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Matthew Little | Contract Artist and Tester

Timm Sewell | Artist

Deb Chantson | Community Manager

Jp Castillo | Project Duration Environment Artist

Reviews 31,704

  1. Very fun and challenging
    David McElligott
    A hint for people having trouble winning: I beat the whole career mode with a fully upgraded lancer, the keys to winning are boost at start as wakes from bikes make it tough, also don't go off every ramp the pc does but sometimes you're faster when you skip a ramp or 2.
  2. Wow!
    Rick Reulecke
    Was really reluctant to play at first. I was a riptide 1 fanatic. This game is easily 10 times as good as part one. It took some time mastering all of the swipe commands for jumping stunts, once you do, you won't be able to put this game down. Its a blast!
  3. Awesome Game
    Trever Rizzo
    Playing it on the NVIDIA SHIELD flawlessly and looks beautiful. Only thing I'd like to see in a future update is a practice track to try out my new moves/jets
  4. Excellent
    Glynner Me
    Not only is it top notch in terms of gameplay and graphics, it's also polished up with regular updates. If you like racers - if your phone can handle it - there is no reason not to buy this.
  5. Redownloading issue
    Garrett Ray
    I uninstalled the app for a day because I got bored of it now I am trying to reinstall it and it just restarts my phone when I try to re install it.
  6. Amazing game
    Jacob Gamble
    When I saw people raving about this game I was like, ya right. How good can a jet ski game be right? Wrong!! I'm so blown away by the graphics I just can not put it into words. It's amazing how realistic the game feels I get a rush of adrenaline every time I play. Runs like a dream on the galaxy s6 with the graphics bumped all the way up. This is for sure a must have game. The developers deserve a pat on the back for taking a basic concept like jet ski racing and turning it into something else entirely
  7. Kids love playing this more than other similar games.
    Ken Wiltshire
    My kids haven't played anything else on their Samsung Galaxy tablets ever since I bought this game. Great value for just a few dollars.
  8. Fantastic Racer !!!
    Graham Ndebele
    This is what a racing game on android should be. Without doubt the best one I've played in ages. Beautiful graphics, awesome gameplay, and even has full support for my ps4 controller as well :) 5 stars all day long !!!
  9. Good but still lags badly on Snapdragon 805 Note 4.
    Dedrick Pouncy
    Please optimize for Galaxy Note 4. Laggy frame rate.......
  10. Fantastic Racing Game
    Chris Smith
    This game is awesome. The graphics are great, the controls are smooth, and it has a pretty reasonable amount of play/grind value for a mobile game. Easily worth the money. Update: Still an awesome game!
  11. Incredible sequel
    marty perez
    Even better than the first one, spot on gameplay and graphics. Incredible water effects and awesome tricks and sense of speed. 5 stars. Highly recommended.
  12. Great, fun, and verity of options and races!
    Zakk Simpkins
    Amazing game, better then first with the same concept but more. Worth the money and really fun to play. Level scheme is set up good while the amount of tricks and custimizabilty tops it off. A speedometer and more stage affects would make it an even better game. Online play, so the game doesn't end and low force closes.
  13. Nice..
    Alex Funes
    It's Good & Fun But Come On Like Some Races Are Impossible To Win Like Seriously You Need To Upgrade Everything To The Max In Order For You To Win Some Races
  14. Awesome game
    Chancellot Wrrenabg
    Well worth the money to buy it. Awesome graphic. Customizable character and jetski. BUY THIS GAME
  15. high quality graphics for snapdragon 810
    Sukhvinder Singh
    Oh boy sony xperia z4 is the most powerful cpu and gpu with snapdragon 810 this will pump up android games riptide gp2 is the one to show true power of sony tablet thanks to the amazing technology of this portable laptop experience.
  16. Warren Holder
    really like it don't have any real complaints other than playing online isn't an option for me but that's because of my location
  17. fun racing game
    keith stephens
    ive been looking for a fun racing game and i found it finally. the racing market is really dry for some reason but this is like a light in the dark. fun, not aggravating at all. no hidden freemium crap although they do offer points for cash if you want to support them. but there is no need unless you just want quick points to get the better boats. cant wait for gp3
  18. I was only looking for hydro thunder
    Howard Profitt
    Loved hydro thunder, I play it on the 360 all the time, found this for a reasonable price, and I love it. Great game Vector Unit, keep up the good work
  19. You are not going find any better racing game on Android
    Roshan Jerad Perera
    Such an amazing game. Tracks, physics, graphics and everything looks beautiful. Worth every penny.
  20. pegasusmicro Warren Schaible
    Awesome, but my gamepad only has one stick, and 4 buttons. No way to reconfigure controls :(


What`s new

v 1.3.1
- Minor polish/bug fixes

v 1.3.0
- OpenGL ES3 support: real-time shadows and other advanced graphics features
- New Track: Park Hills (Classic)
- New Hydro Jet: Switchblade
- Fixed Online Multiplayer Lollipop bug