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Varun Menon | Producer at Ubisoft Pune

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Amar Vora | Web Developer at Ubisoft

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ankita Surve | Trainee Game Tester at Ubisoft Pune

Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India |

Reviews 212,392

  1. Greedy people
    Rei_Dio Head
    I used to like this game.. Now that you changed it by having to pay for diamonds, I don't. battery consumption still a problem & over heats my phone. Also the cost of roam & groom, transfer to g. Stable should be free, since you are attending to them yourself not hiring, makes more sense no?, also I think the breeding of your own horses should be free, Only charge when breed with friends
  2. New update
    Stuart Putt
    Before this update I would have rated it 5 stars as it was one of the best games I had played but now it has been ruined by the removal of diamonds from steeplechases and the decreased storage space... I also feel that having to pay for the Arabian horse is unacceptable!!
  3. The best game ever. I play this game all the time.You should get it no matter what people say the best game ever!!!
    Kallie Rogers
    Just the best game ever words can describe it's just so good and you will loooooovveee it if you are a horse lover!! :)
  4. you guys are getting extra greedy and ruining a good game? Why?
    Kit Vohs
    I would've given 5 stars, as the game was fun, relaxing, not stressful to play, but seeing all the one star rulings, & experiencing the diamond in the races loss (it's not like i won very many diamonds for the amount sucked into continue, but I enjoyed them all the same), You guys have effectively ruined a fun game. Congratulations for being so Greedy. Just please let us have the racing diamonds back or this game's THE WORST EVR.
  5. Darcina Porter
    14.99 for a horse and thats half price. R u serious. Can i have all my gems back that i used to upgrade my storage. I didnt mind spending money from time to time but what u have done to the game is totally ridiculous. Thanks for ruining a great game
  6. Addictive but needs work.
    Simon Hall
    Very addictive and fun. However has bugs in places with occasional sync issues which means you lose cash. I really hope that it will be possible to add friends from different platforms soon as its currently not supported.
  7. Update sucks
    Cayley Andersen
    I used to rate this game five stars. But since the update...Meh. I could do without the one new steeplechase and one new breed of horse and silly hats if it meant I could still earn diamonds doing steeplechases. Diamonds are now far too hard to get and you need them for so much. Ubisoft is getting greedy with this downgrade (no way you can call it an upgrade).
  8. I loved this game and then..
    Courtney Hale
    the update..greed has made it so you cant earn diamonds through races and so stamina boosts cost diamonds. This NEEDS to go back to the way it was or you are going to lose players FAST. I love this game so much! But the update has ruined good qualities of the game. Lots of new bugs (ex/hard to scroll) and reduced storage which is unfair to those who bought it. Please quit the greed and return the diamonds and boosts to the way they were! Also, gems are completely useless! Idc about dressing up my horse!
  9. It's OK but there are some things you need to fix
    Justin Bushell
    When ever I put horse boots on they glitch and I liked it better with out the new update!
  10. Ruined game!
    Wolffie White
    Use to love it. But now the game sucks. No diamonds! Cost for real money ....WOW! Why did you guys ruin a great game? What were you thinking? Are your wallets that empty? Please put the game back the way it was as far as diamonds and storage and what not. Then I may change my rating. Oh and now it won't play as well. Keeps kicking me off.
  11. Why man
    Prophet Simmons
    Game was cool before the update but now so many bugs. I love this game can someone fix please i don't want to delete .
  12. Stupid update
    Rose Barrett
    Used to love it but now no diamonds in steeplechase. Cost too many diamonds to get certain horses. If i pay diamonds for selecting what horse I want, why dont I get the horse I want? Instead the breed selector just keeps spinning. Frustrated and getting bored. Also not all of my horses are available for steeplechase.... I go through the list and I only can race half of my horses. Getting too greedy I think
  13. Horse haven
    Jay Jones
    It was 5 stars but with the new update it has gone done to 3.I still can not change my horse,s names and I no longer like the race,s. It was so much better before. I need more diamond's then the other gems as there is not much in the way of decoration's that you have .so please fix it. It is also very hard to get the sapphire's as so far the only way to get them is to get a long way in the race and to get the distant you need diamond's to do it . I hope you read this and I can give you a 5 star rating again
  14. Updated version sucks
    Yvette vd Merwe
    LovED the game. 5 stars to the prev. version. Now it's GLITCHY, the update DELETED some of my buildings, plus NO DIAMONDS in steeplechases?!The new Brazil race glitches out and won't respond to swipes to switch lanes so it's impossible for me to compete in it anyway.I didn't gain anything by this update and ended up losing too much. Also the previous animation for the galloping horse in steeplechase was more realistic.The new one is an eyesore.Thumbs down! I'm deleting it. Will reinstall if fixed.
  15. Well
    jahna Ross
    I give it a 4 because its a great game an works okay for me..I love horses an I do like this game but the horses glitch out an just turn plain black an when racing my horses disappear...please fix this bug/:
  16. Please Help
    Gloria Terryberry
    I have been enjoying Horse Haven for a while now. I recently purchased (with in game coins) the new Grand Stable. To my disappointment, during the walk though, the screen goes black. I can still hear the music, but I can't do anything. I have seen other reviews with the same problem. I was also upset that the producers have not replied yet. Please resolve these problems quickly. GOOD NEWS: Sadly the Grand Stable is not usable. But if you tap all over the screen, there is a chance you will hit the "OK" button for the walk through. And do the same thing in the upper left hand corner to hit the back button. Good luck guys!
  17. There's a glitch
    Samantha Romero
    I can't see the color in the horse there all black but when i click info thers color please fix it its a great game but I want to see there color
  18. Disapointing new update
    Kat Alex
    One of the best Android games I've ever played. But, this is no longer the case since the new update. The new steeple chase is cool, but you took away space in the storage and you took away the opportunity for players to earn gems in the races. People are going to be frustrated and uninstall the game now because you guys got too greedy. Watch the ratings go downhill from now.
  19. Some things have gone missing
    Julie-Anne Roder
    Low obstacles in Mexico and Russia are invisible. The track in Brazil is invisible - horse looks to run in mid-air. There is no feed in the horse trough. All have occurred with the new update.
  20. Good but...
    Raji Phull
    I like this game a fair bit, but it's annoying how it robs you of your coin (in-game currency). For example, if you buy a saddle for a horse that saddle can only be worn by that one horse, the saddle can not be taken off and put on another horse. If you want that same saddle for a different horse you have to buy it again. If you remove tack from a horse then want to put the same tack back on you have to buy them back, this is the deal with all tack. Also, the game charges you to do chores that should be free. For example, you have to pay coin to let your horse roam in the field and you have to pay to muck it out, and this is made even more annoying because, one way or another, you must pay either coin or diamond (premium currency). You either pay coin to do the task or pay diamonds to skip it it's quite unfair given that we kinda have to do these tasks to make our horses better.


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