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Matthew Little | Contract Artist and Tester

Timm Sewell | Artist

Deb Chantson | Community Manager

Jp Castillo | Project Duration Environment Artist

Reviews 9,331

    Tony F
    Great game,highly addictive and runs like a dream on the hudl 2 with graphics maxed out. Controls are responsive (I use tilt) and no IAP's ...all this fun for less than a quid. Easy 5 stars.
  2. Cool game
    Nick Forest
    There is one problem with the game you can't get first place on hard no matter witch jet ski you use if you do all other jet skis seem to get a boost and zoom right past you I also want to say so far this game has ran pretty smooth on my android and hasn't had any lag
  3. Number 3 or 4 idea
    adrian martin
    I think you should make an open world version where you can go around in a bigass lake
  4. Great
    Peter Santana
    I love this game, I've just got it, but I'm so addicted to it. can't wait to play it again and again.
  5. Fun.
    Carlos Garcia
    The graphics are awesome, the controls are easy, and it eats up time pretty well. The music is out of some d-bag soundtrack. Had to turn that off for sure. There could be more levels as well. Definitely some rock music would throw this game into 5 star territory.
  6. OMG!! Buy this game!!
    Rick Neff
    This game is incredible! The graphics and physics are so amazing! Great job developers! You guys rock!! This game runs awesome on my Nexus 7 1st Gen! Thank you guys for an incredible game!!
  7. Install issues.
    Scott Norman
    The game refuses to upgrade/install on my Samsung Galaxy SIIx Hercules. The only change from stock is an os bump, and it has upgraded since the push-out. Otherwise I think the game is stellar, playing it on my Motorola Xoom WiFi.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3
    Mark T
    Riptide is fast and fluid, the graphics are fantastic and the music is palatable. The gameplay is tight offering touch and motion controls. Touch seems more responsive. Overall, the game is good, but the courses and jet skis are limited. Also, the opponents on the 1000cc races are obviously rubber banded, which makes those courses difficult to even place. Google play games is integrated, missing only Immersive mode. Fun, but unforgiving on 1000cc. Keep It. Thanks. Cost:$1.99.
  9. This game gets 5 stars but...
    Jonny Five
    I bought riptide 2 and was never able to download it. The credit card was charged but I can't get the game..bullcrap
  10. Good concept.
    Michael Alspach
    Like the concept, version 2 is 10 times better. Will be looking forward to the next. Was a descent starting point. The game is very different then the second, lacks much comparitively.
  11. its a blast but gp2 is even better
    michael nichols
    asus infinity tab jb. a great game that works well. if you like and you will try gp2 hard to believe but it is even better. better play, awesome graphics. wish more games were done this well.
  12. Epic
    Ding Dong
    This game is fantastic. Normally I don't buy games on the play store using my money, only getting the free ones, but thanks to the google reward scheme I was able to get this and the game is fantastic. Definitely worth the 69p but feels like a £5 game.
  13. Plays Great With A Moga Controller!
    Mark Jordan
    Had a problem emailed support and they responded quickly with a solution, great support! Buy with confidence. Galaxy Note 2 running 4.3 using a Moga Pro & Power Pro controllers. Great graphics, soundtrack & FX. Moga controllers really make the game a blast to play. Very happy with this purchase! Support devs who provide Moga Support in their games.
  14. Great Little Game
    Jason Shaw
    Originally bought this for the Tegra 3 Nexus 7, thought it was excellent. Just as good on the 2013 Nexus 7, if I could ask one thing it would be to update for use with Immersion Mode with Riptide GP2.
  15. A great game.
    Mike O'Sullivan
    Unlike many “app” games, Riptide GP is a real joy to play (yes - #2 is even better). The graphics, gameplay, and overall interaction makes it one of the best games regardless of classification. It is a game I highly recommend to anyone looking for a quality app game.
  16. Super Duper Game!
    Juan Vargas
    This is the best racing game for android. Maybe the world! Riptide 2 sucks hard.
  17. Great game! Amazing graphics!
    Levi G
    This game will be a classic. Reasons why I bought this game was to save some cash but the next day the second one was on sale. It's pretty original, here are some reasons why it is: Gameplay, the water looks amazing! Characters look okay. The should run great on med-low end devices on high settings. Boats are also pretty cool looking. There is no story mode but there is a career mode with lots of levels! Since google play allows only a certain amount of words I have to shorten the review. Rating 9/10.Great!
  18. Fantastic in every way!
    Rob Nielsen
    Love racing? You'll dig the dynamics of Riptide. Realistic water feeling, impressive!
  19. Fantastic Game!
    Patrick Chea
    Consistent updates to improve an already awesome game. Both this game and its successor are well worth paying for.
  20. Great game!
    Azrul Ali
    Nice graphic and smooth on my s2. Would be good if i could hear engine revs. :)


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Version 1.6.3
- Native Support for X86 Devices
- Bug Fixes

Version 1.6
- Google Play Game Services integration. Sign in with your Google account for leaderboards, achievements, and cloud saving.
- Simplified Permissions

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