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  1. Excellent game, but crashes :/
    Galaxy S3, after 4 levels, sometimes fewer, it tends to crash and lose my progress. In the quest for 500k coins or whatever, i am losing quite a few, quite frequently. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoy the game and it's difficulty. It makes my mind race!
  2. Freezes and crashes
    Bryan Polvorido
    I cant enjoy this game. Seriously. It tends to hang and lose all progress. Pls fix it. Its really annoying
  3. Static sound
    Reon Koh
    Just updated to Lollipop 5.1 on my nexus 6 and i am getting a static sound when hitting enemy planes, is there a fix for this? Edit: Wow unbelievable, a few updates since I added this rating saying about the static sound and still today 29/05/2015 after numerous update it is still not fix!?!?
  4. Highly entertaining. ...although
    Mister Man
    I am currently on the gold level stages but my only issue is that initially when I first started playing I could purchase bombs but as I progressed I was no longer able to. Are you telling me that you now expect me to pay ACTUAL CASH for them now?!?!?!?!?!? Not cool at all!!!! What happened to the magnets?! Got the bombs back but no magnets and it forced closed and scrubbed out thirty minutes worth of playtime, those dadburn planes ain't cheap
  5. joshua wilson
    Not a bad game wish you could upgrade your weapons more than three times
  6. zennmclane
    Good game, but the game crash way too often. When it crash, the screen halted, n wont respond to any action.
  7. Glitches
    ben browning
    Every time I get far in the game it freezes and I lost all my progress. Literally every time. I lose all my bonuses and coins. Wtf?
  8. Stuck
    sonny lim
    I have upgrade my first plane to 5stars, but after that, i cant play it anymore it's stuck at shop, i cant buy anything, can't go to the stage and everytime i tried to tap my screen repeadly, my crystal decreased by 9
  9. Its very enjoyable
    Jakob Kendall
    The game is fun the graphics are breathtaking and fun to just look at, your ships are very responsive, grinding credits doesn't feel annoying and there's a massive of variety between but not a lot of levels
  10. Best shooter on mobile.
    Arctic Leopard
    This is the best experience you will have in my opinion, with a shoot em up on a mobile device. Tight controls, nice selection of aircraft (I personally like the Desert and Tempest.), that can be upgraded to keep your favorite combat ready on higher difficulties. Each plane has 3 distinct weapons you can use, and each weapon has a super mode. You also get the normal insta-kill bombs common to these games. There are only a few maps right now but more coming. No real need to spend real money either. Get it!
  11. game crash often
    Ngeow Choon Shyang
    it crash mid way. all the accumulated coins are gone. suks
  12. Long lost game...
    Andy Kwok
    Love this game...let me remember the old time...thanks...
  13. BadAss Shooter
    Karl Ponds
    I recently purchased the cosmos pack for my tablet and was wondering, can what I unlocked on my tablet be on my phone also? Its the same Google Play acct. I don't want to pay another $30 for same features. Thks.
  14. Great game minus some problem
    Muhamad ZarulNizal Abd Rahman
    This is one of the greatest shooter game I've played but too much freeze annoyed me. One more, enemies object destroyed off screen will not yields any gold. Fix these 2 bug & 5 stars is yours.
  15. Unique
    Gabrielle Martinez
    I've been looking for an arcade style shooting game like this for a while, but this the only one with a lot of variety in ships and upgrades. I think that's what sets it apart from the other games.
  16. Wendra Sinatra
    Good vertical shoot'em up game Quite a few of planes to choose from, with upgrades and power ups. The rounds are quite challenging, making this game fun to play. However, MOST OF THE TIME, I got stuck in the middle of playing, so I was unable to claim the rewards, which sometimes pisses me off, thus not playing the game for a while.
  17. Really good
    August Firmansyah
    But sometime... The game is freezed at the middle of a fight... Please Fix the problem
  18. Susheel Ramcharran
    Love this game but still waiting for the coming soon level to reach.???
  19. Not responding while gameplay
    monsour leo Capili
    This game is awesome and pretty thrilling. But every now and then, I would experience a crash during gameplay, already sent a report twice because the game would suddenly stop responding. This makes me quite hesitant if I should make a purchase :/....UNINSTALLED....
  20. Give back my 50.000 coins!!!
    Victor K Sunanto
    I play from stage 1 bronze until stage 5 silver and then its not responding &its always like that everytime i play this game.this is my first time give 1star at google play


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