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xcom enemy unknown


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    Kitsune Fyora
    OH MAN I WANTED THIS SOOOOOOO BAD ON MOBILE, since I don't have a computer anymore nor comp net connection....I already bought this for the comp, and it kinda sucks i gotta pay for this version, but this game is FULLY worth it. ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!! 10/5 stars!!
  2. Worth the purchase
    Phillip Roman
    I can't even say that about any other game. Except...I'm stuck...any help out there...??
  3. This might sound wierd...
    Karley Ramsey
    But this game has made me change my view on things. Ive written a book because this game me so much inspiration
  4. Love the game BUT.....
    matt jackson
    Love the always will but theirs no obvious way to mute sounds I like to listen to alot of podcast while I play this is impossible as far as I can see currently
  5. Amazing
    Ashley Crowther
    One of the best mobile and tablet games available. It's fun, creative and you have to slightly use your brain to solve some pretty challenging puzzles at times. Worth every dollar!
  6. Worth the $
    melissa kilgore
    I loved playing this game, finished it and was sad. Took a break and played some nowhere near as cool games just to come back and play again. Goo! Save the world with Goo!
  7. Review
    Corzama Dust
    Rather pricy for a mobile game but it's not the most expensive out there.. You have to want this game to buy it. The trial is nice, the full version is better so far, I haven't finished it so take my review slowly.
  8. Really good
    wang le
    Works perfect on my old htc desire,you're doing a great job. Really worth buying.on the long way to ocd
  9. Fun Puzzler
    Carson Hunter
    This is probably the best app I have ever played. I usually don't do reviews but in this case, this app is totally worthy! Its addicting,fun,puzzling,imaginative, and all the above. 5 STARS!
  10. A little pricey
    Daniel Makhnin
    For the five dollars this costs, I thought it was worth every penny. Challenging but fun, this game deserves five stars
  11. Is great.
    Jennifer Artiles
    I love this game with a passion of 100 burning dwarf stars. Its a fun game and it helps my mind open up to puzzles a small bit more.
  12. We want World of Goo 2!
    Taylor Stewart
    I've played this game multiple times through and completed a bunch of the OCD challenges. Take me on another World of Goo adventure!
  13. Must have
    Julia Pierson
    The best game I have ever downloaded...I was so sad when I beat it. Its just so cool and fun
  14. A welcome addiction
    Cory Grier
    I always come back to this game every six months to a year since its release. It's that good. The soundtrack is pleasantly dark and super catchy as well. Play it or die.
  15. Top of the must have games list
    Andrew Sharp
    This is one of the most unique, enjoyable, funny and genuinely entertaining games I have ever played. There is a tonne of challenging and fun levels and also a sandbox mode. If you are looking for that one game, this is it.
  16. Utterly addictive
    Mindy Bowman
    I am not a gamer but this game appealed to me on many levels. Super challenging, wistfully creative, charming and sinister. I'm so sad because I finished it! Please make a part 2, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
  17. Great game
    Dee Dhara
    Nice visuals, nice music and highly addictive. Such a simple concept but executed really well. Not had any annoying ads pop up and no push to pay more money. Awesome
  18. No special permissions
    Ryan Berg
    It's often overlooked how much information apps and games take in return for giving you access to their content. 5 stars to World of Goo for not demanding access to any of your personal info!
  19. Finally Found You
    William Billups
    Loved this game on the computer. Finally can play the real thing for only $4.99 half the price on the computer. Thank You WILD TANGENT
  20. physics based puzzles!
    Teddy Miller
    absolutely love this game since it came out on WII. I have gotten so many of my friends hooked on the Goo!


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