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Mohsen Dabbaghian | Project manager at upjers GmbH

Iran |

Yvonne Eger geb. Linzmayer | Business Development Manager at upjers GmbH

Nürnberg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Yvonne Linzmayer | Business Development Manager at upjers GmbH

Nürnberg und Umgebung, Deutschland |

Julian Bärlin | Game Designer at upjers GmbH

Bamberg, Bayern, Deutschland |

Reviews 62,920

  1. Farmer can't be rich
    Petrozka Satu
    Pennies by pennies.. It's too hard to buy anything.. Finally, good for nothing.
  2. Laurie G
    One word"BORING! " it takes far too long to accomplish anything! This games is very slow and that makes it BORING. If you could cut down on the time it takes to complete the tasks it would be a lot better. It might even rate 4 or 5 stars, but not at this pace. I am really disappointed because I wanted to like this game.
  3. Barbara Newmañ
    So far, so problems with game yet
  4. my free farm 2
    chrystal hicks
    i like this game it is fun
  5. Why?
    Elena Samoylova
    10 minutes between deliveries??? Used to be 5... now it's so slow and boring!
  6. Rashawn Beasley
    Fun game, just take to long for deliveries and cooking time is to long. After awhile starts to get boring.
  7. Kathy Browning
    Not free get so far then you have to buy or you can't do anything I'm gone
  8. Thomas Epperson
    It saying I don't have no internet connection
  9. Slow!
    lisa king
    Very cute game, progress is a little slow though!;-)
  10. My Free Farm
    Heather Fitch
    Love this game! Would rate it higher but it's hard to make money. Besides that this game is excellent.
  11. Great Game
    Cynthia Brown
    I love this game! Once I start, it's difficult to stop! The only problem I've had is, when my device ran out of power, the game froze and I couldn't turn it off. I don't blame the creators for this, though. If anyone wants to be friends with me, my username is robrox2015. Again, LOVE this game.
  12. My free farm 2
    cats dogs
    Could even get started on the game as was given someone else's farm although I have only just down loaded the game if I can't start the game as a new player I'm gonna deleted it as this is not the first time I have been placed on someone else's farm in many of the games I have tried ! Totally fed up with second hand farms !
  13. Fix plsssss
    Rency Mallari
    I have fast internet connection but this game always restart and said that i dont have internet connection. Plsssss fix this i want to play
  14. Good but
    anil kumar
    Its stops in the middle of the game after 5min then I can't play its restarts pls fix this bux then I will game 5stars and I play countiunsy
  15. Love it
    Syed Raheel Ahmed
    I can't spend my day without playing it
  16. Wow...
    Arshad Mahmood
    Its a nice game 4 my daughter
  17. Fun!
    Bernadine Wedgie
    This really is a fun farm game and is different than other farm games. So far no problems.
  18. Awsome game love it
    Candice Pearce
    This game has been excelent gutted they changed the name from new zealand farms
  19. Nog easy
    Nora Storm
    Its not easy to get money n tools even u do quest. The process is slow for a new beginer not sure about others players. Upgrade need tools. So will try play if its more harder later to play will stop play then.
  20. The free farm two is cool to have so you can play it for fun?
    William Boys
    I would love to have it for my birthday


What`s new

Guild mail announces winter season

A pin over your guild building shows up when someone leaves a message at the notice board. Maybe
you’ll be chatting about the winter novelties in My Free Farm 2 soon... It won’t be long and the snow
will cover your 3D farm bringing you a new farm animal: the buffalo!

Also you can already begin looking forward to the start of the Advent calendar and the winter event
in My Free Farm 2.

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