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Reviews 126,572

  1. Not half bad!
    Mandarin Cat
    Because of all these not-so-good reviews, I thought it was going to suck big time. But it's been pretty decent. I really like it! It's a lot of fun!
  2. Sheep! And hair!
    Blossom Neru
    Sometimes my sheep don't appear. So when I hit go it starts clipping like their is sheep there o.o also. I wish they added like a store that has all the town owners clothes. And their helpers clothes. Because I needed a blonde ponytail! Just like in the pop star town
  3. Arianna Lozada-Pierce
    It's a pretty fun game so far. I just wish I wouldn't feel the to have to buy things......
  4. Marian Crofts
    My favorite part of this app is how fast it is. It only takes a few seconds to load, so I am constantly opening the app and playing. Warning: this game is highly addictive. I only started playing because of Pusheen, and now I'm hooked. However, due to the lack of a trade system and the high price of gachas, I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 stars. Also, the reward system for events was changed and it is far too stingy with rewards. Cocopplay should reward players instead of lining their own pockets.
  5. Love it but...
    connie Lewandowski
    Four stars for now only because it would be nice to play the Gacha with smile-points and I mean not just the free ones or when u have 20000 points cuz let's face it unless u are forking out real money then it's just gonna take a Long time. Should think about the players who are active but can't afford to pay real money on this game.
  6. Really like the game
    Jessica Migatulski
    Only things keeping it from 5 stars are the fact that you can't turn off notifications (it keeps going off constantly) and there is no way to exit the game properly. Other than that I am really enjoying it.
  7. Legit and Awesome
    Maika The Chan
    I thought this would be a rip off but it's not. There are still bugs but they are easy to get around. I'm so happy that Gcrest is back.
  8. Wont let me start the game
    Omg Idk
    What the hell. I tap on the screen and nothing happens. Keeps saying 'network error'. The music plays, but that's about it. Same with Cocopa the customizing app thingy. Halpp. I want to playyy..
  9. It could be better.
    Jess M
    Things are a bit difficult and then they try to make you buy stuff to help advance. Or when you're in events and it's really hard to do good. Other than that, Its fine
  10. Very cute
    Alexandra Peiman
    The outfits are cute and its a fun game. The only problems I have is that it's a little slow and there aren't many hairstyles available in the shops
  11. Enticingly entertaining
    Morgen Fest
    At first I expected somewhat dull gameplay, but as soon as you get started on all the quests and stuff, you really dont want to stop playing! Extremely enjoyable!
  12. I love this game so much c:
    AnaPanda Salinas
    the ranking system need to be changed:c but they work really fast to solve issue Which is just super fantastic c: I reported an issue and it was fixed within 2 hours :)
  13. It's pretty good but.....
    Gabriela Smetek-Falderbaum
    I love it but hair cost way to much why cany it be the green money it annoyed cause I can't get hair : (
  14. Very cute!
    Bronwyn Akimseu-Arnold
    Its an adorable game and a fun time waster for when you're bored and can't figure out what to do.
  15. Fun game but buggy!
    Genevieve Gonzalo
    It's a fun game but very repetitive, community based, and micro transactions. This game is FREE BUT most of the really nice items and fancy "stuff" has to be bought with REAL MONEY. There is a way to get the paid items, but its a really high amount and requires a lot of savings. Minor bugs where the page won't scroll. Minor, but seriously apparent and annoying. It is especially annoying for this new event where I am trying to help others, but I can't since I am unable to scroll down.
  16. Its good
    Samantha Lewis
    This game is fun,addictive, and is pretty fast for the most part but I just wish they would let you buy a face in the shops with two -four shop tickets cause some of us can't afford the buy coins for it.
  17. Pretty interesting
    pixel rose
    It is ok to kill some time, i dont really like how i cant control tge gender of the clothes i get with the free passes, i want female accessories and i always get male stuff, i also would like to be able to buy more stuff without gold coins, besides that, I like it.
  18. Ashes Nicole
    A friend of mine showed me this game and I thought with all the bad reviews there was nothing wrong with it, but in reality I love this game so much and it's so addicting!! A must have game indeed
  19. It's ok..
    Vanessa Chavez
    It's OK. I hate how all the good stuff costs real money. I'm not going to spend real money on it. I know the developers have to make a living too ,but it the prices are too high. No story line. I don't understand half of what is going on because the English is so bad in this game. The avatars are cute in a typical anime way not anything special ...just another way to waste time. OK for the most part.
  20. It's Alright, But You Really need too work on it.
    ZeTurtles G Plus
    I don't really like it, we shouldn't have a limit of club members, we should be able to have private chats with friends, We should be unlimited to point gacha's I know you just want money, but WTF, It's not fair! Please make coins cheaper, or delete them completely, Cause I wasted money on it, and barely got anything from it, I'm never buying from this app, until you work on your selfish problems, We want a good app, not a rip off unsocial boring app. 2 stars.


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