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  1. Features
    jake corbett
    Great game but I don't know where half the things are or what they do then to top it off when I want to do something I can't but dunno why maybe explain why you can't do a air strike little details like that, lastly my games crashes with a load of code saying to screen shot it
  2. Updated and trying again
    Doub leup
    Starting a game now after game breaking bugs were fixed. Will update again.
  3. Awesome
    jamie davie
    Only but would be, can I please be allowed to complete a day without having to keep returning to the same countries and killing 10 rebels and 2 zombies? It is great though :-)
  4. I'm very addicted to the game
    Samuel Van Norman
    It's a very entertaining game. I would give a 5 star but it has a few crash issues. On an exceptional note they are very active on their fan page and actually answer posted questions!
  5. Crashes
    Tristan-Jason Oschmann
    It won't let me deploy my squad directly from my ark. It makes me fortify a nearby country before it will let me successfully drop my teams...
  6. When is the new update coming out
    Matthew Hakala
    I've been looking for new features where are they
  7. I really love the game mechanic . ..but...
    Mirabc1 Mira
    Please release a tutorial for the "tactical map"...I wasted hours to try to go on a's very to manage the "Tactical Map"...please...pretty please....I wanna love this game....and play ...thanks!!!
  8. Just 1 thing
    joseph lauer
    Can you add different gamemodes like make the world a zombie apocalypse
  9. Awesome!!!!
    Jonathan Reyes
    The game its still nice and i love it but. There needs to be some upgrades on make money faster, more soldiers on game.different guns and tanks cus im actually stuck and with 4 soldiers i wont be able to fight 12.000 zombies with just normal guns.hoping for new updates with better gameplay and new guns tanks and soldiers.
  10. Underground base issues
    Gabriel Cuenca
    My safe team runs out of stamina during underground base missions. Is this a feature or a bug? Still liking the game tho
  11. Christian Denney
    Great game still got a few bugs tho
  12. Love it!!!
    Markus Layer
    This game is well balanced and is quite fun to play!!
  13. Awesome
    Ferdi Tbn
    Very Nice Game, Nice Graphics and Sounds too! I think some Rock Music for background will be nice!
  14. Surprised
    Joey Taylor
    Lots of depth. Not bad. Took a gamble and it payed off. Consistent support. I look forward to what else is done.
  15. Eric Keith
    Just completed a mission where I cleared an outbreak of 17,000 zombies. The potential payout was 100 mil...after the over 12 hour mission I get 3 mil. Not happy.
  16. Best Strategic zombie game to date
    tyler R
    The game has a huge scale complete missions extract VIPs from zombie infested zones, then clear the infection with your squad or airstrikes, all while defending your ark from hostile countries and attempting to reach diplomacy, That barely scratches it. Suggestions the forger tank displays errors when driver exits sometimes, also I would love to see a customization update in the future to equip our troops with their own armor and unique equipment, and the ability to deploy maybe 2 squads at a time. A+ game
  17. Amazing
    Patrick Heflin
    Flawless features. I seriously love it so much. Just wish it was easier to make money
  18. Martin Bridgman
    Grea t zombie game well thought out spec ops combat with zombies level ups tanks air strikes in field pick ups 4000 zombies on one level rebel attackers nukes and quotes of badassness well worth it runs great very customizable and biggest brucie bonus is van der veer fix everything :) u guys are bonafide badaasses and updates just keep coming :) epic!
  19. Awesome game
    Riot TV
    Awesome game. A lot of annoying crashes but great support and constant updates
  20. Amazing And Engrossing WWZ Game
    Anthony Tanner
    Surprisingly deep blend of turn based and real time game play with a great theme and game structure. Very polished for a work in progress. Looking forward to new updates. Great job!


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