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Matthew Little | Contract Artist and Tester

Timm Sewell | Artist

Deb Chantson | Community Manager

Jp Castillo | Project Duration Environment Artist

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  1. Really Fun Swamp Shine Runner Game With Moga HID (B) Mode Support
    Mark Jordan
    Played on a Galaxy Note 4 running 4.4.4, S Pen works. Best used with Moga Pro & Pro Power with pivot app in (B) mode to play game, alot better than touch controls! A possible 80,000 Google Play Achievement XP points! Good graphics, soundtrack & FX. Humorous Swamp hillbillies running shine... Wish they'd make a newer 2nd version, but this older version is still really fun to play!
  2. YEEHAW! This game ROCKS!
    Hound Dog
    I hesitated to buy it, and now I'm glad I finally purchased it. This game is far better than some of the many other reviews here would lead you to believe it is. Even the video doesn't do it justice. It's got alot more depth to it than it seems to on the surface, and as hokey as it is, it's nowhere near as hokey as you think it is. It would do well on consoles. It has tons of achievements, and two global leaderboards, one for single session total and one for career total. Looks great and plays great!
  3. A Jug full of Fun !!!
    Roben Lewis
    Shine Runner plays great, looks great, it was a challenge at first learning how to steer a fan boat, ... blame it on the Peter Pep, but once I got the hang of it I couldn't stop playing ! I give Shine Runner 2 gators up :D
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3
    Mark T
    Vector Unit knows how to make graphically pleasing apps, but they need to work on creating quality gameplay. The core game mechanic is repetitive, since the entire game is finished after ten quick runs. The game can be replayed to beat the high score or to earn achievements. Cloud saving is offered, but no immersive mode. The costs for goods are way to random and after dozens of runs, I still have not completed a run with over $100,000. Initially fun that dwindles quickly. Delete It. Thanks. Cost: 99 cents.
  5. It's just OK... turn it in to a better offering.
    John Werfelmann
    If you never play it, you've not really missed much. It's definitely the weakest of Vector Unit's offerings. It's sad too, because they could make this into a prize-winning game (called "Swampboat Race", or something) by losing the market, building up the map & tracks, and having boat upgrades. There is a fantastic game hiding in this ho-hum offering and I hope Vector Unit capitalizes on it, because they know how to build this type of game better than most.
  6. Lots of character!
    Terence Burns
    This is a game that is a lot of fun to play. It's got all the elements of a more serious racer, but feels like the developers decided "ya know, this is a lot more fun just the way it is." Police are no threat. No points off for hitting things. No damage either. Just a visceral experience that's easy to play. Great, great, great soundtrack too. Love 'dem rednecks!
  7. Amazing
    Naph Krash Hollic
    Just can't imagine the flawlessness of this game. Superb graphics. Insane....
  8. Adorable game! Great cartooni-ish graphics... Steering controls could be better tho.
    Jessie Butter
    This game is impressive. I L❤VE the way they incorporated the buying & selling of different items/supplies... It's a fantastic idea for teaching my 9 & 10yr old boys simple aspects of spending money to make (or lose) money! And doing so in a way that, to my kids, won't feel like learning! Kudos to u, Developer! (U made it well worth the 99¢!) Just tweak those steering controls a little & u'd have a 5 star game, for sure!
  9. Yes!
    Christopher Brinson
    Shine Runner is one of those games that takes you by surprise the moment you start playing. Although the title of the game may sound silly, it's a high-quality boat game with fully-destructive environments, beautiful graphics, and amazing boat physics.
  10. Nice!
    Anne Wilkinson
    Riptide might be 'cooler' but Vector Unit really nails this style of cute cartoony racing game - see Beach buggy Blitz, Beach buggy racing, and Shine Runner is no exception. All nice little time killers. Also - Chicken Crates!
  11. First purchase!!
    John Calligan
    Been on Android for about 2 years, thought I'd start to dabble in the cash (real ) side of things. Really am happy with my first purchase. Top smooth gameplay, truly exceptional soundtrack. Well done yo.
  12. Very fun
    samer gamer
    Only adout 30 minutes of gameplay but you play it seven times so more like 3 hours.
  13. Waste of money
    Jay Heidemann
    You play an 8 day run and when you're done, you start over and play another 8 days. Non quests, just mindless boat crashing and hardley enough time to gain the cash to get shine to transport it. Lucky if you get two jugs before the eight day journey ends.
  14. Tons of fun, too little content...
    Edward Elric
    But they fixed that in riptide gp2 and beaxch buggy racing! Get all three :-)
  15. 20 minutes of fun
    Eric Goff
    No IAP. Besides that just the same few tracks with the same craft over and over. At least give more tracks
  16. What?
    notrelly mynaem
    Absolutely no content or upgrades? Beach Buggy Blitz is way better and free..
  17. Super Fun
    Corey Hatten
    Such a blast being in control of an airboat!! Keeps your mind sharp with all you have to watch out for, and what to avoid. Very much a download you'll be glad you got!!
  18. Invasive
    Don Alan
    Although the game is fun it refused to let me sign out. Uninstall.
  19. Shawn Lamb
    Very good game..could be even better with upgrades and stuff. But for .99 cents you can't go wrong. This is a good game that doesn't wanna break your wallet. As all Vector Unit games, there not out to make you go for broke. Everyone of there games play awesome and look awesome. One of my favorite developers on the market by far.
  20. Controls dont work
    Bridget Lynn
    Samsung galaxy s4 ever since the update the controls dont work


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