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Rami Ismail | Founder, Strategic Director and Developer at Vlambeer

Utrecht en omgeving, Nederland |

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  1. Very Good, but nothing special.
    Syed Ahmed
    This is one of those games that received universal critical praise more for the story of development rather than the game itself. It's always nice to rally behind the indie underdogs. It's not a bad game by any means. It's actually pretty good but it's severely lacking in content. It's great that there are no in app purchases but it just needs more of everything.
  2. Best fishing simulator 5/5. Would leave as only game installed on phone if memory was an issue
    Delayed Reality
    Never have I thought fishing would be so fun! Holy phuck this simple, yet captivating game blows every other game out of the water with such a great, relaxing soundtrack as you venture deep into the ocean evading a crash course of sea creatures and a mine field of jellyfish along with very simple controls. The vast, yet limited array of power ups are really worth grinding for since they really enhance the deep sea fishing experience. The graphic design is exceptional and blends very well with modern times❤
  3. Money well spend.
    Bryan Starry
    The ending on arctic was so touching I literally watched it with tears. Thank you creator!
  4. Amazing
    Muhammad Usman Nadeem
    Never have I been so glad to have bought a game on my phone, no bulls*** in-app purchases after you have have bought the game (That is a big plus in my book) The game is rewarding,fun and addicting...GET IT!
  5. Lives Up To The Hype
    Todd Adam Hewlett
    Finally downloaded this gem after seeing it pop up on "awesome Android games" lists multiple times...and my only regret is that I didn't do so sooner. It's nice to find a game that captures the true methodical, painstaking features of fishing...but it's nicer to find a game like this, that focuses on lesser-addressed aspects of the sport (i.e. flinging the 50+ fish you caught on a single hook up into the air and blasting the crap out of 'em with advanced assault weaponry). 'Bout time someone covered that...
  6. You need this game
    Laurie Bush
    Stop pretending, this game is hands down one of the best out there. It is charming and rewarding to play. The game takes ages to get through, it's challenging on every level, and has new rewards on each level depending on how far you get. In a pinch, this is one of the best
  7. Great game
    Ryan Northausen
    Simple and enjoyable, there is an unlocking/level-up system but it is there as an incentive to play, not as a means to encourage in app purchases (There aren't any). Happy fishing!
  8. Really nice game!
    Alex I.
    Simple idea, simple graphics but not an easy game! It's challenging and fun and once you've figured out how to really control that fishing line it gets very addicting! I wish there were more maps though, but that's the only negative aspect I can find (well, and these stupid cube jellyfish...i know they're supposed to be annoying, and that's okay, but ARGH they can be frustrating! :-p) I am very happy I got the game, it's really fun and will stay on my phone as my go-to-game after completion. :-)
  9. What every mobile game should strive to be!
    Juan Becerra
    Ridiculous Fishing is a a fun, addictive, and... well.... ridiculous game. It breaks conventional mobile formula by being a good game rather than a cash cow. You won't find any shady add placement or freemium assets in here. Buy this game, if only to support these talented and creative developers!
  10. Ok game, developers uninterested in fixing bugs
    Hao Yu
    Fun for a while, but game lags after being left alone for several months. Game developers condesending and unhelpful when bug brought to their attention. There's more fish in the sea anyway.
  11. Ridiculously good.
    Jack Carver
    Visually beautiful, amazing soundtrack, witty, funny, and skill reliant this game is fantastic. It's just a shame there isn't more of it! Though there is a bug, after cutting the line to restart there is no music and as soon as you touch the water on your next throw you loose a life. Furthermore there should be an animation when skipping the first X00 meters of an area (just a short one, less than a second) because teleporting 200 meters further is a bit lazy. Got another suggestion but no space left!
  12. Awesome. Really, really awesome
    s lonner
    At first when I chose to get this game, I was unsure if it was going down to be worth 3 dollars, but it definitely was. The game has a big in game shop, making there a lot to save up for, and there are a lot of maps the game makes you really want to unlock. This is one of the best games I've seen out there.
  13. Rifishculous
    Kyle Nicholson
    Great game for a great price. Fun to have while you're waiting for a flight, on break at work (or working if you don't care too much about your job), and if you just need something to compliment you sitting on the porcelain.
  14. The Perfect Amount of Crazy
    Kelly Schmitz
    This game has such a nice theme to it. The vivid color and unusual art style goes very well with the wacky premise. The music is splendid too. The gameplay is fairly simple, but it works very well. There's a good amount of unlockable upgrades and new zones to keep you going for a while if you're the kind of person who needs tangible progression to keep interest. Over all a great game, I say.
  15. Great game
    David Baker
    Pity I won't be playing much as I can't mute the music. This is a deal breaker for me.
    austin petty
    VERY FUN and time consuming......worth the money
  17. I now love fishing!!
    Adam Degnim
    I love this is such a simple idea but it was presented so of the highest quality games in the millions of junk in the store..I had to literally "FISH" it out!!
  18. Truly Fun Fishing
    George H
    The game never makes you feel likes its going for your wallet all the time. There are no in-game purchases, just fishing for the fun of it and unlocking new equipment. I wish it had cloud saving though so I could continue playing on a new device.
  19. Amzing.
    This game is just so ridiculously fun because of the sheer absurdity of what you're doing. The only complaint I have is the fact that the tilt control is a bit too sensitive for my liking. I wish there was a way to adjust that.
  20. Wonderful game.
    Grey Foz
    An awesome buy. Loved every second of this game. Great for $3!


What`s new

- Fixed issue on devices with a particular Vivante GPU where the game would black screen while playing.

If you are still only seeing a black screen when running the game, please enable Developer Options under Settings and then make sure the "Disable HW overlays" option is selected (i.e. there's a checkmark in the box). Then try running the game again. If that doesn't help, email us!

IMPORTANT: Android tablets with a width of <640 pixels are not supported, including the Galaxy Tab 3 7.0.

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