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night vision video camera
pub drkappa


Monthly active users estimation: 300000

Reviews 23,323

  1. Liked it but...
    Timmy Dolbeare
    I only doing this cause an ad kept popping up asking me to. I liked it but everytime I click start camera it says " camera not found."
  2. I really didn't like it
    Mo Calverley
    I installed this app at night... I tried it and it only showed the light part of my room. (Aka my alarm clock)
  3. Susnata Chatterjee
    Very bad. It doesn't shows the image only. It only shows the whole screen Yellow and Blue. I have an Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  4. I play airsoft
    Jason Jimenez
    I play airsoft in the dark I normally never use my phone... then I got this app and outside or inside I use it to help me track the enemie teams movement if I dont know where the are... how this wprks from my understanding is it doesn't track heat it tracks light... so the brighter something is the darker it will appear so if your playing airsoft the person will be bright but u will not see everthing around him of its dark were your playing its very helpful I dont have to risk getting shot
  5. Wrong all day
    Michael Holzemer
    This doesn't record heat signatures it records light signatures and projects them in a thermal image, in short, it sucks
  6. What the hell is this. Can't see anything
    kong vue
    You guys are stupid who design to see nothing in the room. Always want asked the ads pop up in a second.
  7. Just awsm
    Amit Saha
    I liked it because it really works,,,not just a fake one,,,try it,,,
  8. Chad Ceredon
    only makes light red and not actual body heat
  9. Rhino Prihanyoto
    Blom coba smua sih, tp it's great
  10. Gladys Steinfeldt
    Mine said the camera was not found
  11. Doesn't work.
    FireBug Mentel
    It shows the TV, but not anything that generates heat, still cool though.
  12. Laura Menard
    Blocked with advertising. Almost impossible to start the camera.
  13. Worst
    Ryan Wirth
    Use it in full darkness all you see is full darkness isn't THERMAL suppose to pick up darn HEAT and COLDNESS of things? If I took a photo of myself, I probably wouldn't see much at all I didn't even take a photo to notice that this does barely work, its not good don't download
  14. This is on in this is off
    Amaiah Hurd
    How do you expect someone to do something that is on at the same time as its all what I mean by on it off of me like I mean like it yes and if you know when it's on and it's all finished buying it is buying a car in by and its hi car and losing a car it's like a high car and low car so we're already from 1 to 10 what would be your rating I mean how would you rate something that a yes and no in this is often in bad and good in back and forth like often in back and forth and back and forth back and forth and
  15. What is this for?
    Tia Daniels
    This shows you where light is...dim lights are yellow or green...bright lights red. I have eyes that do this...i dont need an app for that.
  16. Crap
    Laura Bilboe
    Does not work go ove to the object red and then it goes green only works in light crap crap crap crap crap crap crapppppp
  17. Keyton Kunzle
    HOLY CRAP I just saw a red shadow of a figure walking across my room
  18. Elizabeth Sanders
    It's ok, I love the colors. Wish you could edit already taken photos.
  19. Doesn't work
    Russell Pardo
    I put this over my heater an it was still dark, yet all the lighter colors turned red.
  20. Make sure u understand what this is
    This is a thermal EFFECT, a simulation and will NOT turn ur smart phone into a £2500 real thermal camera...wake up ! This app does what it says on the tin.


What`s new

* Thermal algorithm speed improvement *
* Use your Smartwatch (Android Wear 2.0) to take thermal pictures *


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