in this game!Don't buy!!!You'd be better of buying garbage!
  15. Way too many issues!
    Chelsea Roberts
    My 7 year old loves this game, but some of the levels are so complicated that I can't even beat them. It's constantly resetting and and the characters/ game will freeze and there is nothing you can do but reset the game, losing all your progress. If it weren't for all the issues I would give it 5 stars, because it is a fun game.
  16. Extra payment wanted to continue the game.
    Ben Thorley
    After my son (5)had played the game for about 2 hours he reached the stage where he could not continiue unless more cubit were bought (with real money). I except the game has the option of in app purchase, however they should not be compulsary to continue. Not very child friendly for game that should be aimed at children, not their parents wallets.
  17. Nice overall, but some issues. Thank you for your time and consideration
    Javonte Parker
    I love the game, and it has a amazing graphics and features; I especially like the nixels hitting the screen, the murp sound effect, the less frequent nixel attacks, and the nixel counter. However, I have noticed that - at least for my device - characters like teslo, slumbo, zorch, the flexors max, and balk do their standard attack animations, but don't actually deal damage. Gobba's first special move is also buggy. I'd also like the glitch where major nixel sometimes stays in the air fixed, if possible.
  18. Jon Holzworth
    Can someone please explain why I need 15 cubits in order to get the 60 cubits collected at my infernite base? To sum up, i only have 7 cubits. I have a notice that I have 60 cubits collected at my infernite base. But, its going to cost me 15 cubits to "play" the infernite base. I will not buy any cubits. Someone please help.
  19. Does not work
    Girish Patel
    I purchased this for my 6 year old son. It gets to a certain point and it exits. I've emailed the developers but have not heard anything back.
  20. Mixels
    Teagan Venter
    Whenever l start to put it on it doesn't work please fix this lm a fan of models I really 10000x want to play the please


What`s new

What's New in Version 3.0.0
- Unlock 9 new Mixels from three new tribes!
- New mixes and Maxes.
- There are three new lands to explore, new objectives and challenges.
- Tackle new quests.
- Unlock a plethora of new Extras.
- Nixels counter showing what's are left in a attack wave, difficulty for next outpost attack.
- Star power-collect to add additional bonus amounts to your item rewards.
- We have reduced the frequency for Outpost attacks.
- Bug fixes, polish and balancing.

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