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Reviews 424,052

  1. Not giving credits
    Julie Cox
    For at least a week now it hasn't been giving me my full $ credits only partials that don't even make sense. I really liked this game. It was fun and relaxing but now I may have to delete it for cheating me out of my game winnings. Please fix this!!!
  2. Lisa Miller
    I love this game! On other bingo games I run out of credits/chips too fast and can only play a few minutes a day and wait for more to come in 24 hours, but I can play Bingo Heaven for hours without running out. Great bingo game!
  3. Not giving credits for winning
    Anabel Williams
    Don't know how long this has been going on but I noticed it today. I've won a couple of times and have not received credits for winning on the section where you can get 0/25, 0/10 bingos, and so on. Also the background is the same (tropical) for ALL, which makes me wonder if there is anything else going on. I won a collection item from the Greece collection but it comes up as a collection item from the California collection. I really enjoy this game so please look into it and fix my problem!
  4. Really cool game
    Betty May
    Love the fact you can play offline. And able to gain powerups, coins and other items without having to continue to buy them!!!! Im addicted! !!!
  5. Disappointed
    Rita Williams
    I have had this game installed for about 4 years and have always enjoyed it, but recently, it has kicked me off everytime i try to load a game. If this doesn't change soon, i'm going to uninstall it. What happened? This app use to be amazing.
  6. Frustrated! !
    Julie Martin
    I enjoy playing this game BUT.......8 out of 10 games I will go 7 rounds of my numbers NOT being called, I'm playing 4 cards at a time & yes I've counted. I just finished playing 6 games in a row on 4 cards & 4 games was 6 times, 1 game was 8 & the last was 5. IT'S VERY FRUSTRATING! !!!
  7. Love it!!!
    Maureen Massicotte
    Good play speed. You can pause the game if needed. Bingos are plentiful and credits easily obtained. Fun without frustration and you can play a long time.
  8. Totally awesome!
    jessica petroni
    Rewards are actually enough to continue playing, isn't a cheap boring game, and uses red checks to show which card hits so you can play multiple cards without getting lost, and it stays there so even if you miss a number it will let you catch up until u get them all! I've downloaded about 7 "free" bingo games, since I found this 1 I'm uninstalling all the others!!
  9. This is a 5star game when able!
    Susan Warga
    There's nothing fun about the odd blackouts,or bonus glitches.The tech team aren't having a great time ,but they aim to please,for shortages,they have more challenging events to continue our gaming.Dos does/did what? It was never better than the mindset entry's.your all great ly appreciate d.
  10. Enjoyable Sometimes
    mary Luevano
    Love this game til I lost over 100 coins. Recently I stopped getting kicked off the app. Now that I can play without getting kicked off My other favorite app is acting up. Disappointed
  11. Programmers don't listen
    Raelyn Graham
    The daily bonus is cool sometimes you can get 15 credits. The games are fun. However, sometimes you have to invite friends and/or make a purchase to receive the daily bonus. Why would I want to make a purchase while playing a free game? And I refuse to annoy my friends by sending invites. Support says the daily bonus resets every 24 hours. Well I'm here to tell you it is still asking me to purchase or invite friends for the 7th day in a row. Greedy. Free should be free.
  12. Bingo
    Jen Gough
    Interesting games BUT it keeps turning itself off returning you to your homepage. Just lost EIGHT bingo cards in the middle of a game & this company, unlike other bingo games NEVER reimburse you by giving you replacement cards or offering some other compensation. I am so sick of this happening, I will remove it until I receive something from the private emails I've already sent. Never heard back which is why I'm now going public with this. It's advertised as the best bingo game for Android. BS!
  13. Crash
    Stephanie O
    I was loving this game. For the past two days it has crashed every time I try to play. The daily goals are not being credited to me either. On the achievements I have four of those complete as well and not received those either. Please credit and fix :-)
  14. Love and hate
    Loriann Weathersby
    Ted games download it for about 4 years now and it doesn't let you go no farther got a new phone and trying it out again for the when
  15. Bethany Hammett
    It's a great and its very addictive but you do run out of green chips quickly
  16. Great fun.
    Elis Mimi
    Wish payouts were a little higher. I've enjoyed this bingo game for a couple of years but since coming across Bingo Blitz, your developer should go take a look. They definitely outrank right now in daily tournament for free, higher winnings, chat and fun rooms. If you added more than there is, that would be the ultimate bingo game.
  17. Bingo Heaven..
    Dan Carter
    Instructions not very clear, but a lot of fun.
  18. Was great
    Lea D.
    Not so much now. The game is not awarding earned coupons and sometimes It's taking away coupons that I've earned without any explanation. I have contacted support twice about the issue. Once they gave me 50 coupons to replace those taken or not rewarded by the game. That didn't even come close to the actual number of coupons i lost. The second time they did nothing other than give me some nonsense excuse that I couldn't understand. It's a shame I actually loved this game I will uninstall
  19. A nice but not great.
    Judy Vicks
    I love to play Bingo, but to wait for so long to win 1 bingo is rather a long wait. I must have played at 15 games befor I won 1 bingo. Instead of having to wait 24 hrs to get power ups, etc. why not try 1 hour in between for the coins and cards, so everybody could play for longer periods.
  20. alisha mathis
    I'm not receiving all the coins when I level up or when I'm winning I'm being shorted a lot of credits..its a good game besides that..and when you click on how to play this game it doesn't say anything about not receiving credits


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