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  1. Surely unprecedented
    Eds Journey
    There is something genius about this. I found the experience strangely life enriching. The game brought about some kind of delight and wonder at the unfolding of each progression, as you might see in a child. I find myself wanting to share the experience...find headphones or good bluetooth speakers and dive in, it will make you smile, wherever you are. Thanks to the makers. Ps. As others have mentioned, you may and feel a loss when the dream ends...
  2. Beautiful, masterpiece that ended to soon
    Mr. Happy
    Your game has a beautiful style and sound but, there is one, lingering problem that everyone talks about....its to short. I almost cried when I only played 16 lvls, I was shocked. And there is still holes in the story that could be filled, please talk to me about this be by email or a respond. We the people and I need to know why this masterpiece that is one of the best games I've ever played, has one problem that can change many players out look upon this game. Please help me understand :D
  3. Excellent
    Kevin Reed
    Beautifully designed game. Simple elements that focus attention on the puzzle. Hoping for more sequels.
  4. Ozone Sama
    Monument Valley is a stellar game that represents probably the best use of touch-screen & 3D technologies combined with an incredibly beautiful design, whether it be sounds or graphics. You'll be immersed in a colorful M.C.Escher-inspired world, with the story of a Princess and her Totem companion, both sincerely touching characters, in a "minimalistic way" a little bit like in ICO (a PlayStation 2 game). "As for the puzzles, they are very well made and will keep even the most jaded minds entertained. ;-) Only the very last one of the extended levels made me feel a tiny bit frustrated that the camera wasn't following the characters, but other than that, don't let all these angles fool you, this game is super-smooth. Yes at times it feels like the game is guiding your hand, but isn't it better than fuming in anger & frustration? Monument Valley is all about the perceptions, and how the journey toward understanding can be an incredibly pleasant experience. Highly recommended to kids and adults alike, and to all those who enjoy challenging their mind. Only one miniscule regret though, is the lack of a "music box" mode, where one would be allowed to listen once more the music & the sounds heard in the game (for example as a meditation help). Thank you for this gorgeous game & good luck for the future.
  5. Loved it
    Zahid Javali
    The finest puzzle game that I have enjoyed playing in a long time. The 2nd in-app purchase for an extra eight levels were just as mystical but simpler to play. Should have been more difficult.
  6. The most beautiful game I have ever played on mobile
    Johnny Le
    Monument Valley is a beautiful world to explore and the music was very calming and soothing to listen to (: but to put it in short terms, Monument Valley is one the most incredible games I have ever played and I love it!!! But just like everyone who has this game, we want to play more new levels and explore the beautiful worlds and listen to the amazing music in Monument Valley ;_; I hope Ida's Dream isn't the last level ): But if it is not, then there is no rush on the making so take your time!
  7. Great!
    Morgan K.
    Monument Valley was a wonderful game! It was fun and challenging and really beautiful. I just wish it was longer; I went through the levels pretty quick! :D
  8. Amazing
    Mellow Yelloh
    Only wish it was longer but if a 2nd game is released ill buy it forsure. Just add 5-6 more chapters then in the first one.
  9. An Intriguing Optical Illusion Platformer
    Henry Winkleman
    At first this game can seem very difficult, but as you play more, you start to think outside-the-box to complete these puzzles. There are not many levels, even with the expansion, but each of them is filled with artistic vision and pieces of a vague storyline. This is one of my favorite mobile puzzle games and I hope it continues to grow.
  10. Wow
    The Havok
    Beautiful, moving, poingnant, fun, intelligent, a true masterpiece. One of the best games I have played, on any format. Please, please make a second!!
  11. Just buy it already
    Dan Paradis
    Beautiful from start to finish. Bought the DLC the second I was done the main game; I wish there was more!
  12. Amazing!
    jacob foli
    Beautifully done. A MASTERPIECE! I just wish some of it was a bit more challenging and that it lasted longer...Otherwise I enjoyed every aspect of this game! WELL DONE!
  13. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
    Joanna Keaton
    What a beautiful game! Definitely worth buying. The bonus levels are worth it too. Thanks for one of the best games I've ever played!!!
  14. Beautiful game
    Avi Schwartz
    Played the original and two extensions, hidden shores and Ida's dream, and wish for more. Played them multiple times and it is still great.
  15. After payment download won't complete
    Abdil S
    Either fix the bug or give me my money back. Download gets to 180 mb then I get an error everytime.
  16. Excellent!
    Lydia Guess
    Better than I thought it would be, but a little too short. Definitely could have been longer, but wonderful all the same.
  17. Epic
    Vasilis Dedousis
    The smartest game in the Play Store. Great atmosphere, best puzzle game ever. 5 stars easily!!
  18. Disappointed
    Robbie Hidalgo
    New levels but for $1.99? The game is already overpriced, these new levels should be free.
  19. Fun and engaging
    Paul Higginson
    This game definitely requires one to think outside of the box with transitional perceptions and interactive elements. It's difficult to put down and disappointing one all the levels are completed....keep the levels coming!
  20. One of the few good mobile games
    Ben Rose
    Despite the play store being occupied almost entirely by Flappy Bird clones and games designed to make you either rip your hair out or open your wallet, Monument Valley proves that there are a few gems to be found. If you like a puzzles, great artwork and a lack of obtrusive advertisements in your mobile games then this easily is for you.


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